”The Painted Bird” by  Vaclav Marhoul in Venecia 76 Competition!

This is an adaptation of Polish writer Jerzy Kosinski’s classic novel about an orphaned Jewish boy fending for himself in Nazi-occupied Eastern Europe. „The Painted Bird” was developed during the 7th edition of ScripTeast with help of  Tom Abrams, and Michael Schiffer


The script was awarded  ScripTeast Krzysztof Kieslowski Special Mention at Cannes Film Festival 2013. Advisory Board was impressed by the screenwriter’s bold attempt to take on the task of adapting this acclaimed and complex novel by Jerzy Kosiński, which recounts the harrowing tale of a young abandoned boy struggling for survival during World War 2. It is a challenging and ambitious project that the writer has taken on tenaciously, resulting in a fascinating and moving script that we believe will lead to an imaginative and moving film.