Licia Eminenti


Licia Eminenti

Licia Eminenti is graduated in Litterature at Florence University. She has always been close to the music and theatre world organising and getting involved in many cultural events both in Italy and France (Arezzo Wave, Cinewave, Semaine Dada, Archaos circus) and following different theatre companies (Bottega teatrale dell’attore, Magazzini Criminali, Giovanna Marini).

She worked as administrator for the cinematografic European coproduction Funds, Eurimages, and she was in charge of the international sales for Gemini Films.

She has been expert/reader for Arte France Cinema and she continues her collaboration with the Eurimages Funds as expert, as well with Media Program. She’s one of the member who founded the BLAC (Collectif for the cultural action for cinema and audiovisual), teaches “image” in several workshops (mainly colleges but also out school time). She occasionally collaborates to the cinema review “Cahiers du cinema”.

INTIMISTO (23’30”) selected in many Festivals in the world and in competition to La Biennale di Venezia 2001, receveid many Prices, among others The Critic price Novaïs-Texeira 2001, The Price for the best first short film Lille 2002, The Public Price Strasbourg-Mainz 2002… LA PETITE FILLE (19’) it’s her second short was presented in the “Semaine de la critique”, (Cannes Films Festival 2003). FRATERNITAS (17’30’’) in 2007, has been shown at Brest europeen short Film Festival, and in the Panorama HD, section Research and Innovation. She’s prepearing the documentary “The Female Domination” and finalising the script of her first long feature film.