Vassil is a documentary film director, close to his 40s, who has not achieved the success he dreams of. He puts all his energy into a long-term project – a film about the broken relationship between Avtonom, a monk, and his mother,  Lisa. Meanwhile Vassil’s wife, Maria, and their 14-year-old daughter, Lily, both take second place to the film he is making.

Vassil is not happy with the the final version of the film when he suddenly learns that Lisa will have to undergo a risky surgery. Vassil offers her to bring her son for a visit, so that they both could forgive to each other. Despite her being not so keen on the idea, Vassil goes to the Monastery where he finds out that the monk experiences an emotional breakdown and has been brought to a psychiatry. Vassil finds him there and convinces him to come and donate blood for his mother’s surgery. He signs some documents to declare responsibility for Avtonom and gives him shelter at his own place, where the monk witnesses the anxious relationships in the director’s family.

At the hospital, while Lisa is undergoing the surgery, Avtonom confesses to Vassil the reason for his emotional breakdown.

Vassil faces a dilemma – to help his characters, or to keep filming them.


Vasil – Hristo Petrov
Maria (Vasil’s wife) – Miroslava Gogovska
Lili (Vasil’s daughter) – Yana Draganova
monk Avtonom – Atanas Bachorski (non-professional actor)
Gogo- Detelin Benchev (non-professional actor)
Vasil’s father – Zdravko Dragnev (non-professional actor)
Vasil’s mother – Maria Statulova
Vasil’s grandfather – Boris Lukanov



DoP: Vesselin Hristov
PD: Vanina Geneva
Sound: Ivan Andreev
Costume designer: Elena Stoyanova
Editor: Eugen Kelemen (Romania)


Waterfall CEO is co-production  between Bulgaria (Cineaste Maudit Production – Svetoslav Draganov and Katya Trichkova) and Romania (Parada film – Calin Peter Netzer and Oana Iancu).

The film is supported by Bulgarian National Film Center and Romanian CNC, in co-production with Contrast films (Bulgaria) and Digital Cube (Romania).

Shooting mainly in Sofia and nearby will end 10 May 2019

Svetoslav Draganov was developing WATERFALL CEO within XI edition of ScripTeast.