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  • Bulgaria

    Smart, angry, self-reliant Dida (15) has one tangible goal that justifies her moral compromises — to join her estranged mother in the USA after graduation, while surviving the neglect and abuse of her defunct father in the meantime. Dida’s only friend, Iva, comes from a picture-perfect family that easily doles out cash [...]
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    Czech Republic

    Welcome to an ordinary small town in the Czech Republic, a town that changes once every year beyond recognition when it hosts a large-scale Christian pilgrimage feast. Everyone wants to see with their own eyes the miracle-working image of the Virgin Mary, said to have once shed tears of blood, and which to this day is believed [...]
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    The fact that during the Nazi era, during the time of genocide and racial laws in Croatia (1941-1945), there existed the Croatian national boxing team, which performed all over occupied Europe, and which was trained and led by the dark skinned American Professional Jimmy Lyggett, today this sounds intriguing and almost [...]
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    Matiss (25) has it all figured out – a well-balanced life together with the widowed Agate (43) and her little daughter Stasija (7), a well-paid job as a housing repossession manager and a well-managed fling on the side – the wildly sexy Sanda (23). He has the wits, has the charm, yet he's unattached, keeping his options [...]
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    Dawid is fourteen years old and the thing he needs the most in his life right now is a father. The problem is though, his father is imprisoned right now, serving a seven-year sentence, and the only mean of contacting is by shouting through a prison wall. The Mother forbids Dawid from seeing his father, as she’s afraid of [...]
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    Muteness is a dystopia aimed at young audience, an ecological manifesto filmed with a poetically sensitive approach. Helena, a suffering from Nature-Deficit Disorder teenager, lives in the world on the brink of extinction resulting from a phenomenon called the Tree Exodus. Trees abandon the Earth, leaving behind only the memory [...]
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    In the summer of 1989 in Orunia, the poorest and most dangerous district of Gdansk (where even People's Militia officers are scared to walk), a poor, young boy – Sebastian (20) –  dreams of a better life full of fame, money and beautiful women. All right… Sebastian dreams about only one girl – Yagoda (20) – the local [...]
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    The scars of one war have not healed yet – in the 1950’s Yugoslavia – while the new conflicts are already emerging. The Yugoslav communists have antagonised the Soviet Union and they don’t know anymore, who is their friend or their enemy. The Yugoslav communist party needs to be purged from pro-Stalinists, and [...]
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    Meeting again after a decade, two brothers have to face the consequences of violence in their childhood. ANDREJ (38) is a policeman, working on family violence cases. He lives with his girlfriend ANNA (28). On the job he is sent on a police intervention where he runs into his violent brother KRISTIAN (35), whom he [...]
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    Lali was born with a heart problem as the love child of his Beash mother, Julia and Lajos, who is a so-called läkätár-cigan’ - a group of Romani at the bottom of Romani society. Julia left her Beash husband with their three children for Lajos. Lali’sbirth is an unwelcome event: his siblings blame him for the suicide of [...]
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    Asen (40) lives between his work in a poultry slaughterhouse and his workshop where he is making kites, providing for his 13-year-old son Koko. They are very close to each other and those kites are the only colourful element in the gray, mundane lives. Asen is a loner, doesn't fit the modern understanding of what is [...]
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