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  • After many years, two high school ex-lovers, attempt to reignite their old flame on a Viking Line cruise. In spite of their differing circumstances, they both feel this may be the last train to true romance.Viking Line Story is the story of two misfits on a journey through the Scandinavian maritime landscape. The events that […]

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    Xandra Popescu

    Screenwriter, artist and curator. She holds an MA in Dramatic Writing from the National Theater and Film University in Bucharest and has a background in Political Science. Currently, Xandra is directing her first film within the framework of Aristoteles Workshop dedicated to creative documentary. The film tells the story a young metro-sexual throughout his struggles to escape his small village and become a famous hairstylist.
    Viking Line Story co-written with Stefan Constantinescu is delevoped with the support of the Swedish Film Institute, to be co produced by Hi Film in Bucharest and ATMO in Stockholm.

    Selected filmography:
    2011 Six Big Fish – short film script co-written with Stefan Constantinescu, in production, supported by the Swedish Film Institute and the Malmö Konstmuseum, co-produced by Hi Film in Bucharest and ATMO in Stockholm
    2011 Family Dinner – short film script co-written with Stefan Constantinescu, produced by ATMO Stockholm, selected for the 51’st Critic’s Week in Cannes
    2010 Don`t be Afraid! – feature film script, manuscript
    2010 The Sexual Lives of our Parents – documentary film script, realized at the National Theatre and Film University in Bucharest, Romania
    2008 Squat Soap – directed by Geanina Carbunariu staged at the Teatrul Foarte Mic in Bucharest

    Between Tanzania of the past and Europe in the present women searching for freedom, liberation, and a path to forgiveness.Vera lives a lonely life in Paris. She is a singer of jazz and pop music. She goes back to her lonely house as she does every night, searching for her lover who is on Skype. […]

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    Wiktoria Szymańska

    Painter, visual artist and film director of Polish origin. Lives and works between London and Paris.She moved from the world of visual arts into filmmaking, where she aims to create a very specific connection between art, the world of signs, poetry and moving image.

    Through her innovative approach towards filmmaking, she manages to create intimate and tangible insights into life and creation of her characters. She works on the formats 8mm and 16mm, which give her films specific climax and colour of nostalgia.

    Her latest film “Themerson and Themerson”, made for ARTE Lucarne, has been celebrated around the world and in 2012 was announced the best documentary about art.

    Behind the very strong aesthetics, there is always a purpose of making a particular film. Her documentary work explores the world of so called “different”, and aims to change their fate in the society. In fairytale-like “Artur. Happiness hides behind little things” she gives a rejected homeless genius a chance to live his dream life and go to university. In “Kingdom of Idiots” Wiktoria encourages to see those who we refuse to see as equals, the mentally disabled people, who she portrays through the prism of their art.

    Bulgaria, 1984. Behind the Iron Curtain, there was a Communism, but young Stan wants to know more about sex. So, he falls in love in an Idol – “Angelica in chain”. When Stan meets real Angelica he understands that only true love could save her.Bulgaria 1984. Behind the Iron curtain, Stan (12), a member of […]

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    Stephan Komandarev

    Director, producer and scriptwriter. Member of the Bulgarian Film Directors’ Association.Graduated from the Medical Academy in Sofia and completed a degree in Film & TV directing at the New Bulgarian University.
    His feature debut DOG’S HOME premiered at the Berlinale’s Forum in 2001, while his second fiction feature THE WORLD IS BIG AND SALVATION LURKS AROUND THE CORNER won over 35 festival prizes and was shortlisted for the Best Foreign Language Film Oscar in 2009. Stephan has also directed and produced several documentaries including Alphabet Of Hope, THE TOWN OF BADANTE WOMEN and HOME FOR SOMEONE ELSE.October 14th 2012 Stefan starts shooting his next feature project THE JUDGEMENT ( developed with ScripTeast and the Mediterranean Film Institute in 2009-2010. The film is a Bulgarian-German-Macedonian co-oprodution supported by the Bulgarian National Film Centre, Macedonian Film Fund, Bulgarian National TV, MDM German Film Fund and EURIMAGES.

    Emil Spahiyski

    Journalist, writer. MA in Journalism from the Sofia University ‘St.Kliment Ohridsky’Consultant and scriptwriter of several documentaries at the Military Film Studio. Producer and scriptwriter of pilot reality TV formats: Game of dreams and Miraculously.His journalist experience include being political observer for “Trud” Daily, Executive Director, ‘Sega’ Daily, Editor-in-chief of Magazines:’FHM’, ‘Golf&Spa’, ‘Egoiste’, ‘For Men’.Professional experience as scriptwriter:
    Stolichani v poveche – TV series(first and second season), BTV
    Metropolis – scriptwriter and editor;
    Survivor – II i III scriptwriter and editor;
    I dreamed Europe – author and scriptwriter

    Chernorizets Hrabar Award of the Union of Bulgarian Publishers
    Panitza Award for reflection of the war in Kosovo in 1999

    Two women connected by one baby and one accident. Two women separated by hatred, guilt and anger. Two women facing each other and ready to fight till the end.Irena (24) is a woman from a small mining town in Eastern Bulgaria. Together with her husband Sasho (33), her mother, sister, the sister’s husband and their […]

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    Nadejda Koseva

    Director, writer, producer. Graduated from National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts, Sofia, MA in Film Directing. NIPKOW program fellowship holder and completed course in Film producing at Netherlands’s Film and Television Academy Amsterdam.Selected filmography:2011 Take Two – director – 27 min. 35mm, fiction
    Festivals & Awards: Sarajevo IFF ’11 (Special Jury Mention), Warsaw IFF, Sofia IFF, Vilnius IFF

    2009 OMELETTE – director – short
    Festivals & Awards: Sundance Film Festival ’09 (Special Jury Mention); Exprecions el Corto 09 (best short directed by a female); Romanian International Film Festival ‘09 (best short film), Brussels short film festival 09, Huesca SFF 09 ; Sarajevo FF 09, Lunafest 09, Sundance art house project 09, Cancun Riviera Maya IFF 09, Mexico, VILLAGES IN SHORT of MoliseCinema FF, Italy 2009, FESTIVAL INTERNACIONAL DE CINE DE CANCÚN RIVIERA MAYA 2009; Bred Film Festival 09, The Netherlands, Nashville Film Festival 09, USA; Brussels Short Film Festival and others

    2005 THE RITUAL a part of an omnibus film LOST AND FOUND – six episodes about the topic “generation” made by six young filmmakers from Eastern Europe: S. Arsenijevic, N.Koseva, M. Laas, K. Mundruczó, C. Mungiu, J. Zbanich.
 World Sales: Bavaria

    2007 Waltzes And Tangos From The Village Of Whitewater – producer – 30 min, 35 mm, fiction
    Festivals & Awards: Locarno IFF ’07, Sofia IFF ’07, Cottbus IFF ’07, Special Jury Prize Festival Int. Cinema Mediterranean, Montpelier ‘08, Best Debut Film ’07 by Bulgarian National Film Center

    Bojan Vuletić

    BA in film and TV directing at The Faculty of Drama Arts in Belgrade. For several years he worked at B92 TV, where he directed most prominent documentary films and series. He was an assistant director in production of several feature films and TV series as The TRAP by Srdan Golubović, The Cordon by Goran Marković, Lost and Found – omnibus film. As a co-writer, he has collaborated with Stefan Arsenijević on the feature omnibus Lost and Found (story Fabulous Vera) and Love and Other Crimes, for which he was two times granted a best script award at the national festivals. His first feature film Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying had World premiere at Karlovy Vary Film Festival in East-West competition. He is Member of Serbian Union of Film Artists.Selected filmography:2011 Practical Guide to Belgrade with Singing and Crying (director and writer)
    Festiwals & Awards: Karlovy Vary, East-West competition, Pula Film Festival – Fedeora Critic Award, Cinema City Film Festival – Fipresci Award, Hercegnovski Film Festival – Special Jury Award, Vrnjaka Banja Film Festival – Best Script Award

    2008 Love and Other Crimes (writer)
    Festiwals & Awards: Berlinale – Panorama, Sopot Film Festival – Best Script Award, Vrnjaka Banja Film Festival – Best Script Award

    2006 My Heart and I (director and writer – short fiction)
    Sarajevo Film Festival, competition

    “The Soldier” is a Second World War story about Vorobyov, a minor KGB officer, who for the first time in his life enjoys some power. His prisoner is a general! Vorobyov would very much like to be someone, but humiliation of the general does not make him any greater. The general still dies like a […]

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    Mart Kivastik

    Acknowledged Estonian writer, scriptwriter and film director. His first short story was published in the literary magazine Vikerkaar in July 1987. Since then Mart Kivastik has published stories and articles on literature, theatre and films in the magazines and in the newspapers.
    Books published include: Tomorrow, Sparrow, Love stories, President’s children, The Portrait of a Freezing Artist to name a few.
    Film credits as a scriptwriter unclude full-lenght Firewate, Taarka and a number of short films. Mart Kivastik is also a playwright, whose plays have been stages all over Estonia and abroad.His last feature A Friend of Mine was developed with ScripTeast and was a box office success in Estonia ant screened at numerous international film festivals.

    Member of the Estonian Writers Society and FIPRESCI.

    Awards: Prize for the best play from Estonian Culture Foundation (2000 and 2005); Friedebert Tuglas prize for short story (1999), Ed. Vilde literature prize (2005), Lääne-Virumaa literature prize (2007), Baltic Theatre Festival prize for the play Hellish Stuff (2006).

    A passive teenage kid versus active parents. They want him to survive in the era of the rat race, so they send him on a holiday… Back to the socialism.Adam (16) is EMO addicted to Internet, perpetually suffering and feeling as the most unhappy creature on Earth. In fact he is not that unfortunate, he […]

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    Katarína Uhrová

    Graduated from both culture management and scriptwriting. Worked as a fundraiser, participated on number of culture projects, co-founded and organized the student film club. Colaborated on several short animations and one feature film. Since 2008 has worked for several Slovak TV companies as a scriptwriter, story liner and story developer. Currently focused on writing her first feature film script Retro Paradise.

    A harrowing story that follows the wanderings of a boy abandoned by his parents during World War II. The Painted Bird is a dark masterpiece that examines the proximity of terror and savagery to innocence and love. Screenplay is based on the first, and the most famous, world best-selling novel by one of the most […]

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    Václav Marhoul

    Screenwriter, director, actor, producer.

    After graduating from FAMU in 1984, initially started as a production assistant and later as deputy head of production at Barrandov Film Studios. After the Velvet Revolution was for seven years CEO of Barrandov Film Studios.

    He is a Member of the Board and the Presidium of Czech Academy of Film & Television Arts.

    Selected filmography:
    2008 – Tobruk (scriptwriter, producer, director)
    Awards: IFF Seattle (The Best War Feature), IFF New York (The Best War Feature), IFF LA Movie Awards (The Best Narrative Feature), IFF Houston (Platinum Remi Award), EFA (Selection: EU Film Awards), IFF Austin (Narrative Jury Prize – Best script), CFTA Annual Award (Best Camera, Music, Sound)
    2003 – Smart Philip (scriptwriter, producer, director)
    Awards: IFF Houston (Silver Remi Award), CFTA Annual Award (Best Camera, Design)
    1998 – The Bed (producer, distributor)
    Award: IFF Cannes (Selection: International Critics Week, Golden Camera)

    Avi is a negotiator from Tel Aviv who comes to Warsaw to force out the tenants of a tenement building bought by an Israeli property developer. Melanie, a German anarchist, lives in a squat next to the building and fights to defend the rights of the Polish tenants. Melanie and Avi’s inevitable confrontation suddenly turns […]

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    Małgorzata Piłacińska

    Her script REJS DO RZESZOWA was awarded the first prize for the best short film script in the competition organized by BAHAMA FILMS in 2010.Graduated from the University of Warsaw with the master’s degree in Journalism.

    From 1997 to 2002 she worked for PANI magazine. She was the author of numerous interviews and reportages. Being a keen traveler, she wrote, for example, texts about Bolivian women’s lifestyle and Buddhist Thangka school in Nepal. She also had her own series of interviews (ex. with Stanisław Lem) popularizing science and futurology.

    From 2003 to 2004 she worked as a freelancer for some magazines and newspapers (PRZEKRÓJ, ZWIERCIADŁO, FOCUS).

    In 2005 she suspended her journalism activity to set up her own business – one of the first hostels in Warsaw.

    In 2010 she returned to writing as a scriptwriter.

    18 % Gray (Bulgaria) After his wife left him, a failed photographer stumbles upon a bag of marijuana, and determined to sell it, sets off to a wild trip that may lead him to the truth about his lost love and ultimately to himself.Inseparable soul mates, Zack and Stella have left their homeland, and have […]

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    Borislav Chouchkov

    Graduated from the Conservatory in Sofia and then got a degree in acting from the National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts. Simultaneously, he established his first production company at the age of 19, called “SIF309” with the main activity of film music recording and shooting of music videos. In order to combine knowledge in arts with business, he got a master’s in audio-visual management at Media Business School (Spain). In 2003 he established (together with Viktor Chouchkov Jr.) the production company CHOUCHKOV BROTHERS with the main goal to produce feature films.

    Now his experience includes a variety of productions in the audio-visual industry: He co-produced the feature films “Crayfish” (in the selection of Moscow 09, Karlovy Vary 09) and “Hunting Park”, as well as a number of short films and the awarded documentary “HOMO LUDENS”. He produced prime-time TV shows for the major TV channels in Bulgaria and line-produced (for Bulgaria) – international films from Spain, Italy, Canada and France.

    The 3 companies that he has created and manages have produced more than 140 commercials for most major brands in Bulgaria and have carried out as a service more than 650 film music score recordings for world famous composers and film directors, among which are the Oscar-nominated “East/West”, “Hotel Rwanda”, “The Choir”, “The Secret in Their Eyes”.

    The feature “TILT” developed with ScripTeast, which he wrote and produced, was awarded Best Debut at the Raindance IFF (London, UK), Best Editing – Woodstock IFF (USA) in 2011 and numerous other awards (14 in total). It has been in the competition of 14 international festivals and in the official selection of another 20, a.o. Seattle IFF, Santa Barbara IFF, Goteborg IFF and Montreal WFF, Transilvania IFF, Sofia IFF. It ran for at least 34 weeks in Bulgarian cinemas, the first four of which it came on top of the box-office. It was the Bulgarian Oscar entry 2011.

    Viktor Chouchkov Jr.

    Introduced to cinema at the early age of 10, he received a special diploma for main child role from the International Film Festival in Moscow in 1981 for his performance in the Bulgarian movie “Yo-ho-ho”. He has been pursuing his dream ever since, only this time on the other side of the camera – by being a director.

    He got a master’s degree in film directing from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia. Before that he graduated from the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Sofia. He has used his talent in a variety of ways. He has directed short films (“A.T.M”, “Obsession”, “The Statues Also Die”), numerous music videos for most of the top Bulgarian performers, documentaries, TV commercials.

    His first feature “TILT” was awarded best debut at the Raindance IFF (London, UK), James Lyons award for best editing of a feature at the Woodstock IFF (USA) in 2011 and numerous other awards (14 in total). TILT has been in the competition of 14 international festivals and in the official selection of another 20, among which Seattle IFF, Santa Barbara IFF, Goteborg IFF and Montreal WFF, Transilvania IFF, Sofia IFF, etc. TILT was in Bulgarian cinemas for at least 34 weeks, the first four of which it came on top of the box-office in Bulgaria. It was the Bulgarian Oscar entry 2011.

    George (30) is a film maker and he keeps a video diary of his daily life. He is filming totally fascinated the center of Bucharest during the street protests and is caught, beaten and forced to delete all the footage. In the “Black Maria” he is facing a moral dilemma: to accept the guilt and […]

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    Adi Voicu

    Graduated from Film University U.N.A.T.C. “I.L.. Caragiale” Bucharest (Diploma in Visual Arts and Film) and National University of Theater and Film “I.L.Caragiale”, Bucharest
    His last documentary “Victoria” (awarded by HBO for Best Documentary Script) produced by Mandragora and HBO was selected to Visions du réel, Nyon, International Documentary Festival London, Open City Documentary Festival London, Astra International Documentary Festival Sibiu 2011 and Jihlava International Documentary Festival 2011.
    His previous documentary “Metrobranding” (Adi was working on that film as director, scriptwriter and DoP) supported by CNC produced by Mandragora and distributed at cinemas, had a national premiere at European Film Festival 2011, chosen as one of the 5 films of the year by Doc Alliance 2010 and screened at many festivals a.o.: Visions du reel, Nyon 2010, Planet Doc Warsaw 2010, Dok Leipzig, 2010, IDFF JIhlava Dok festival 2010, CPH:DOX Copenhagen 2010 selected in TopDox Selection, DMZ South Korea 2010, Zagreb Dox 2011, TIFF International Film Festival 2011,Lume International Documentary Festival Brazil 2011, Open City Documentary Festival London 2011.

    A streetwise Budapest ladie’s man gets caught up in the whirlwind of history. After all, what’s a Revolution without a little copulation? The screenplay of 1989 is based on a novel of mine with similar title published in December 2009. Circular structure starting on January 1 ending on December 31. It gives an account of […]

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    András B. Vágvölgyi

    Writer, scriptwriter, producer

    Graduated from Hungarian Academy of Sciences and University of Essex (Sociology) and Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Nieman fellow (Visual Environmental Studies).
    Professional History (selected)
    2010 theatrical release of Kolorádó Kid (feature film)
    2009 publishing 1989, a novel. Guest professor at the University of Theatrical and Filmic Arts, Budapest
    2005-09 writing & directong Kolorádó Kid (feature film)
    2003-04 Creative producer, TV Sziget cultural television series, Hungarian Public TV
    2002- assistant to director Miklós Jancsó, in his feature film Kelj fel komám!
    1999 Producer of Tarr Béla’s award winning Werckmeister Harmonies. 1998 Producer of Esti Gyors, a social-cultural series. TV2 commercial channel, Budapest.

    Early Middle Ages – two men come to a pagan land: one to bring Christianity, the other to find his way of living. They are both lonely and need each other but they choose two different ways of reaching the pagans. In the fight between dialogue and force, one of them will die. Early Middle […]

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    Bartosz Konopka

    Oscar nominated for the Rabbit a la Berlin documentary that was shown at more that 70 festivals, received a dozen prizes and had been sold to 40 countries. His feature fiction debut Fear of Falling was premiered in June 2011 at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia where it received the Best Debut Award.
    Film had a world premiere at Montreal IFF and was released in cinemas in France, Spain, Iran and Poland. Wide Management is Sales Agent of the film.
    Bartek is a gratuate of Film Studies at the Jagiellonian University in Cracow and of directing at the Silesian University Katowice. He also graduated form the documentary and fiction courses at Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing. He made numerous documentaries for television.Selected filmography:2011 FEAR OF FALLING (director, co-writer)
    Awards: Hartley-Merrill award for the best script 2009, Best Debut and Best Make up at Polish Film Festival in Gdynia 2011, Silver Award at Mumbai International Film Festival 2011, Special Mention for the best cinematography at Mannheim-Heidelberg International Film Festival 2011, The Cinema students honorific Price of the Rencontres Internationales du Cinéma de Vincennes & Prix Henri Langlois 2012, Best Film at Insk Film Festival 2011

    2009 RABBIT À LA BERLIN (director, co-writer)
    Awards: Nominee for the 82nd Academy Awards in the Best Short Documentary Subject category, Best Mid-Length Documentary at 16. Hot Docs, Toronto, Canada 2009, Magic Hour Award at 6. Planete Doc Review, Warsaw, Poland 2009, Grand Prix – Golden Hobby-Horse at 49. Cracow Film Festival, Poland 2009, Jury Special Prize – 13. Nature Film Festival, Lodz, Poland 2009, Golden Starfish Award for the Best Film of Conflict & Resolution – 17. Hamptons International Film Festival, USA 2009, Silver Eye Award for Best Mid-Length Documentary at 13th Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival, Czech Republic 2009, Golden Teeth for the Best Documentary at the 21. Polish Film Festival in America, Chicago, USA 2009, The Best Documentary Award “Jańcio Wodnik” at the 17. Polish Festival of the Film Art “Prowincjonalia”, Września, Poland 2010, 2nd Prize in Original Documentary Short Films at the 7.Documenta Madrid 2010 Festival , Internacional de Documentales de Madrid, Spain 2010, Special Jury Award at the 5. Mendocino Film Festival, Mendocino, USA 2010, Zitty-Leserjury-Preis – 3. achtung Berlin FF, Berlin, Germany 2010 , Best Story Award – 4. Eckernförde Green Screen Film Festival, Eckernfoerde, Germany 2010

    2006 – THREE FOR THE TAKING (director, co-writer)
    Awards: Grand Prix and Best Actress Award – 22 nd European Short Film Festiwal, Brest; 2007; France; Best Feature Award – 5th Slamdance on the Road; 2007; Poland, Best Debut Award – 14th IDSAFF Message to Man; St. Petersburg; 2007; Russia, Best Short Feature Film and Best Screenplay Award – 4th TOFFIFEST, Toruń, 2007 Poland, Special Mention – 32nd Polish Film Festival, Gdynia, 2007, Poland, Best Short Film Award – 3rd Polish Film Festival; New York; 2007; USA, Best Short Film Award – 26th Debut Film Festival; Koszalin; 2007; Poland, Best Film Award; Audience Award – 6th Short Film Festival; Warszawa; 2007; Poland

    Przemysław Nowakowski

    Screenriter, director, graduated from Warsaw University – History of Art. Continued his studies at UCLA Film School in Los Angeles, Binger Film Institute in Amsterdam, and Wajda School in Warsaw. Writer and director of many popular documentaries and TV series – recently polish version of “In Treatment” for HBO.
    Writer of following feature movies:
    The Egoists – dir M Trelinski,
    Stranger – dir M. Szumowska,
    KATYN – dir. Andrzej Wajda (nominated for Academy Award – OSCAR),
    Offsiders – dir. Kasia Adamik,
    On Credit – Przemek first short feature as director,
    Wedding Polka – co-directed with Lars Jessen.He also writes theater plays presented on many occasions in Poland and abroad.