David Matamoros


David Matamoros

David Matamoros has a Law and Marketing degree. He began directing and writing the daily news program Fotogramas for a private broadcaster. He got involved in animation, where he managed coproductions, script analysis, marketing and selling in international markets where he’s been present regularly. He also collaborates for CARTOON  as consultant since 2007 and associate professor at Pompeu Fabra University.  He has also collaborated with CREATIVE EUROPE in several occasions.

After three years working for Pub institution Catalan Films and TV, in charge of coproductions and market research, he exec produced 3 award winning films.

Then reaches an alliance with Lars Von Trier’s Zentropa, to open an outlet in Spain. Since 2009, he’s produced 2 TV series and over 10 features, such as TASTING MENU, VULCANIA, EVOLUTION, THE YEAR OF THE PLAGUE, and has collaborated in the production of THE HOUSE THAT JACK BUILT by Lars Von Trier. He’s also helped on the Hollywood Academy Award for Susanne’s Bier Oscar winner “In a Better World”, “A Royal Affair” and Vintemberg’s “The Hunt”.

After shooting his first shortfilm as director WHAT WE LEAVE BEHIND, he’s in prep of ISAAC(his debut as director of a feature film) and two animation features, among others.

He’s been named Producer on the Move in Cannes 2012 and participates in the Toronto Lab 13. He’s been coordinating the ESCAC Master on Marketing and Cinematographic Distribution for 7 years, and collaborates with other educational institutions in Spain and abroad, such as Script East and the Media Business School, in subjects related with production, distribution, marketing and pitching. He’s a member of the European Film Academy and Spanish Film Academy and has co-written a book on Marketing and Distribution in Cinema.