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  • Title MASARYK/ A PROMINENT PATIENT Original title Masaryk Year of production 2016 Country Czech Republic Scriptwriter Petr Kolecko, Julius Sevcík, Alex Königsmark Director Julius Sevcík ScripTeast Edition IX Creative Advisors Sandy Lieberson, David Aukin Head od Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / In Film Praha, Czech Television, Radio and […]

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    Petr Kolečko

    Master degree in dramaturgy at the Theatre faculty of Academy of Performing Arts. Shortly after his graduation emerged quickly as one of the most staged playwrights in Czech republic. His most known pieces are THE WOMAN TRILOGY including three one-act plays (THE SALOME CASE, THE MÉDEIA CASE, THE MARYŠA CASE), PORNSTARS musical (written along with T. Svoboda), FEDERER-NADAL, VINNETOU (inspired by Carl May´s “Vinnetou”), ICING, THE EGG and POKER FACE.
    Many of the plays were translated in foreign languages including the English translations of the plays THE GODS DON´T PLAY HOCKEY, BRITNEY GOES TO HEAVEN and POKER FACE. The translations of various plays were presented through staged readings in theatres worldwide including The Royal Court Theatre, London, The Immigrants Theatre, New York, The Tag Theatre, Vienna or The Satiric Theatre, Sofia, Bulgaria.
    Petr works also a lot for tv. Has co-written the popular series SUNDAY LEAGUE and sitcom FOURTH STAR for Czech national TV. He has also written his own sitcom MARTA AND VĚRA. His tv film script THE RIGHT JERSEY is being shot at he moment.

    Julius Sevcik

    Director and scriptwriter
    Graduated at New York Film Academy and then at PRAGUE FAMU University of TV and Film in 2006. He shot numerous short films a two feature films in Czech Republic, USA and Macedonia. He´s currently in pre-production for his third feature film based on the script of Christopher Nolan and Michael Stokes KEYS TO THE STREET starring Gemma Arterton, Max Irons and Tim Roth. Producers: Gail Mutrux / Pretty Pictures USA, Steve Norris/Apollo Productions GB, Kirk D´Amico /Myriad Pictures USA

    Selected projects:
    2009 „NORMAL“ (85 min, 35mm, film noir CZ-MACEDONIA)
    Screened at Shanghai IFF – Best Director Award, Moscow IFF and Goteborg IFF

    2005: „RESTART“ (85 min, 35mm, debut, drama, CZ-FINLAND)
    Festivals: Moscow IFF, Taipei IFF, Mannheim-Heidelberg IFF and others

    Title WILD ROSES Original title Dzikie róże Year of production 2016 Scriptwriter Anna Jadowska Director Anna Jadowska ScripTeast Edition IX Creative Advisors Jens Dahl, Peter Webber Head of Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Alter Ego Pictures, nc+, D35 supported by Polish Film Institute Sales agent Antipode Distributor – […]

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    Anna Jadowska

    Polish director and screenwriter, whose work includes feature, documentary and television films and series. Graduated in Film Directing at Łódź Film School. Took a part at Wajda School followed by Ex oriente and EAVE workshops. She started her feature film directing career with well received “DOTKNIJ MNIE”(2003) and “TERAZ JA” (2004). Member of Polish Film Academy.

    TRZY KOBIETY – Magic Hour Award at Planete+ Doc Film Festival, Warsaw 2014
    TRZY KOBIETY – Special Mention of Planete+ Doc Academy, Warsaw 2014
    TERAZ JA – Nominated for Main Award of Mannheim-Heidelberg, 2006
    TERAZ JA – Best Debut Director Award, Polish Film Festival, Gdynia 2005
    TERAZ JA – Award of TVP CEO for the Best Polish Film, CentEast – Warsaw Screenings, 2005
    DOTKNIJ MNIE – Grand Prize – Independent Film Competition- Polish Film Festival, Gdynia 2003

    Middle-aged intellectual Hugo, already suffering from post-divorce depression, sinks even further when he is forced to take care of his intrusive and patronizing father, who pretends that he has only months to live. When father and son fall in love with the same woman, Hugo becomes determined to emerge as the winner of her affections. […]

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    Katrin Maimik

    Director and screenwriter, graduated from Tartu University in Theatre Science in

    2005 and MA at the Tallinn University’s Baltic Film and Media School in scriptwriting.

    Katrin is also an author of numerous articles on film and theatre in the main newspapers and cultural journals in Estonia (Sirp, Päevaleht, Postimees, Eesti Ekspress, Teater Muusika Kino, Teatrielu, Müürileht etc).

    Selected filmography as screenwriter and director

    2014 CHERRY TOBACCO, A full-length feature, screenwriter, director and editor (co-director Andres Maimik) premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014

    2013 THE PHOTO, Short film, shoved at many festivals, * 3rd Prize – Best fiction film in the professional category at BLUE SEA Film Festival, Rauma / Finland

    Cultural Endowment of Estonia – a scholarship for a student of theatre science in Tartu University (2003)
    Cultural Endowment of Estonia – Theatre Endowment, Creative Scholarship (2007)
    Estonian Theatre Agency new drama competition 2007 – III place (drama „Magus eimidagi“)
    NisiMasa Script Competition “Taboo” 2009. Estonian winner (script „The Photo“),
    Estonian Theatre Agency ja Tallinn 2011 Foundation drama competition “Seaside stories” – among Estonian top 5 (drama “Metspart”, which was later developed into the script “The Uncle Who Looks Like Me”)

    Andres Maimik

    Andres studied at Tartu Art College and the Estonian Institute of Humanities. He graduated in 2009 from Tallinn Pedagogical University with a degree in directing documentaries. He has worked as a journalist, film director and editor, scriptwriter and copywriter.

    Selected filmography as screenwriter, director and editor:

    2014 CHERRY TOBACCO, A full-length feature, screenwriter, director and editor (co-director Katrin Maimik) premiered at Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2014

    2013-2014 WHEN THE SH*T HITS THE FAN, TV Comedy,
    2011 FARTS OF FURY, A full-length feature,

    2004 CHOOSE ORDER! Full-length documentary, FIPRESCI prize, Best Estonian Film of the Year

    2003 LIVING FORCE, Full-length documentary (co-director Jaak Kilmimi) Best Estonian Documentary Prize and FIPRESCI Best Estonian Film of the Year

    2002 AGENT WILD DUCK, Full-length feature film, Dir. Marko Raat , Best Estonian Feature Film Prize

    After many years in prison the tattoo master gets to know his adolescent son. But instead of winning his heart, he abuses him for personal revenge against his long-time rival. At the very last moment he finally realizes that his lost son is the key to his freedom. Maro, a 41-year-old inker, is released after […]

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    Agda Bavi Pain

    Author, writer, screen-play-writer.
    He has written and published prose, poetry and reviews under different pseudonyms in a variety of Slovak literary publications and newspapers (Kultúrny život, SME, Pravda, Hospodárske noviny, týždeň, Vlna, Romboid, Nota Bene, RAK, Domino fórum, Dotyky, a i.), book compilations (anthologies, Poviedka 1996, 2001, 2002, 2005, Ars Poetica 2006 a i.) both home and abroad (Európska ústava vo verši, Passauer Pegasus a i.). His works was also broadcasted on the radio (Rádio Slovensko, Devín, Regina, Twist a i.).
    He was awarded six times by the literature competition Poviedka, and also holds the prizes from the: Rubato, Jašíkove Kysuce, Wolkrova Polianka, Literárne Topoľčany etc. In the Pupet Theathre Žilina his play Pes Hugo a ukradnuté Vianoce (Dog Hugo and the Stolen hristmas); had a premiere in November 2002. At the same time his first book was published – Kosť & Koža (Bone and Skin); that he also made illustrations for.
    In October 2006 publishing house L.C.A. had published his “killer” novel Koniec sveta (End of the World) that consist of two parts: A čo keď sa na mňa niekto díva (What if someone is Watching me) and Jesoskero Nilaj; based on these there are currently ongoing preparation for film by the company ALEF (Želary, Kruté radosti). For the screenplay – the company had gained grant in the year 2002 by the Bonton Zlín. Novel was awarded also by the international award Grand Prize for Literature – Bank Austria Literaris in the year 2008 and was published in German under the title Am Ende Der Welt (2008, translated by Mirko Kraetsch).
    In the years 2004 – 2007 Agda was a member of the editorial team for the magazine Revue aktuálnej kultúry (R. of the current culture). He is the co-author and the main screenplay-writer of the cult TV show Rodinné tajomstvá (Family Secrets STV, 2005); in/on which he also participated both as an actor and as a music composer. Later, as the main screen-play-writer, he worked on the reality show: Slovensko hľadá SuperStar 2 (STV, 2005/06), Nevera po slovensky (JOJ, 2008) and other TV projects both at home and abroad (Obchod so šťastím (STV, 2008), Kriminálka Anděl (TV Nova, 2008). For the Dezorzovo Lútkové Divadlo (puppet theater) he worked on the puppet plays for the adult audience: Perún. Hrom bezbožných abo Pogrom Slávia, Mengele Show, Desperanduľa; both as the author, and as the head dramatist. Currently he is creating his works as a freelancer.
    In October 2013 the film Babie leto (Indian Summer) by Gejza Dezorz after the script by Agda Bavi Pain, Gejza Dezorz and Agda Bavi Pain´s book came in Slovak cinemas. It is an exotic and explosive mixture of rough humour, tension and action scenes, in which blood is mixed with spirits, laugh with tears and paid sex with burning love. The drama also about bizarre micro-world of criminal community, as well as relationships on the outskirts of society, combines features of film genres as

    Martin Repka

    Martin Repka is a graduate of the Film & Television Academy VSMU in Bratislava.
    He is the director, author and producer of several internationally successful and award-wining short
    films such as „Swimming“, „The last Supper“ & „Thieves“.
    His full length feature film debut „Return of the Storks“ was the Slovak National entry for the 80.
    Academy Awards. The film was co-produced by ARTE Germany, screened on over 40 Int. Festivals
    and won the Hessian Screenplay Award in 2006 and the Slovak Screenplay Award „Cena Tibora
    Vichtu“. In 2011 he joined the AMOUR FOU Vienna Team as Head of Postproduction and Production
    Manager. Currently he develops several film projects with a main focus on East – West Coproductions.
    His latest short film „Tiger Fight“ (European short pitch 2012 selection) shot in Chennai,
    India December 2012, was finished in 2013.
    | FILMOGRAPHY (selection)
    Navrát bocianov (Return of the Storks) SK/DE/CZ (Cinema/96min)
    Skryvacky (Hide & Sike) CZ (TV-Film for Czech TV/88min)
    Short films:
    Schwimmen (Swimming) – FBW-Prädikat: besonders wertvoll
    Das letzte Mahl (The last supper) – FBW-Prädikat: wertvoll
    Zlodeji (Thieves)
    Durst (Thirst)
    Von Sinnen (Five insensitive senses)
    Tiger Fight
    KERKAR / THE TATTOOIST in Development / Co-Author: Agda Bavi Pain

    In a not so distant dystopian future, Adam moves into an old apartment block and finds himself time-travelling to the 1950’s by listening to a strange radio he discovers in a closet. What starts as a hallucination or dream becomes a politically subversive reality that threatens his 2027 existence. A Noir style movie. Year 2027, […]

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    Bodo Kox

    He is a Polish happener, director, actor and screenwriter, graduated from journalism. He is considered one of the most interesting and original representatives of the Polish independent cinema. He played in many cult films of this genre (including SATURDAY NIGHT SORE and NOSEBLEED), which made him the icon of the Polish OFF cinema and brought numerous awards, including OFFscar for the role of Pablo in Nosebleed (2005) and Jury Award for Wasteland and Homo Father in the Independent Cinema Competition at 30th Gdynia Film Festival. His films are characteristic for black and often very unique humour. He directed a short film MARCO P. and the BIKE THIEVES (2005), which has been highly acclaimed at prestigious festivals and retrospectives of independent cinema.

    Bodo’s is most know for his last film THE GIRL FROM THE WARDROBE (2012), 89 min.


    An immature young man argues with his girlfriend and decides not to join her on their Christmas trip to her parents. Instead, he travels with his divorced father to visit his own family in hope of recapturing his childhood. The journey will make him question his illusions about himself and his family. Costi (30) is […]

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    Christian Gabriel Iftime

    Scriptwriter and director. Graduated from UNATC “I. L.Caragiale” Film Faculty, Bukarest – MA and BA in Film Directing.

    Selected filmography:
    2012 – writer and director – THE CAMP IN RAZOARE (short, fiction) – Cinefondation – Cannes International Film Festival, 2012 (competition), the film was shown and awarded in many festivals around the world
    2011 – co-writer and director – 15 JULY (short, fiction) – Berlinale Shorts Competition, 61th Berlin International Film Festival, 2011 and many festivals worldwide
    -2009 – writer and director – TIMI (short, fiction) 2008 – director – FOUR INSTRUMENTS (short, documentary) 2006 – director – YOU PLUS ME (short, fiction)

    Anca Buja

    BA in Screenwriting and Film Studies, Film Faculty at UNATC “I.L.Caragiale” Bucharest, MA in The Theory & Practice of Editing and Publishing, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures at University of Bucharest and BA in Romanian major and English minor, Faculty of Letters, “Babeş-Bolyai” University, Cluj-Napoca.

    Her work as a scriptwriter includes two feature scripts in development ZUR and MARITA (selected in the final of the HBO script contest, TIFF, 2012; won the postproduction award, TIFF, 2014; participated in the “Industry Days”, Locarno International Film Festival, 2014, participating in the current Romanian CNC session for funding)

    Se was also co-writer of the short fiction film 15 JULY directed by Cristi Iftime (selections: Berlinale Shorts, Gijon, Vila do Conde, Brest, Bruxelles etc.),

    Her credits include also:
    2012 – executive producer together with Gabi Suciu of the short fiction film Tabăra din Răzoare (selections: Cannes, Bilbao, Brest, Drama, Tel Aviv, Timishort etc.)
    2011 – executive producer of the short fiction film 15 July (selections: Berlinale Shorts, Gijon, Vila do Conde, Brest, Bruxelles etc.)
    2009 – executive producer of the short fiction film Timi (selections: Drama, Tel Aviv, Persona, Bieff, Alternative)
    Anca works also as translator and editor.

    A young UN lawyer in Kosovo is determined to set up a basketball team out of victimized kids from a refugee camp, but the war intervenes. Based on facts. After finishing law studies Mark (24) decides to take a chance and work for the United Nations in post-war Kosovo as a legal advisor. Barely interested […]

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    Piotr Głowacki

    Polish author, actor and director.
    Vice precident of the Polish Theatre, Film and Television Artist Association. Author and co-author of various drama, TV series, author of dialogues for tv shows as well as documentaries. Worked on films such as “Dumka” (directed by Agnieszka Holland and Katarzyna Adamik), co-author of the concept for the second series and 7th episode script of “The Deep End”.
    As a professional actor he performs in films and theatre productions on a daily basis.

    Collaborating with Studio Munk and Film Studio Tor on script development.

    Antonina Gugała

    Scriptwriter and photographer. She launched her career in the film industry in 2010 working as a freelancer for different film festivals, including the A-list Warsaw International Film Festival. In 2013 she produced a short film festival, Grand OFF World Independent Short Film Awards. Since February 2014 she is the assistant producer and second writer at Teamwork Production, an independent film production company from Warsaw. Currently she is working on three feature film projects: “Owl, the Baker’s Daughter”, dir. Grzegorz Jarzyna, “Kosovo.Sport”, dir. Jan Komasa and “Merlinka”, dir. Mladen Djordievic. In her work as scriptwriter she makes creative use of her prior experience with making photography books.

    A comedy about young passionate film director from communist Czechoslovakia who gets a date from Federico Fellini to film an interview with him in Rome in 1989 for his film profile. Will he be able to persuade the communist film studio leadership and overcome the indifference of the crew to film his dream project? 90 […]

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    Matej Minac

    Director, producer, writer.
    Graduated in film directing at the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava

    Selected projects:
    NICKY´S FAMILY (2011) – full-length documentary
    the film has received so far 37 prestigious prizes worldwide including Best Documentary – Montreal World Film Festival 2011, Canada; Forum for the Preservation of Audio-Visual Memory Award, Jerusalem Film Festival 2011, Israel; Audience Award – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2011, Czech Republic; Shores Audience Award for the Best Documentary – UK Jewish Film Festival, 2011; PRIX ITALIA´S special signis award 2012 – Prix Italia 2012 – Torino, Italy; FIAT/IFTA Archive Achievement AWARD for best use of archive, British Film Institute, London 2012

    NICHOLAS WINTON – THE POWER OF GOOD documentary film
    Fifteen Awards including: Winner of 2002 International EMMY Award for outstanding documentary program; nominee for the 2006 news and documentary EMMY Award representing HBO/CINEMAX
    2006 Christopher AWARD – New York ;2008 Czech Lion – Best Czech Documentary for the last 15 year for film that affirms the highest values of the human spirit ;“Special Mention” at the 19th Troia Int´l Film Festival (Portugal)

    ALL MY LOVED ONES feature film, Czech/Polish/Slovak/German cooproduction,

    14 PRIZES including: XVI; Troia International Film Festival – Portugal – Jury Prize; Grand Prix – International Film Festival Sedona(USA); Annual Czech Film Prize (Czech Lion) for Jiri Bartoska for the best supporting actor (Czech Rep); Nortel International Palm Springs Film festival – USA

    Logline: A former political prisoner and his torturer confront each other at the Glebe, which is the mysterious ancient burial place where everything started, to conclude their unfinished business. Synopsis: An ancient burial place called Glebe is the home of many generations of hunters amongst whom Barbu is the last. As a child in the […]

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    Ioan Antoci (Romania)

    Once, I dreamed God playing piano. He told me: choose the music and you’ll be adored or follow Me and you’ll enjoy a good life. I want to be like You, I replied. Well, make a movie then.
    I wrote JAPANESE DOG and, soon after that, I discovered both hell and heaven. And from that point on, I have been happy. This is the short version of my life.
    Former music student and theologian, forever movie lover. Honored with Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award presented at Cannes Film Festival in 2009. Today, „god” of my imaginary worlds.
    Meanwhile, I’m here with another script, Glebe. Somewhere, in the back, God is still playing piano. He looks happy.

    2013 – Câinele Japonez/The Japanese Dog, feature film directed by Tudor Cristian Jurgiu and produced by Libra Film; Official Selection New Directors of San Sebastian International Film Festival, Spain; IFF Warsaw, Poland; IFF Mumbai, India; IFF Vilnius, Lithuania and others

    2013 – Edited life, selected in Film Teep workshop, 2014, Bucharest, Romania;
    2012 – Time of impostors, adaptation after Viorel Savin novel „The Impostor”;
    2011 – Otherworld, written after an idea of Robert L. Jones;
    2010 – Raish, co-written with Robert L. Jones; selected in Film Teep 2013;
    2009 – Mario, Maria, Marinel, co-writen with Violeta Gorgos;
    2009 – Superbstar, selected in Cinelabs, IIFF, Iaşi, Romania;

    A neo-Nazi group is terrorizing Hungarian Roma families. We follow three interweaving stories of a gypsy orphan, an abused teenager, and a crime photographer, as the events impact on their lives. HANNA Hanna is 35. Middle class, successful solicitor. She has been married to Péter, a photographer for five years. They have everything, apart from […]

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    Dorka Gergely

    Graduated from University of Theatre and Film Arts, Budapest.
    Since 2010 she has worked for several Hungarian TV companies and on short films as a screenwriter and story liner. Co-founder of the Kid’s Eye Art Association, a children video making group that mainly operates in childcare institutions. Besides diving into a variety of texts she works as a photographer and video artist. Her recent audio-visual projects include a contemporary circus production and a careers master adventure game for young people.

    Árpád Bogdán

    Scriptwriter and director.
    Arpad started working as an actor and stage director in various theatres during his college years. He has organised creative forums for disadvantaged children using various aspects of theatre, film and literature. His directorial debut, HAPPY NEW LIFE (2007) premiered at Berlin International Film Festival in Panorama was internationally acclaimed and received various awards. He is currently developing three feature films: GENESIS, THE NECROMANCER and IKAROS.

    Selected films:
    2003 BEAT AND NOTION, short, 60 min.
    2005 DUSK, short, 60 min.
    2007 HAPPY NEW LIFE, feature, 84 min.
    2008 DENIED (BBC), documentary, 30 min.
    2009 MURDERS, documentary, 60 min.

    57th Berlinale, Special Mention, Panorama section
    38th Hungarian Film Week: Sándor Simó Award (for First fFilm), Best Original Soundtrack, Best Producers, Student Jury Special Prize, Student Jury Best Soundtrack
    13th Cinéma tout écran – Ghent – Reflet d’Or – Best Director
    Moveast International Film Festival Pécs – Unique Visual World
    Film Critics’ Award – Best New Director

    After years living in Denmark, AGA, a young Inuit woman, is called home to Greenland to deal with her mother’s illness. Her parents, SEDNA and NANOOK, are traditionalists, living off of the land, struggling against the changes brought by “civilization”. AGA tries to convince her mother to return with her to Copenhagen, but comes into […]

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    Milko Lazarow

    Director, scriptwriter.
    He graduated at the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts |NATFA| in Sofia.
    He is an executive producer and director of Bulgarian National Television’s most successful
    BBC projects THE GREAT BULGARIANS and THE BIG READ. He used to be a lecturer in NATFA’s film department „Experimental filmmaking and inscenation”. He participated in many public discussions regarding the Cultural life of Bulgaria.
    ALIENATION was his first feature film. It premiered in Venice, ’70 in the Official Selection of Venice Days and won two prizes, Special mention from Europa Cinemas Label and Best
    young director from FEDEORA. Since then film was shown at many festivals and received numerous awards.
    Project NANOOK, was presented for the first time during 11th edition of Sofia Meetings and
    received two prizes: the Synchro Film Special Mention for a title in the Second Films Projects section, worth €5,000 in post-production services, and the Mediterranean Film Institute
    scholarship. Due to the success of Sofia Meetings “NANOOK” was invited to be presented at MOSCOW BUSINESS SQUARE 2014 and also at CineLink.

    Simeon Ventsislavov

    Screenwriter and director. Studied at NATFA National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Dramaturgy, Bachelor’s degree (forthcoming graduation). Attended the “Master Class” of: Milko Manchevski, Istvan Szabo, Carlos Saura, Edward Albee, Jiri Menzel, Cristian Mungiu; CineLink Project Development Workshop, Slano, Croatia; MFI Script 2 Film Workshop, Greece and other workshops to develop writing skills.

    Selected projects:

    2014 – “Nanook” feature movie – co-writer – pre-production – The Project won two awards in Sofia Meetings 2014 and was part of Moscow Business Square, CineLink and MFI Script 2 Film Workshop.
    2014 – “Birthday” short movie – screenwriter – selected for Krakow Student Film Festival and “Golden Rose” Bulgaria.
    2010 – “Slogan” short movie – Forum Honoris Causa Award for screenplay – co-writer