Maciej Karpiński


Maciej Karpiński

Maciej Karpiński – screenwriter, novelist, playwright, theatre and film critic, considered one of the leading screenwriters in Poland. He graduated from the Warsaw University in Art History Department. He made his literary debut as a playwright in 1969.

For many years professor of screenwriting at the The Leon Schiller National Film, Television And Theatre School. He also lectured at several universities in the US. He is the author of the first in the Eastern Europe textbook of the trade “The Imperfect Reflection: on the Art of Screenwriting”.

He has published more than a thousand essays, articles and reviews in Polish and foreign magazines, including “The New York Times Book Review”. He is the founder of Polish Screenwriters Guild and former vice-president of Polish Filmmakers Association. For several years he worked as the Artistic Director of Film Department in Polish Television, and the director of Polish Feature Films festival in Gdynia. Currently he is the Deputy Director in charge of international relations and promotion of the Polish Film Institute.

He is the author of a number of screenplays to internationally acclaimed films, including “A Lonely Woman” directed by Agnieszka Holland, “The Ring With The Crowned Eagle” and “Nastassya” by Andrzej Wajda, “Daughters Of Luck” by Marta Meszaros and “Miracle of Purim” by Izabella Cywińska.