Next ScripTeast project on the way to the screen. Shooting of “THE JUDGMENT” by Stefan Komandarev completed.

The story of “The Judgment” leads us into the life of Mityo, a worker at a dairy farm, who has lived with the burden of a terrible secret – as a soldier on the Bulgarian border, he was forced to kill a young couple from GDR that tried to escape to the West – from Bulgaria to Turkey. Nowadays, Mityo is on the border again, but this time smuggling illegal immigrants in the opposite direction – from Turkey to Bulgaria and the EU. He has lost everything that matters to him – his wife, his work, the confidence of his son, Vasko. In order to get Vasko back, Mityo has to find forgiveness and pay for his sin.

The script was developed within 4th edition of ScripTeast with help of Tom Abrams, Jason Resnick and Chris Collins.

Shooting took place in various locations in Bulgaria and in Germany. It started in Yagodina, a small village in West Rodopi and continued with night shots on the river Iskar. In the beginning of December the shooting continued in Ivailovgrad in East Rodopi, where many kilometres were traveled for the shots in Svilengrad, Mezek and other places nearby Ivailovgrad. After the shooting in Bulgaria the crew went to Stendal, Germany for 5 days where they made the final scenes.

The production involves crew from Bulgaria, Germany, Croatia and Macedonia. The postproduction is taking place in Germany and the film is expected to be finished in Autumn of 2013.

It is Bulgarian-German-Macedonian-Croatian co-production and beside ScripTeast has been developed with MFI, EAVE and Sofia Meetings. The project is supported by: MEDIA Programe of EU, SEECN EA’National Film Center’ – Bulgaria, Bulgarian National Television, EURIMAGES, German Film Funds: MDM, Medienboard Berlin Brandenbourg and DFFF, Macedonian Film Fund, Croatian Audio-Visual Centre.

Stefan Komandarev is one of the most prominent Bulgarian directors of recent times. His previous film “THE WORLD IS BIG AND SALVATION LURKS AROUND THE CORNER” is one of the most successful recently made Bulgarian films, having played at more than 100 festivals and won more than 30 awards around the world. It was amongst the shortlisted Best Foreign Language Films, 2010 Oscar.