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  • Title Aurora Borealis Original title Aurora Borealis (Bosn in Viena) Year of production 2017 Country Hungary Scriptwriter Márta Mészáros, Jancsó Zoltán, Pataki Éva Director Márta Mészáros ScripTeast Edition VIII Creative Advisors Antonio Saura, Eran Korilin Head of Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski  ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / FilmTeam, Nordic Productions (Lithuania, Latvia), Sales […]

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    Born on 25th February 1957 in Bucharest. Graduated in 1975 from the Madách Imre High School in Budapest.

    Between 1975-1977 he was working as an unqualified programmer at the Számítástechnikai & Ügyvitelszervezési Vállalatnál (SZÜV).

    On the summer of 1980 he left Hungary with his ambition of becoming a photographer and 80 coloured slides. In 1981 he applied and received a political asylum in France.

    Between 1982-1985 Zoltan attended the Ecole Nationale de la Photographiein in Arles.

    Between 1987-1990 he was painting, writing, doing experimental filmmaking and photography in Hamburg. While, working as a chef in the Rexrodt, a so-called „nouvelle cuisine” restaurant.

    In 1990 Zoltan moved back to Hungary with his family.

    Between 1990-1998 he was working as a camera-man, a director, screenwriter, actor, producer on numerous documentaries and major motion pictures.

    Between 1998-2001 he worked for the RTL Klub as a Promotional Director.

    Between 2001-2003 he worked for TV2 as a Promotional and Artistic Director.

    Between 2003-2009 he worked for MTV as Artistic Director.

    Between 2009-2010 he worked for the Ozone Network and Life Network channels as an Artistic Director.

    Since March 2012 Zoltan produce trailers as a freelancer.

    He is writing mainly poems and novels since he was 16, however he started to write on a daily basis in the last 3 years. At the moment he is working on his first fictional novel.


    Title Ministry of Love Original title Ministarstvo ljubavi Year of production 2016 Country Croatia Scriptwriter Pavo Marinkovic Director Pavo Marinkovic ScripTeast Edition VIII Creative Advisors Eran Kolirin Neasa Hardiman Head od Studies Christian Routh K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / 8Heads Productions, Hrvatska Radiotelevizija (HRT), Telefilm The film is supported by Eurimages, […]

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    Pavo Marinković

    He was born in Zagreb, Croatia in 1967, graduating Dramaturgy at the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Zagreb. His first dramatic works appear in the early nineties. His theatre plays, performed in Croatia and abroad, have garnered numerous awards (5 times «Marin Držić Award» winner). He has worked for the Drama Department of the Croatian Television from 1996 to 2005, supervising scriptwriting on some twenty long and medium-length features, and several miniseries.

    In 2006 together with Dražen Žarković, he co-directed the film «Trešeta»/ (Tressette – a Story of an Island») which had international premiere at 55th International Film Festival Mannheim-Heidelberg. Marinković was also the script writer. The film won 6 international and 2 domestic awards and has been screened on more then 30 international festivals.

    In 2009 Marinković has written and directed a feature “Ljubavni život domobrana“ (“Love Life of a Gentle Coward“) as an independent project for the producer Alka film. This is the first feature he directed alone. It was premierly shown on Pula Film Festival where it won 3 Golden Arenas (Best main actress, Best editing, Best production design). It was also shown on lot of international festivals.

    He recently finished a feature documentary “Occupation, the 27th Picture“ – the Czech-Croatian international coproduction. World Premiere was on International Film Festival Karlovy Vary in June 2013 and it was the opening film of Documentary Program on Sarajevo FF.

    Pavo Marinković is currently living in Bucharest, Vienna and Zagreb.

    Title KINGS’ SHIFT Original title Karaliu pamaina Year of production 2016 Country Lithuania Scriptwriter Ignas Miskinis, Saulius Drunga Director Ignas Miskinis ScripTeast Edition VIII Creative Advisors Antonio Saura Marc Baschet Head of Studies Christian Routh K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / TREMORA (Lithuania), FILM ANGELS PRODUCTIONS (Latvia), financed by Lituanian Film Centre, […]

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    Ignas Miškinis

    Born in 1978. In 2003 he obtained master degree in TV directing at Lithuanian Academy of Music and Theatre. In the same year Ignas made a debut short “EASILY AND SWEETLY” (Roterdam FF, Melbourne FF, Kurz Film Hamburg, Cottbus FF, Interfilm Berlin, Asiana FF (Seoul)). In 2006 wrote and directed his first low budget, controversial but successfully released in Lithuania feature “DIRINGAS”. In 2009 he created his second feature, an urban road movie “LOW LIGHTS”. The film was made in coproduction with Germany and released in both countries (“Silver Crane” as the best Lithuanian film of 2009, World premiere – Karlovt Vary FF, “East of the West” competition, Warsaw FF, Kinoshok FF, Hamburg FF, Busan FF, Nordic FF Lubeck, Sevillia Europien FF, Leeds FF, Brussels FF, Cottbus FF, Rome FF, Jekaterinburg FF – „Best film award“). At the moment he is developing his next feature “Kings’ Shift”.

    Saulius Drunga

    Born in 1972. Self-taught cinema dramaturge and filmmaker. Worked with Lithuanian underground filmmakers (as co-writer and consultant). In 2005 one of his screenplays made a good impression on well-known European script editor David Wingate, who recommended author to SOURCES 2 Script Development Workshop, which takes place in Potsdam/Germany. There was developed “Anarchy in Žirmūnai” screenplay – winner of MEDIA New Talent Award at Cannes Film Festival in 2007. The same year Saulius Drunga became gainer of Debut of the Year Prize founded by Lithuanian Cultural Department. Another Drunga’s screenplay “Laura and The Movies” was developed through script development workshop SCRIPTEAST (2008- 2009) with such script consultants as Andrew Birkin, Gordon Hoffman, Miguel Machalski and Christian Routh. His debut film “Anarchy in Žirmūnai” from award winning script reached cinema theatres in September of 2010, became most controversial film debut in Lithuania, got nomination for Best Film in annual Lithuanian film awards and was successfully sold abroad. In 2011 film won Best “Perspectives” Competition Film award at International Moscow Film Festival. Currently Drunga works on some film and TV projects.

    Damjan (18) is a transgender boy, who was born a girl and named Vesna, but he has always felt like a boy. To others he might be “different”, but he likes to think of himself as “just an ordinary guy”. When he turns 18 he officially changes his female name to a male name Damjan […]

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    Suzana Tratnik

    Born in 1963 in Slovenia. She obtained her BA in sociology from the Faculty of Social Sciences at the University of Ljubljana, and her MA in gender anthropology from the Institutum Studiorum Humanitatis in Ljubljana, where she lives and works as a writer, translator, publicist and a Lesbian and Gay Film Festival organizer. She has published six collections of short stories, two novels, a children’s picture book, monodrama Ime mi je Damjan (My Name is Damjan, 2002), a radio play, two expertises: one on the lesbian movement in Slovenia, and another on lesbian literature. Recently she published memoirs about her lesbian activism and a collection of socio-political essays. She received the national “Prešeren Foundation Award” for Literature in 2007. Her books and short stories have been translated in about twenty languages, while she herself has translated several books of British and American fiction, non-fiction, and plays, including works from authors such as Judith Butler, Adrienne Rich, Leslie Feinberg, Michael Cunningham, Jackie Kay, Mary Dorcey, Katy Watson, Ian McEwan, Dennis Cooper, Helen Zahavi, Jeanette Winterson, and Truman Capote.

    Maja Weiss

    Director , screenwriter, producer. She is the first Slovenian female film director to direct a full-length fiction film – Guardian Of The Frontier. Among other awards, her film received the Manfred Salzgeber award for the most innovative European film at the 2002 Berlinale (Panorama). It was also officially nominated for the EFA’ Discovery award 2002. Two more feature films followed: Installation Of Love (2007, Jury Prize at Trieste Film Festival) and Hidden Memory Of Angela Vode (2009, nominated for best TV fiction at Prix Europa).

    Her documentaries were shown on IDFA -Amsterdam and worldwide. All her films incuding short fictions were shown over 300 festivals and have got 40 awards. She is member of EFA. Co-founder od BELA FILM and director of Zavod Maja Weiss.

    My Friend Boeing is a story about a divorced conservative middle aged professor of literature DRAGO, who get new neighbours – Chinese workers. He is against foreigners and especially against communists. His personal life is also a mess. Drago is separated for 5 years from his wife and don’t want to sign divorce papers. He […]

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    Matevž Luzar

    One of Slovenia’s most talented young directors. He graduated from film school with the acclaimed short film WOLFY (Vučko) which was nominated for Student Academy Award in the 35th Annual Student Academy Awards competition. In addition, it won the Grand Prix at the 30th Montpellier International Festival of Mediterranean Film, was selected for official competition for the Leopards of Tomorrow award for Best Newcomer at the Locarno International Film Festival, and won the Vesna award for Best Actor at the 11th Slovenian Film Festival.

    Matevž was born in 1981 in Zagorje ob Savi, Slovenia.

    He studied theology at University of Ljubljana and film directing at AGRFT in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Since 2006 he has worked as a screenwriter and director. Several of his scripts have won awards.

    In 2013 he finished his first feature film GOOD TO GO (Srečen za umret) as writer & director.

    Pogo, 11, comes into his sordid apartment in BUCHAREST, with a large bag full of clean clothes. While he is pinning the clothes on the line to dry he is filming different details with his cell phone. He hears swearing from the living room. He turns and sees a hanging man, his father. He stops […]

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    Andreea Valean

    Writer, play writer, director, producer. Graduated with MA of the University of Bucharest, Department for Sociology, Psychology and Pedagogy and BA at Department of Theater Directing.
    Written by Andrea short “17 minutes late” was shown at Cannes Film Festival 2002 and two years later, her next short “Traffic” won Palm d’Or at Cannes Film Festival.

    Works a lot as a director for a theatre in Romania and abroad. Among plays she has directed are “Green Hours”, “The Last Game of Taroc” (also wrote) “Rosia Montana”, “Don’t Cry We’ll All Meet on The Other Side”.
    She is scriptwriter and associate producer of the movie “The Way I Spent the End of the Word”, Cannes Film Festival, Une Certain Regard, the Best Actor Award (2006).

    Based on Andrea’s play, co-written by her “If I Want to Whistle, I Whistle” directed by Florin Serban won Silver Bear in Berlin Film Festival (2010) Currently working on directing the film “Don’t Cry We’ll All Meet on The Other Side” (preproduction) and directing and producing the play “Sold Jews” at the Odeon Theater in Bucharest.

    Tomek and Kasia have just arrived in Bali, Indonesia, for romantic holiday on the third anniversary of their wedding. They are staying in a luxurious hotel in Nusa Dua, celebratind third anniversary of their marriage. Soon Tomek gets bored with the artificial paradise for tourists. He is looking for something exciting and “real”. When he […]

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    Paweł Ferdek

    Born in 1977 in Poland is one of Poland’s most talented and original director and screenwriter. His documentary films was screened at festivals around the world, his fiction debut (as a screenwriter) was acclaimed by critics and audience as the freshest film of recent years in Poland.

    Ferdek graduated from European film program EKRAN in Andrzej Wajda Master School, Warsaw University’s Institute of International Relations and Academy of GARDZIENICE Theatre Company (work based on Jerzy Grotowski’s method). He also studyied in Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School in Los Angeles. Ferdek shot documentary films in Poland, Israel, Palestine, Kyrgyzstan, China, USA. With his “Glass Trap” nominated for an EFA Award, he is a member of European Film Academy. He wrote an acclaimed script for feature fiction film “Ki” -it was selected for the Venice Film Festival 2011, won an Award as Best Polish Film at Off Plus Camera festival in Krakow, was distributed in cinemas in Poland and France. He is working for cinema and TV. His films was broadcasted in TVP, TVN, Canal +, Planete, ARTE.

    He’s also a traveller and photographer. In 2004 he bought an old motorbike in Himalaya and drove back to Poland without documents and cash. In 2008 he lived 3 months in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea with local tribes.

    Arkadiusz Milcarz

    Traveler, musician, poet, scripts – writer. In the 90’s – the songwriter and frontman of grid punk band called Alchemik Sendivius. Documentary – maker . He has made films like “Yage”, “Equador 12/12”, “Rejs na Kongo”, “Bair Batar – ktoś kto musi robić”, “Tibiarze”, “Europa ma zegarki, Afryka ma czas” that were show in several Polish TV stations, for example in TVP1, TVN, 4FUN TV. His travel articles have been published in several Polish travel magazines like Extremium, Poznaj Świat and also in Gazeta Wyborcza. In 2009 his scenario “Agung” (which was written together with Paweł Ferdek) was awarded in international festival for scripts – writers – Międzynarodowy Festiwal Scenarzystów INTERSCENARIO in Wrocław.

    In 1998 he made his debut as a traveler co – organizing a three- month expedition to the Ecuadorian jungle. In 2005 he was awarded in one of the biggest Polish travel festival KOLOSY. An Integral part of this trip was a research project carried out by the dr A. Penkala from academic scientific association of Adam Mickiewicz University of Poznań. Summary of these studies was a book written by dr. A. Penkala, which published part of Arun’s travel diary. Since then, the traveler has visited Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Madagascar where he worked and lived with the locals.

    He is currently writing a book.

    Your home. Your marriage. Your child. How much can you lose to find yourself? Monika runs away in secret from her husband to the United Kingdom, leaving her 10-year-old son, Franek, in Poland. She loves her son very much and tries desperately to stay in contact with him. She starts working for a haughty, wealthy, […]

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    Agnieszka Trzos

    Director, screenwriter, producer. She graduated from Warsaw University where she studied Journalism. Next she took up film studies at Film School in Lodz, graduating in 2000. Since 1995 she regularly worked for Polish public television, where she made a number of reportages and tv documentaries. Among them very well received by critics and repeatedly aired in public tv Complaint (2000) and Witches (2001) shown at many festivals and public screenings. In 2005 she made her feature debut The Tower. The film was released in Polish cinemas in 2007. Since then she directed a few drama series for television. A founder of Akili Film Production Ltd; a participant of European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs /EAVE/ and Polish Film Association.

    Jarosław Kamiński

    Writer, playwright, screenwriter. Kamiński’s novel Rozwiązła was published in 2012 by W.A.B publishing house, making it to Polish bookselling chain Empik’s bestseller list. Polish Radio’s Third Programme, the literary magazine Książka and the online portal all named it as one of 2012’s most important literary events. Kamiński’s latest novel Vivarium is planned to be in bookstores in 2014.

    Kamiński was a co-writer of the 3rd season of HBO’s serial Without Secrets (directed by Agnieszka Holland and Kasia Adamik). He is co-writer of Rafael Lewandowski’s new film project On The Better Side Of The World. In 2011, the German film Nachmieter (director Marc Metzger) – which he co-wrote – premiered at the Max Ophüls Preis Festival in Saarbrucken. Kamiński is also a co-creator of the idea behind the serial The Residence (Polish Television TVP 1) Writing as the Reverend Kamiński, he published a collection of radical essay- sermons entitled Don’t Let Them Bamboozle You (the first Polish e-book to be sold online).

    Kamiński’s plays have been published, staged and won awards in many Polish theatres.

    Three teenagers are making an amateur video. They are having fun, filming people on the street and joking with them. Suddenly the teenagers enter a bank where they brutally eliminate the security guard and take his gun. They force the clerk to set off the alarm. While they wait for the police and the media […]

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    Valeri Yordanov

    A graduate of the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts. Valeri Yordanov has been recognized as one of the most popular Bulgarian actors in theater, film and TV.

    Since 2009 he has also added a film writer and director credit to his successful career. He wrote and co-directed the feature film “Sneakers”, which premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2011, and won Special Jury mention as well as the Award for Best Feature of the Federation of “Russian Cinema Clubs”. The film was also in Competition at Karlovy Vary Film Festival and Mannheim International Film Festival in 2011. It won special jury award at the Golden Rose Film Festival in Bulgaria in 2011. It was an audience success in the country and was one of the 45 films selected for the European Academy Awards of 2012. The film was elected as the Bulgarian Oscar entry for 2012. Valeri is also the author of the carrier of three- nomination for Askeer theater play “The Wild Ones”.

    As an actor he has won three times “Best young actor” and three times “Best main role” awards. In 2005 he received the Special Award by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture as recognition for “popularizing and development of Bulgarian culture”. In 2013 he starred in the feature film “Love, Faith, and Whiskey.” “Call me Shakespeare” is his second feature film as a writer and director.

    “If you want to tell the truth, honesty is not enough.” Olga, a successful, workaholic lawyer from Vienna, discovers a family secret so dark that it makes her question her whole life. She begins to search for answers, but her elderly mother, Maria, has done everything she can to hide the truth. After hearing some […]

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    Éva Pataki

    Screenwriter, playwright, writer of novels. Éva Pataki has been working closely together with director Márta Mészáros for more than 30 years and she has been co-screenwriter of many award-winning features directed by Mészáros. Graduated from Eötvös Loránd University, Budapest in 1977 and later studied journalism and screenwriting, Pataki has worked with several other film and TV directors as well throughout her career, and also ventured successfully into documentary directing. After working for Budapest Filmstúdió and MAFILM, Pataki has been an independent writer in the past 20 years becoming known also as an apt playwright with plays successful internationally. Fluent speaker of English and Russian, Pataki has been publishing successful novels in various genres since 2003.

    Receiver of the Béla Balázs Prize and the Tolerance Award.

    Márta Mészáros

    Born in 1934 in Budapest. Between 1935 and 1946 she lived in the Soviet Union. Her father, László Mészáros, a sculptor, who emigrated there, fell victim to Stalin’s cleansing. After graduating from the Union State Film School in Moscow in 1956, she made documentary films in the Bucharest Alexandru Sahia Studio until 1958, and then worked for the Hungarian Film Production Company until 1968 as a short-film director. She has been making feature films since 1968. Her Diary-series are auto- biographically inspired, The Diary for my Children was banned for two years. Since 1992 she has been managing director of the Nagy Imre Association. Awards: Balázs Béla Award (1977), Merited Artist of Hungary Award (1985), National Trade Union Council’s Award (1989), Kossuth Prize (1990), Imre Nagy Memorial Plaque (1995), Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic: Officer’s Cross (1996), Master of the Hungarian Motion Picture (2003).

    ‘Merican Chick tells the story of Ema growing up in a circus family in the States in the early 80’s. Her family of tightrope walkers is lead by her loving father Mirek. The thirteen year old Ema thrives in the environment with free rules between performances and practice. For Ema it’s paradise. Her mother Olga […]

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    Evita Naušová

    Writer, a graduate of FAMU Prague – Film Academy of Performing Arts (Master’s Degree, 2000). Author of ALONG THE LEDGE TO THE WINDOW/ PO ŘÍMSE AŽ K OKNU (1997) and SCARS/ JIZVY (2007) – the book was published in the highly intellectually prestigious publishing house Paseka. WrittenbyEvitaMOTHERŚ LIFE/MAMÁJA(2010),afeaturefilmscreenplay, was awarded with RWE, GRANT FOUNDATION RWE BARRANDOV. Another script she wrote is based on her novel SCARS (2013). The screenplay is in development phase in the creative group lead by Jan Stern and Petr Jarchovsky in Czech Television. The film is to be directed by Bohdan Sláma. Awarded with RWE, GRANT FOUNDATION RWE BARRANDOV. Currently, Evita works on a TV screenplay – ALL FOR THE FAMILY/ VŠE PRO RODINU. The project is in development in the creative group lead by Jan Stern and Petr Jarchovsky in Czech Television.

    Viktor Tauš

    Nursed by 35mm and VHS, director/producer Viktor grew to desire to create both artistically compelling and commercially successful films. “My Detox”- “the most significant debut of post communist decade” by critics; “The Great Thaw” – so far seen by over 6% of the Czech nation-theaters only; international co-production “Clownwise”, currently in cinemas, which combines the experiences.

    Proud member of what Cahiers du Cinema calls the do-it-yourself generation Viktor also produces films by filmmakers he admires. Award winning film by Zuzana Liova, “House” and “Honeymoon” directed by the Academy Award nominated director Jan Hrebejk.

    Viktor is currently producing “The Red Captain”, new film to be directed by his fellow director and partner in Fog’n’Desire Films Michal Kollar.