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  • Poland/Norway

    When a women’s fertility rights campaigner, Marianne Stine, mysteriously disappears, it hardly reaches the news. Only investigative journalist Viola Voss, shows any interest in finding out what happened to the young woman. Years later Voss is once again reminded of Marianne’s disappearance. Voss is presented with a [...]
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    Martial arts champion Osvaldas seriously injures a girl in the street and is expelled from the sports federation. Shunned by all his former colleagues, he cannot accept the idea that his career is over. Osvaldas spends his days in the premises of the “China Sea” restaurant, where Ju-Long, the owner and Osvaldas’s only [...]
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    Siblings Vojtech, Hilda andMária grewupwithout their father, who fell in World War II. Although each has their own family, in old age they are lonely and frustrated. Hilda, a professional granny, makes money taking care of a flock of children, while Mária lives in a complicated relationship with an abusive religious fanatic [...]
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    Aviation engineer and talented aerobatic pilot Mark (40)  meets Anna (30), who has had a failed relationship and has recently returned home with her daughter Palsa after living abroad for several years. There she studied literature and worked as a flight attendant for several years until the birth of her [...]
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    Mati, a 25-year-old dwarf, works as a stripper at bachelorette parties. At oneof the events, he meets a well-known influencer Natalia. Maniek, Mati's father, who was serving a longterm sentence for robbery and murder, is released from prison. When it turns out that the hidden treasure that was supposed to be a security for [...]
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    Czech Republic

    March 1950. In the midst of the hardest communist dictatorship, the Czechoslovakian national hockey team is ready to leave forLondon to defend the world championship title. But the communist goverment has different plans. Under the cover of made-up excuse, the team is forced to stay in the Czechoslovakia. Vladimír [...]
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    DÁVID (9) is a quiet, shy, somewhat phlegmatic boy who recently moved to the Budapest suburbs with his parents. It’s his fourth time moving to a new city, therefore he struggles to make lasting friendships. His parents neglect Dávid and don’t treat him as their equal, their relationship is superficial. Due to their [...]
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    Princess Maya is a period drama set in Georgia in the early 1920s when the Red Army invaded Georgia. Aristocrats were declared as the enemies of the people, chased down, deprived of all their property,and either executed or sent into exile. The story focuses on Princess Maya, the last surviving member of one of the Georgian [...]
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    Andreea (37) is a documentary film director. She has a daughter, Emilia (12), from a previous relationship, whom she is raising together with her boyfriend, Tibi (43).   Andreea starts her new film project about illegally parked cars that block the sidewalks and about the authorities’ lack of reaction. She [...]
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    Slovenia & Italy

    Nadia is a successful lawyer from Udine in Italy. Until her father passed away, she lived between the mines and mountains separating Italy from Slovenia. She belongs to the Slovenian minority in Italy, but has been repressing her ethnic identity for years, mostly due to resentment against her deceased father - a miner, beloved [...]
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    Belarus 2021. Winter. The country is taken over by a strong resistance movement against the oppressive regime. The conscripts in the military unit split into two groups. Yura is a victim of bullying and persecution, Gosha is one of the bullies. Both enemies become the accomplices of the death of one of the soldiers. It [...]
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