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    Independent Film Foundation was established in 1999 for the development of artistic and professional filmmakers and to promote creativity and the production of films of high artistic value. Since its inception the Foundation has organized the Polish Film Awards Eagles. This initiative of the Foundation in 2003 was appointed Polish Film Academy, whose members are all active Polish filmmakers, granting the Eagles a two-step voting. In 2004, the Foundation has resulted in the festival in Cannes, the first in the history of Polish-Czech-Slovak Pavilion, site promotion and meeting artists and producers from those countries. Pavilion achieved spectacular success and the promotion was organized over the next 3 years. In the years 2006 – 2007 the Foundation organized the Central European Cinema Stand at the festival in Berlin, which together represent the Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary and Slovenia.


    Independent Film Foundation also co-organizes international meetings and conferences, the most important project was organized with Cartoon Audiovisual Training Forum in Warsaw in 2004, financed by the European Union Media Programme and United International Pictures (UIP).


    In 2006 the Foundation launched ScripTeast – an annual program for experienced developers, whose task is: to help writers of this part of Europe to overcome obstacles they encounter, and increase competitiveness has written screenplays and promote them among the best European producers. The program is based on the best models and five-year experience of cooperation with the Sundance Institute (Robert Redford) with the Central European Scriptwriters Lab. The program has gained great recognition among film professionals. Thanks to the high evaluation of the program – Media of the European Union provides support for the program for further editions. All the features mentioned make the Independent Film Foundation one of the most resilient and versatile film institutions in Central and Eastern Europe.


    The founder of the Independent Film Foundation is Dariusz Jablonski, director and producer and member of the European Film Academy. His work in the Foundation is supported by Violetta Kaminska – Managing Director of ScripTeast and Izabela Wojcik – Director of the Polish Film Awards. Besides Foundation, D. Jablonski, V. Kaminska and I. Wojcik carry on wide international production activities through their companies: Apple Film Production and Message Film.