ScripTeast at EFM

For a year now, the whole world, including all of us filmmakers, has been struggling with this virus. A universal experience which, with all the drama, and sometimes tragedy, goes painfully to the heart of filmmaking: in a large group and with a lot of effort, at a high pace and with large groups of people, right next to each other. We are all affected by this, though perhaps less so for the scriptwriters. As our friend and one of the best scriptwriters we know says: “Nothing has particularly changed for me, I always utilize my imagination alone in a room, and now I have more topics, and when I go out with my dog, there are fewer people on the streets, which helps me to think.”

And that’s what we’ve seen in the latest versions of the scripts from our ScripTeasters this year: tremendous focus, application of feedback from great advisors, and wonderful progress in the scripts. That’s great, because we’re all waiting for good scripts, for that moment when we defeat the virus and make movies out of our scripts. In these films you will certainly see the accumulated energy, the explosive creative discharge. And today let us rejoice, because we are meeting in Berlin, just as if we were physically there, for the screenwriters are not lacking in imagination, simply to see Der Himmel über Berlin. 

Bruno Ganz in Wings of Desire
(West Germany/France 1986/87) by Wim Wenders
© Wim Wenders Stiftung – Argos Films