„Everyone wants to change the world whenever they make the effort to do something. I don’t think I ever believed the world could be changed in the literal sense of the phrase. I thought the world could be described.”
(Krzysztof Kieślowski, from an interview with Stanisław Zawiśliński)

ScripTeast is a project-based training program, designed for professional screenwriters from Central and Eastern Europe, organised by the Independent Film Foundation.

We know the CEE market and that there are many barriers talented writers from the region face. This is why ScripTeast takes participants to the Berlinale and the Festival in Cannes – so that with a little help from friends, you might overcome those barriers.

ScripTeast will not teach you how to write a screenplay. This program is built specifically to help writers perfect their scripts and take them to the international market, while also helping them develop skills that allow for navigating that market more freely. It will make your script better but it will also make a better professional out of you.

Why this program? If you come from Eastern Europe, ScripTeast was designed especially for you based on our experience organising Central European Scriptwriters Lab with Sundance Institute and years of helping international coproductions from the region happen.

Once at the festivals you will have the ear of our partners the ACE, the Cannes Producers Network, the European Producers Club. But first, you need to be sure that your script is the best it can be and your pitch is pitch-perfect.

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