Polish Film Institute

The Polish Film Institute (PISF) is the newest film institute in Europe, established in 2005 in accordance with a new cinematography law passed by the Polish Parliament. It is set up similar to the mechanisms of support for the film industries in many other countries of Europe.A declaration by the Council of Film Institutes, adopted in London in 2003, also determines the tasks of the Polish Film Institute: “State Film Institutes in Europe exist to support national and European film cultures and industries. Their role is to intervene in those countries in which the production and distribution of European films requires support.”

The Institute’s principal task is to provide the Polish film industry with a modern mechanism of support – from the development of film projects, through production, to promotion, distribution and circulation of Polish and European films. We support films from concept to screening, with particular emphasis on international co-productions.

Polski Instytut Sztuki Filmowej /Polish Film Institute
Krakowskie Przedmieście 21/23
00-071 Warsaw, Poland
e-mail: pisf@pisf.pl
tel.: +48 22 42 10 130
fax: +48 22 42 10 241