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  • Warsaw, December 13, 1981: Overnight, a country turns into a prison. Taxis are replaced by tanks. Citizens are treated like criminals. A British professor finds himself lost like a rat in a maze. Trapped in a satellite town, GIDEON, tries to reach the British embassy and goes on an odyssey through a city that, subdued […]

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    Sandra Buchta

    After an M.A. in French and AmericanLiterature & Cultural History, she received a degree in Film Criticism at the University of Televisionand Film Munich. She worked as a film critic and literary scout for a publishing house.  In 2009, she moved into script development and started her own business as a story consultant (WORD BOOK FILM). Sandra took advanced trainings in screenwriting and dramaturgy at the London

    Script Factory and with script consultant Tom Schlesinger. As a story consultant, Sandra has worked closely with filmmakers on numerous shorts and feature films, such as LUCKY SEVEN (2011) by Claudia Heindel.

    Sandra has also collaborated on a wide range of documentaries and is fascinated by the unpredictable process of developing a story in this genre. Films include LOGIN2LIFE (2014) by Daniel Moshel, screened at FIPA/Biarritz and Zagrebdox and IN THE SHADOW OF THE COPACABANA (2014) by Denize Galiao, winner of the FFF talent award (Bavarian Film Fund).

    A red thread in all of Sandra’s work is her approach to developing stories in teams. As a lecturer in the documentary department of the Munich film school, she guides teams of writers/directors in their story development process. She has also designed an intercultural script development program, the Racconti Script Lab, for the Italian film fund IDM.

    Kasia Adamik

    Kasia Adamik was born in Warsaw in 1972 and raised in France where she emigrated with her mother Agnieszka Holland after the State of War was installed in Poland in 1981. She graduated from Bruxelles Art School and worked as a storyboard artist in Europe and the United States with such directors like Jonathan Demme, Luis Mandoki, Scott Hicks, Kathryn Bigelow, Anthony Minghella, Alfonso Cuaron or Baz Luhrmann.

    She also collaborated with Agnieszka Holland as a storyboard artist and then as a second unit director and co-director (the TV series PRIME MINISTER, JANOSIK: THE TRUE STORY, SPOOR)

    Her first film BARK was shown in Sundance in the main dramatic competition, where Kasia made it on to the “10 Directors to watch” list of the Variety magazine and “New Talent List” of The Hollywood Reporter. THE OFFSIDERS won the audience award at The Gdynia Film Festival and the price for Best Polish Film at the Camerimage Film Festival. AMOK opened in Polish theatres in March 2017.


    In a small distant village, a group of children, ages 8-10, spend their childhood playing in open fields and on the estates of an old abandoned production complex. Their fathers work in Finland, they rarely come home; mothers are always busy. This village is filled with people that sense the inescapability from their gloomy and […]

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    Aidi Vallik

    Aidi Vallik is an Estonian writer, mostly known for her youth and children’s literature and poetry. Since 2004, she is a freelance writer, scriptwriter and columnist. Her most recent works include two plays KALEVIPOEG EHK KUNINGA KROONIKAD, KÕIK NORMAALSED INIMESED, a poetry collection for children IMELISED INIMESED and several children’s books. She became more widely known to the public with her highly acclaimed ANN novel series, the first of the series named HOW ARE YOU, ANN? was released in 2000. It has won and been nominated for numerous prizes, has been translated into Finnish, Latvian and Lithuanian, and is now a part of school literature programs. The third novel in the series was made into a film in 2008, named WHERE SOULS GO, she was the co-author of the script, alongside with Peeter Sauter and director Rainer Sarnet. During the years 2007-2016 Aidi Vallik was the writer for the popular Estonian TV series SALADUSED.

    Nicholas Winton enjoyed easy life of a young successful man working at the Stock Exchange in London in 1938. Everything changed when he saw appalling conditions of refugees fleeing from Nazis in camps near Prague, Czechoslovakia. He decided to save their children. Everybody told him that it was impossible.  But Winton believed there was nothing […]

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    Matej Mináč

    Film director, producer, writer

    Graduated in film directing at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava Received more than 70 awards, films were theatrically distributed in the USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, UK, France, Germany, Czech Rep, Slovak Rep, were sold to more than 60 countries including HBO, BBC, ARD, ZDF, FRANCE 2, RAI, CANAL plus, ABC, CBC, RTBF, NHK

    Selected projects:
    NICKY´S FAMILY (2011)
    NICHOLAS WINTON – THE POWER OF GOOD (2002) – documentary film with feature reenactments
    ALL MY LOVED ONES (1999) – full-length feature film Czech/Polish/Slovak/German cooproduction


    David Mináč

    David Mináč (Czech Republic)

    Graduated from the University of Southampton (Psychology, Film). He cowrote award winning Through the Eyes of the Photographer (AWARDS: Main prize of the Festival CAMERA OF DAVID, BEST FEATURE DOCUMENTARY at 13th Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, Golden Remi Award – Worldfest Houston,

    Nominated Tobias Spencer Award – Haifa Int’l Film Festival, nominated for Magnolia Award, 23rd Shanghai TV Festival), he cowrites full-length feature comedy screenplay NEVER GIVE UP, comedy fairytale with western setting “JUST A BIT OF LUCK”. He was the first assistant director Through the Eyes of the Photographer. He acted and was head of research and assistant director in NICKY’S FAMILY which was awarded 41 prestigious awards worldwide. Minac is also well-known as an art photographer having two major exhibitions in Prague in 2016 and 2017 (Czech Photo Center and was presented as a discovery of the year). He also devotes his time to composing film music and painting.

    11-year-old Nino is growing up with her maternal grandparents in a small mountainous village of post-Soviet Georgia during the civil war in the early ’90s. She is a sensitive girl who still wets the bed and plays with her doll. For her, reality and dreams are still merged into a world full of expectations. But […]

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    Rati Tsiteladze

    Born in post-Soviet Georgia. He studied filmmaking at the Hybrid Conservatory, Los Angeles. At age 21, he won the title of World Champion in martial arts, but in 2014, when filmmaking became the overpowering passion in his life, he left his fighting career and founded ArtWay Film production. Since then he directed several short films that were awarded internationally. His work DEDA won 19 International prizes and was screened at around 200 film festivals, including Locarno, Guanajuato IFF. His feature documentary project MAY 17 was part of IDFA and has been selected among six projects at Doc Corner – 70th Festival de Cannes. In 2017 Rati was participating at Locarno Academy and was selected among 6 directors at Festival de Cannes Cinéfondation Residence.

    Nino Varsimashvili

    Georgian award-winning screenwriter and producer at ArtWay Film production. She wrote and produced several short films that were awarded internationally and have been screened at more than 200 film festivals including Locarno and Guanajuato IFF. Her feature documentary project MAY 17 won DMZ docs Award, was part of IDFA and has been selected among six projects at Doc Corner –  70th Festival de Cannes.


    Joel Campbell is a brilliant professor at a top university. With a thriving career, a beautiful wife and a gifted daughter, only the worsening mental illness of Joel’s beloved brother, Ethan, interrupts his perfect existence. That is until Joel starts to see a sinister red dot tracking his every move. Unable to escape the dot’s […]

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    Michal Samir

    An award-winning director, screenwriter and producer. As Managing Director of London based production company Room One Films, he specialises in feature films, commercials and TV content.

    His debut film, HANY, received nationwide cinema release in the Czech Republic in 2014, and was honoured with a litany of awards, including the Oldenburg IFF, Golden Eye IFF Grand Prix and the Best Camera Award at the 2014 Czech Critics Awards.

    In 2015, his screenplay for the feature film POLEDNICE (THE NOONDAY WITCH) was picked by both Barletta and HBO Europe. POLEDNICE went on to win the Motel X in Lisbon and was featured as part of the BFI London Film Festival in 2016.

    He is a graduate of Drama Centre London, a school responsible for honing such talent as Colin Firth, Tom Hardy and Paul Bettany amongst others. Michal is currently overseeing the development of numerous projects including feature films, VR films and an animated series.

    Poland, the present day. When Adam and Marek, a same-sex couple, hired a surrogate to give birth to their baby, they thought their dream was finally coming true. But soon after they sign the contract with Ewa, the surrogate mother, Marek, the sperm donor and the child’s biological father, is diagnosed with cancer. As he […]

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    Piotr Domalewski

    Film director, screenwriter and actor.

    Laureate of the Munk Studio’s prestigious 30′ programme which supports outstanding young filmmakers. His short films have won awards at various festivals across Europe. He is also a playwright. His play  FIVE SQUARE METERS  has been awarded at the Metafory Rzeczywistostości Contest, a National competition for playwrights. His film  STRANGER  has won Grand Prix at the International Film Festival Cinemaforum in Warsaw.

    His feature debut SILENT NIGHT  will premiere at the 42nd Polish Film Festival in Gdynia this year.

    “…and ready to leave this earth without regret;  its mists; its swamps and its rivers;   ready to give himself into the arms of death with a light heart,  knowing that death alone can comfort him.” (M. Bulgakov)         JONUC, a six-year old boy of Hungarian, Romanian, and Gypsy descent, meets VERA, […]

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    András Salamon

    Studied photography and worked at the Hungarian Television and in the Hungarian Film Factory as an assistant cameraman and 1st assistant director. He graduated in 1982 from the Cameraman Department of University of Theater and Film Arts. He also completed master’s degree programme in Film Studies at ELTE. Later he received his DLA degree from University of Theatre and Film Arts.

    Up to present he works as a writer, director, cameraman in fiction, documentaries and television series. He is also a lecturer at the University of Theatre and Film Arts and at the Art Program of the Metropolitan University Budapest, where he works as the head of Specialization of the Motion Picture Artist – MA programme. His first book was awarded the Sándor Bródy prize for the best book at 1997. He was awarded Béla Balázs prize at 2001. He published his novels in different anthologies. He was the founder of the First Roma Film School. He also established GTC (Go To Casting), the first Screen Actors School in Hungary. Assistant professor at the Film Studies Department of the Institute for Art Theory and Media Studies, ELTE BTK.

    The action takes place between 1974 and 1986 in Poland and West Germany. It tells a real story of two young men. Marek – a Germanist, son of an ex-security force employee, begins working as teacher in Bydgoszcz. Jan – a laborer from Sopot is getting married. Teacher’s position gives Marek no chance for a […]

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    Arkadiusz Biedrzycki


    Graduate of Wajda School and Krzysztof Kieślowski Faculty of Radio and Television University of Silesia in Katowice in film directing. Part-taker of various workshops, including Passion to Market in NFTS Beaconsfield and La Fémis in Paris, Talent Lab in Reykjavík and Directing Actors in New York. Scholarship holder of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and the Nipkow foundation. Author of films created within the Munk Studio debut programmes: PLAIN LANDSCAPE WITH A CRADLE and BEAT FREQUENCY.  During his film studies he has made, among others, ERRATA, YOU KEEP AN EYE ON US and IT HAPPENS, which competed in many international film festivals where they have received a lot of recognition.

    Bartłomiej Konarski


    Graduate of Academy of Film and Television inWarsaw. Started as a creator of one of the first Polish scripted web series SOAPED. Worked as a script reviewer at Alvernia Studios. Author of several original pilot scripts which were bought by major Polish networks. The only screenwriter who has won two prestigious Polish writing competitions – Script Fiesta (for best pilot script HOUSING OF FEAR) and Script Pro 2017 (for best feature film script IN PERSON). Finalist of Hartley-Merrill 2008 competition with script JOIN US AFTER THE BREAK.

    The storm is so powerful it´s not quite obvious where the sky is as opposed to the sea. Somewhere in the midst of it all a cask is bobbing up and down and in it a small boy is lying down seemingly calm. He is smiling as if he knew he´d come to no harm. […]

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    Tomasz Mielnik


    Studied art history at the University in  Wrocław. He then moved to Prague and graduated from the Directing department of the Film and TV School of Academy of Performing Arts in Prague with his film JOURNEY TO ROME. The film premiered at the 50th Karlovy Vary IFF as the opening film of the East of the West section and was later screened at more than twenty film festivals around the world. T.M. made several other films during his studies: ON SUNDAY (2008), MEMORY OF MOTHER (2008) and ANONYMOUS (2009). His documentary short DYRYGENT (2009) was published as a supplement to a book about Zygmund Molik. His BA graduation film, GIRL 180 (2010), was also widely recognized and screened for example at the Molodist Film Festival in Kyiv. In 2013 Tomasz Mielnik participated at the International Filmmaking Academy workshop lead by Bernardo Bertolucci, Gian-Vittorio Baldi and Abbas Kiarostami.


    A biopic story about the most known Ukrainian poet and writer Lesya Ukrainka who lived in the end of the 19th beginning of the 20th century in Ukraine. The film is following of Lesya’s short life fighting against rare disease from childhood to the last days and shows her in two parallel worlds – realistic […]

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    Sasha (Oleksandra) Lavrenchuk

    Sasha graduated from the Institute of International Relations at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and attended Advanced Literary Courses at Maksym Gorky Literature Institute. She wrote for various television dramas such as ‘Bessmertnik’ (“Snowdrop” 2014), ‘Ne Zarekaysya’ (“Never say never” 2015), ‘Na Linii Zhyttya’ (“On the Line of Life” 2016), and worked as editor of unscripted television programs. Her first short fiction film ‘Acoustics of Void’ is now in production. Sasha is a poet with three poetry collection books published: ‘1’ (2003), ‘Tourmaline’ (2009), “The Toothless  Goluba’s Getting Her Teeth” (2007, poetry for children).

    In a world where the hidden is visible for the eye… A successful  career  woman  in  her  late  30s’  who  wants  a  child,  is  left  by  her  partner.  She  needs  to  start  anew,  but  the  grief  is  there,  right  beside  her,  as  an  African elephant in her apartment. Raya  does  not  notice  the  Elephant  that […]

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    Maya Vitkova


    Graduated from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts in  2001.  She  worked  as  an  assistant  director,  casting  director  and  executive  producer  for  over  twenty  national  and  international  productions, i.e.  Kamen Kalev’s EASTERN PLAYS, which premiered  at  the  Cannes  Directors’  Fortnight  and  was  nominated  for  the  Camera  d’Or , was  among  the  3  finalists  for  the  LUX  Prize,  in  the  official  EFA  selection, and Bulgaria’s foreign film Oscar nomination.


    Maya   Vitkova’s   debut   feature   film   project   VIKTORIA  was  the  first  Bulgarian  feature  in  competition  at  the  Sundance  Film  Festival. The film was slelected to 70  international  festivals  and  won 10  awards,  and  was  greatly reviewed by the Hollywood Reporter, IndieWire, The New Yorker, Vogue  Magazine,  Screen  International,  Filmmaker  Magazine,  Twitch  Magazine  and  more, making it to #4 of the best films of 2016 according to The New Yorker.