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    VII edition

    Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Special Mention 2013

    Painted bird

    A harrowing story that follows the wanderings of a boy abandoned by his parents during World War II. The Painted Bird is a dark masterpiece that examines the proximity of terror and savagery to innocence and love. Screenplay is based on the first, and the most famous, world best-selling novel by one of the most important and original writers of last century – JERZY KOSIŃSKI.The Boy is living with his foster mother Marta, but Marta unexpectedly dies. The Boy is therefore all alone and forced to wander and fend for him-self in a wild region. He can stay nowhere for a long and is forced to wander from place to place. He is taken under wing by Olga, a so-called holy woman who the villagers hold in high esteem on account of her magic powers; then he works as a slave of cruel miller, he helped the reclusive bird catcher Lekh; he is a witness of death of a woman known as Ludmila; he survived his meetings with German soldiers; he is saved by the Priest which tries to give him a trust to Jesus Christ; he is going trough a lot of suffering from savage pig farmer Garbos; he is falling to love with his first girl Labina… His life is a chronicle of changes until the moment the small village where he has sought shelter is invaded by a pack of Cossacks fighting for the Germans, who rape and terrorize nearly all the locals. He is rescued by a troop of the Red Army. Sniper Mitka finally impacts the Boy much more than all others.

    The war ends and the boy is taken back to the city. He is placed in an orphanage with other children who have suffered a similar fate. His sufferings, however, are far from over. Finally – his father who had survived the war, show up for him. But they enjoy no happy ending together because the Boy, who has endured so much suffering and trauma, is unable to be a part of normal society. And yet the ending contains a spark of hope which suggests that the Boy might actually overcome his tremendous struggle, this time for his very soul…

    Czech Republic

    Václav Marhoul

    Screenwriter, director, actor, producer.

    After graduating from FAMU in 1984, initially started as a production assistant and later as deputy head of production at Barrandov Film Studios. After the Velvet Revolution was for seven years CEO of Barrandov Film Studios.

    He is a Member of the Board and the Presidium of Czech Academy of Film & Television Arts.

    Selected filmography:
    2008 – Tobruk (scriptwriter, producer, director)
    Awards: IFF Seattle (The Best War Feature), IFF New York (The Best War Feature), IFF LA Movie Awards (The Best Narrative Feature), IFF Houston (Platinum Remi Award), EFA (Selection: EU Film Awards), IFF Austin (Narrative Jury Prize – Best script), CFTA Annual Award (Best Camera, Music, Sound)
    2003 – Smart Philip (scriptwriter, producer, director)
    Awards: IFF Houston (Silver Remi Award), CFTA Annual Award (Best Camera, Design)
    1998 – The Bed (producer, distributor)
    Award: IFF Cannes (Selection: International Critics Week, Golden Camera)

    Udayan Prasad

    “ScripTeast is the programme all the advisors wish they could have attended at the start of their careers. It would have saved all that stumbling around in the dark looking for the key that stimulates the imagination so much more effectively.”

    BAFTA nominated, director of “My Son the Fanatic”, “The Yellow Hankerchief” and ”Opa!”, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, UK

    Tom Abrams

    “ScripTeast’s top-notch team of professional advisors, each year’s talented group of participants, and venues in Poland, Germany and France continue to make it the very best development workshop in the world today.”

    ScripTeast Head of Studies, Associate Professor – Screenwriting and Production at School of Cinematic Arts, USC, screenwriter and director, author of the script for the Oscar-nominated film “Shoeshine”, USA

    Scott Alexander

    “ScripTeast is a fascinating mix of cultures, political ideas, and voices. I learned a lot, and I think the participants learned a lot more. If only they served vodka!”

    Golden Globe awarded author of “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Ed Wood” with two Oscars, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, USA