by Ivan Marinović

The script is entertaining and funny, as well as profound. It is an ensemble study of a group of delightfully crafted characters immersed in an increasingly absurd ceremony that reflects ironically on the human condition in an engaging cinematic romp.

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Sorry Poland

by writer-director Kuba Czekaj (Poland)


The screenplay chosen this year does all of these things: it challenges, provokes, mystifies and even makes us laugh. It is a satire of contemporary life dealing with the intersection of art, ambition and politics, written with a verve and enthusiasm that makes us want to dance along with the story’s main character.

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When the trees fall

by Marysia Nikitiuk

The Award goes to a script that is unusually rich in cinematic potential. It presents an intoxicating array of characters and narratives, woven together to create an extraordinary world that is at once terrifying, magical, sensual and hilarious, but never less than authentic. The writer’s imagination sparkles on the page, and we are all excited to see how this vision can be realized for the screen”


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by Simeon Ventsislavov and Milko Lazarov

The jury felt that this is a script where the cinematic qualities immediately become apparent, as the images jump off the page throughout, creating powerful visual sequences. Set in an austere and exotic landscape, the narrative examines themes about the clash between the old and the new, and family dynamics, in a culture that is facing extinction as the modern world encroaches on it.  Featuring a compelling cast of characters who are confronting this change, this script is a worthy winner of this year’s Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award, and it goes to: NANOOK by Simeon Ventsislavov and Milko Lazarov.


ScripTeast Special Mention 2015

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Merican Chick

Evita Naušová and Viktor Tauš  

“Based significantly on personal experiences of difficult times, this well crafted screenplay carries the ring of authenticity, as well as presenting an entertaining and ultimately life-affirming account of a teenager’s search for freedom during the 1980s. The main character, a defiant circus girl, is a memorable creation who refuses to give in to the oppressive institutions and society she has to endure back in communist Czechoslovakia after being kidnapped from her freewheeling life in America. The script offers a thoughtful examination of life before the Velvet Revolution, as well as the promise of an exhilarating cinematic odyssey.”


ScripTeast Special Mention 2014

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The Mute

by Bartosz Konopka and Przemyslaw Nowakowski (Poland)

“The award goes to a strikingly original screenplay that confronts themes of spirituality, loyalty, and family dynamics in an ancient setting, while relating an exotic and thought-provoking personal conflict set against the clash between early Christianity and paganism. The Advisory Board is confident that the strong dramatic potential of this engrossing screenplay will result in an excellent quality film with international audience.”


ScripTeast Special Mention 2013

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The Apartments

by Martins Slisans (Slavia)

„This project proves yet again the maximum that originality and an unusual way of looking at the world in a screenplay will catch the attention. The Kieslowski award winner of 2012 certainly manages to be refreshingly different. The script manages to deliver the promise of a film that will be distinctive, imaginative, funny, poignant, and at the same time, enlightening, revealing and thoughtful. Most of all we believe that it will be hugely entertaining, and we hope, capable of finding a substantial international audience who will be able to identify with the universally recognizable themes it confronts, albeit in a culturally specific milieu that not many of us are well acquainted with.”


ScripTeast Special Mention 2012

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by Iglika Triffonova (Bulgaria)

“Based on a true story, this extremely well-written account of one of the key trials of the Hague International War Tribunal reflects on some of the great confrontations of our times, including those between religions, political systems, and ideologies. It does so through an engaging examination of personal stories that is full of narrative twists and surprises, and will keep them on the edge of their seats until the very end. We believe it is a worthy winner of the Kieslowski award and look forward to seeing it on our screens soon.”


ScripTeast Special Mention 2011

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The Day of Chocolate

by Jacek P. Bławut  and Anna Onichimowska  (Poland)

„This is a charming story that handles a seemingly difficult subject; how children react to death; with great sensitivity, and a vivid visual imagination. The script presents a bold and unusual family film that is rooted in a central European culture, but has the potential to entertain and enlighten a widespread international audience with its thoughtful approach and delightful characters.”


ScripTeast Special Mention 2010


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by Ioan Antoci (Romania)

“In THE JAPANESE DOG Ioan Antoci has crafted a moving and thought-provoking script that promises to deliver a richly satisfying cinematic experience. Underlying the deceptively simple daily struggles of the memorable village characters he has created are universal themes that we hope will enable it to resonate with audiences across the world, once the film is made. These themes, confronting issues of family, grief, and faith, amongst others, are handled in a sensitive and charming way that belies the screenwriter’s relative inexperience. His all too recognizable characters are flawed individuals, who are ultimately redeemed through their own innate goodness, so that in the end the script is life affirming, and will have audiences crying with tears of joy. It is a worthy winner of this year’s Kieslowski ScripTeast award.”


ScripTeast Advisory Board
Cannes, May 19th, 2009

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by Benedek Fliegauf (Hungary)

“This script set in the near future has an intense emotional power that promises to be extremely effective on screen. It deals with the moral and ethical issues surrounding human cloning, but in a sensitive and all too believable story. It inexorably draws us in to the world of the characters, so that we can identify on an intimate personal level with the human dilemmas that confront them. It should be a profoundly moving film that will deeply effect audiences, and stir debate about this issue.”


ScripTeast Special Mention

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By Zuzana Liova

“For creating a tender love story with the deep insight into the human nature, the story about youthful feelings and dreams, about complex family relationships and about the small world each of us lives in.”


ScripTeast Special Mention

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