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    XIV edition


    Smart, angry, self-reliant Dida (15) has one tangible goal that justifies her moral compromises — to join her estranged mother in the USA after graduation, while surviving the neglect and abuse of her defunct father in the meantime.

    Dida’s only friend, Iva, comes from a picture-perfect family that easily doles out cash but fails at the responsibilities of parenthood that money can’t buy.

    On the day Dida has just paid her way into an illegal abortion in the oldest way known to man, she has yet another furtive Skype conversation with her mother, Zoya, which brings into focus a truth Dida has long refused to see — Zoya never truly intended to take her daughter to America with her; it was all a big lie.

    Dida’s world falls apart. She needs to be held, but, alas so does her only possible anchor, Iva, currently over-obsessed with her inability to sexually satisfy her 30-year-old boyfriend.

    Dida snaps. Everything she has bottled deep inside, every suppressed emotion, every insult, every assault on her body, every disappointment fuel an aggression — both verbal and physical. Furious at the entire world, suddenly epitomized by Iva, Dida chokes her friend in her rage. She only stops when Iva’s lifeless body goes limp. Staring at Iva’s stricken face, Dida feels like she is seeing herself – dead!

    When Iva’s phone rings, Dida answers instinctively and has a conversation with Iva’s mother who doesn’t even realize she is not talking to her daughter. Provoked by that incident, having lost any shred of common sense, Dida decides to dress up in Iva’s clothes and become “her” and take over her life. Dida’s desire to take her friend’s place live her “better life”, gets her into the kind of dangerous game she could’ve never imagined. What seemed like a rosy life sprinkled with naive problems turns out to be no lesser source of trauma.

    Terrified and distressed, having completely lost touch with reality, Dida returns to the rooftop, snuggles up to her dead friend’s naked body, and, in that moment, feels truly close to her.


    Yana Titova

    Yana Titova is a graduate of the Bulgarian National Film and Theatre Academy. A Berlinale Talents Alumni, she has BA in acting and MA in filmmaking. Yana’s acting career rapidly took off as she established herself as an award-winning talent. She has been part both of the National Theatre and The Youth Theatre. Her debut roles granted her the Bulgarian Film Academy Award and Golden Rose Film Award for Best Actress, Aasceer Theatre Award for Best Young Actress as well as Bulgarian Shooting Star Nomination. Yana’s acting career took her to London where she worked alongside Dame Helen Mirren and Edward Hogg.

    However, the moment she found herself on the other side of the camera, her career path irreversibly shifted towards filmmaking. Yana’s directorial short film debut “The Bridge” premiered at the London Short Film Festival in 2013. Since then, she has directed two award-winning fiction shorts (winning EuroShorts, Headline Intrnational Film Festival, La Rioja es de cine Film Festival, Bridge Film Festival), numerous episodes of Bulgaria’s top rated TV series “Stolen Life”, several TV commercials and the  documentary “88МHz” which won the Audience Award at Master of Art Film Festival. At that time Cinewomen placed Titova among one of the most promising female directors. Yana Titova’s debut feature film “A Dose of Happiness” is expected to be released in November 2019.

    Udayan Prasad

    “ScripTeast is the programme all the advisors wish they could have attended at the start of their careers. It would have saved all that stumbling around in the dark looking for the key that stimulates the imagination so much more effectively.”

    BAFTA nominated, director of “My Son the Fanatic”, “The Yellow Hankerchief” and ”Opa!”, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, UK

    Tom Abrams

    “ScripTeast’s top-notch team of professional advisors, each year’s talented group of participants, and venues in Poland, Germany and France continue to make it the very best development workshop in the world today.”

    ScripTeast Head of Studies, Associate Professor – Screenwriting and Production at School of Cinematic Arts, USC, screenwriter and director, author of the script for the Oscar-nominated film “Shoeshine”, USA

    Scott Alexander

    “ScripTeast is a fascinating mix of cultures, political ideas, and voices. I learned a lot, and I think the participants learned a lot more. If only they served vodka!”

    Golden Globe awarded author of “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Ed Wood” with two Oscars, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, USA