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  • France

    After a childhood spent in the working class neighborhood of a small industrial town on the shores of the Black Sea, Ana Petreanu is now captain of a major handball team and married to the financial manager of the factory that sponsors the club. But a serious injury clouds this perfect picture. Ana is confronted with the [...]
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    Two days before the wedding the bride said she is not going to do it. When the families realize she is not joking, all hell broke loose. It is way too late to cancel. Everything is ready: the guests, the gifts, the musicians, and the prosciuttos. Entire peninsula knows about it. The bride can't explain it. It is [...]
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    Macedonia&North Macedonia

    Marko (8) lives with his Father in a forest. Fathers rules are simple: All outside is evil; Never leave the magical forest. Marko never doubts. He has a M-shaped mark on his hand, but what could it mean? The Father bares a strange illness that slowly consumes his sanity. One day Marko disobey father’s orders and crosses [...]
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    ELENA dreams to make theater since childhood in conflict with her mother who says all artists are prostitutes with no families and no children. Workaholic Elena stages unwatchable performances and under stress, she loses her period at the age of 32. She tries a hormone intervention with her husband and professional guru [...]
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    Charlotte and her younger sister Tamara are raised in the dense woods by their abusive mother. One day the sisters vanish. Their mother accuses their gypsy neighbor Otilia of kidnapping and witchcraft, who is then stoned and ostracized by the villagers. The broken mother eventually commits suicide. Months later, Otilia [...]
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    Based on 4000 pages of original court record 12 years before the Dreyfus Affair, in April 1882, a 14-year-old Hungarian peasant girl from Tiszaeszlár village heads out to the store, never to return home. 15 Orthodox Jews are arrested by authorities under the accusation of ritual murder. Móric Scharf, a 13 years old [...]
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    In a world, where alien creatures, SPINNERS, for years have replaced whole population with lifeless avatars, a college girl, CARLEEN, 20, on a dark night meets a mysterious young man, RICHARD, 20, who seems to have appeared from nowhere. City’s growing power cuts, which makes local citizens lose their minds, and growing [...]
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    STILLBORN is a portrait of a woman of change, in a country in change. A story of a woman in Poland, during the political/social shift from communism into solidarity, and her courageous pursuit of inspiring freedom and change thru her art, her essence and her mysticism.   Starting in October 1987 and ending with [...]
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    Year 2035. Warsaw. A city of smog, with huge social differences, where districts of poverty are next to rich housing estates - glass skyscrapers. In one of those rich places lives an only child Ania (11), who during the Christmas Eve unwraps a gift - a modern teddy-dogrobot. Teddy-dog-robot is a hit of the toy industry, [...]
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    Rusudan Pirveli, Givi (Beso) Odisharia Caucasian FILMODROM Based on a true story. 1956. While Communist system insists to involve every citizen, Tina tries to live within her own life with her 6 years old son Lado, mother and younger brother Ilo. Until one day her neighbor and old friend Tamar, arrives back after 16 [...]
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    Eva is a 40 year-old single mother. She falls in love with Voytek, and wants to build real, tangible relationship and home, but her daughter, Marta (12), has different plans: she wants the end of the world. And she believes that to evoke the apocalypse, she and her mum need to go to Jerusalem and meet her father who she has [...]
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