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    Golden ashes

    After years of absence from her home country, Eva Goran, a London-based investigator working for a private intelligence firm, has to go back to Romania to dig into a multibillion euros deal that involves a goldmine, a Russian oligarch and a powerful local tycoon. Apparently, the deal would give the Russian oligarch full control over the largest goldmine in Europe, Roka Morana. Eva has the difficult task to spoil the deal and help get in one of her firm’s clients. To succeed, she has to bring along Visek Rancea, a minority shareholder of Roka Morana and a former Secret Police officer of a special kind.

    A visit to a tycoon in jail and a trip to Roka Morana help Eva unveil the murky truth behind this multibillion affair: it’s not about gold. It’s about the largest gas reserves in Europe. It’s a geopolitical war with Russian flavor. Down the slippery slope of a risky game and a painful past, Eva discovers that her partners are not who they seem to be. Neither are her enemies, nor her own father. While she digs into the goldmine affair, Eva puts her life at risk.

    But her unsettled past proves to be harder to handle than a dangerous investigation job. Wounds that haven’t been closed are breaking to the surface: the tragedy of her little sister, a talented artists struggling with a mental disease after being raped years ago, and the anger against a father who remarried two years after her mother died. In the end, Eva finds herself trapped both in a murky affair and a painful past as she comes face-to-face to the man who raped her sister. And she has to make the most difficult choice of her life. A choice that will forever change the definition of herself.


    Adina Sadeanu

    Graduated from Fletcher School of Law & Diplomacy, Tufts University, Medford, USA and Me-dill School of Journalism, Northwestern University, Evanston, USA. She completed training courses with Industrial Scripts and The Script Factory (London).

    An award-winning journalist with ten years of experience in Romania, the USA and the UK. A theatre and film producer, as well as an entrepreneur.

    In 2011 Adina set up Axis Media Production an independent, production company offering mul-ti-media content for small and large companies alike and Axis Productions Association – the NGO branch of the company, involved in developing and promoting theatre and film produc-tions. She produced the theater play THE YALTA GAME by Brian Friel and a musical HARCA IS BACK by Matei Milo. Adina wrote also a short film CLANDESTINE which won 1st prize at ‘VSLO short film and photography festival’ in 2014.

    Currently – apart from working on GOLDEN ASHES – writing and producing SILENT
    THREATS a documentary film about cyber security in the age of hackers.

    Udayan Prasad

    “ScripTeast is the programme all the advisors wish they could have attended at the start of their careers. It would have saved all that stumbling around in the dark looking for the key that stimulates the imagination so much more effectively.”

    BAFTA nominated, director of “My Son the Fanatic”, “The Yellow Hankerchief” and ”Opa!”, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, UK

    Tom Abrams

    “ScripTeast’s top-notch team of professional advisors, each year’s talented group of participants, and venues in Poland, Germany and France continue to make it the very best development workshop in the world today.”

    ScripTeast Head of Studies, Associate Professor – Screenwriting and Production at School of Cinematic Arts, USC, screenwriter and director, author of the script for the Oscar-nominated film “Shoeshine”, USA

    Scott Alexander

    “ScripTeast is a fascinating mix of cultures, political ideas, and voices. I learned a lot, and I think the participants learned a lot more. If only they served vodka!”

    Golden Globe awarded author of “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Ed Wood” with two Oscars, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, USA