The Painted Bird with an Oscar chance

The VII edition project, a Václav Marhoul script based on the book of the same name, is on the shortlist for a Best Foreign Film Academy Award nomination.

Back during the VII edition of ScripTeast – which took place in 2012/2013, in case you ever get impatient with your development – Václav described The Painted Bird as “a dark masterpiece that examines the proximity of terror and savagery to innocence and love.” This description still stands; as a matter of fact, the Guardian described it as “a savage, searing three-hour tour of hell”, which the reviewer admitted he couldn’t look away from.

“ScripTeast was created exactly for this purpose” – says artistic director of the program Dariusz Jablonski – “to aid the best projects in the region, to shine a spotlight on them, help them make it to screens worldwide. And this is what happened with Vaclav Marhoul’s project. We are extremely proud of his achievement. I would like to thank all our advisors, who have made this excellence possible over the years, and especially Tom Abrams and Michael Schiffer who worked on The Painted Bird with Vaclav.

Screenwriter Michael Schieffer says of the project: “In the film world, there is art as commodity, art as entertainment, art as a way to pass the time, and then there are a few rare instances when a filmmaker delivers a work of sacred art, bearing witness to our times. Vaclav Marhoul is that kind of artist, fierce and uncompromising. His devotion to the savage truth of Jerzy Kosinski’s masterpiece novel, The Painted Bird, is not merely a condemnation of the horrors of the not too distant past, Vaclav’s film is a terrifying confrontation of the horrors of our own times when refugees are fleeing atrocities in every corner of the globe.”

The film premiered in Venice. According to CNBC, the Oscar nominations will be announced on January 13, 2020. We cannot wait!

Still from The Painted Bird