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  • Title RED CAPTAIN Original title Rudý kapitán, Červený kapitán Year of production 2016 Country Czech Republic Scriptwriter Michal Kollar, Anna Fifikova Director Michal Kollar ScripTeast Edition VI Creative Advisors Brian Ward Gabriele Brunnemeyer Head of Studies Christian Routh K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Fog’n’Desire Films, Sokol Kollár, Czech Television, Mental Disorder […]

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    Anna Fifikova

    Anna Fifikova graduated in Screenwriting and Script Editing at Film and TV Faculty of Academy of Music and Performing Arts, Bratislava, Slovakia (FTF VSMU). Her experience includes working as festival coor- dinator at FTF VSMU, copywriter at Slovak Television and Creative Producer of R&E formats at MediaPro Entertainment Slovakia. Participation on fiction projects includes scripts: “Kontrola” (director: Viktor Csu- dai, Slovak Television) based on a play by N. Gogol “Government Inspector”, premiered in December 2010 and “Projekt Alfa” (director: Karol Vosátko, Slovak Television) based on a novel by R. L. Stevenson “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”, premiered in January 2011. Her present work includes working as a Creative Producer at adapted British R&E format Come Dine With Me and Slovak version of Swedish R&E format Class of…

    Michal Kollár

    A graduate of Management and Film Editing in Bratislava, Michal Kollár has been active in commercial and TV production since the age of 18. He has worked for the Czech production company Fog ‘n’ desire Films as well as the production house Sokol Kollár. In 2007, produced his first feature,”The Catfish Summer” gathering 100,000 admissions in Czech Rep. A year later, he was a minority co-producer on Viktor Taus’ feature “The Great Thaw” which posted around 650,000 admissions in the Czech Republic and 55,000 in Slovak Republic. In 2010 boarded young Slovak director Zuzana Liova’s feature debut “The House” which became the first Slovak film to screen at the Berlinale for 20 years in 2011. He is currently in pre-produc- tion on Viktor Taus’ next feature “Clownwise”as well as serving as Czech national co-producer on romantic comedy “August Fools” by finish director Taru Makela.

    Title THIRST (STEP COUNTER) Original title Jajda Year of production 2015 Country Bulgaria Scriptwriter Svetla Tsotsorkova, Svetoslav Ovtcharov Ventsislav Vasilev Director Svetla Tsotsorkova ScripTeast Edition VI Creative Advisors Tobias Pausinger, Jean Luc Ormieres Head od Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Front Film(Bulgaria), Cinemotion, Omega Films Production. Sales agent […]

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    Svetla Tsotsorkova

    Svetla Tsotsorkova is a writer and director. After graduating NATFA, Sofia as a film director, she studied at the London Film School. While there, she won a place and participated in the Franco-British screen-writing workshop “Regards Croises.” After coming back to Bulgaria and working as 1AD for years, she directed the 20-min film “Life with Sophia,”(2004) which had a very successful festival life: Critics’ Week, Cannes’05, Sarajevo IFF ’04, Karlovy Vary’04, Munich IFF’04, Telluride IFF USA’05, Drama IFF’05, Cottbus IFF’05, etc. and won several awards: Jameson Short Film Award, Sofia IFF’04; 1st Prize Lodz, Poland’04, Outstanding Short Beijing IFF’04, Special Jury Prize, Poitiers ’05, Special Mention, Trieste’06, The Golden Lion, Taipei IFF’07, etc. After that the film was shown on Student Television Network USA, Bulgarian Satellite and also was released on its own at an art house cinema in Sofia for three weeks. In 2005 using the money from the awards, she made her next short “My Mother.” During the next few years, Svetla worked mainly as producer and 1AD. Lately she took part in a several short films as the main actress, some of them distinguished at international festivals like Sundance (Omelette) and Clermont-Ferrand (Portrait of a Family).

    After 25 years, Kate walks out of prison. She tries to stick to the values of her youth in spite of the fact that the world outside has changed. She finds Martin. During her spell in prison she did not betray him, although by doing so she would get her ticket to freedom. Martin tries […]

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    Darek Gajewski

    Dariusz Gajewski is a film director and screenwriter. He studied directing at the Film School in Lodz.
    He has made numerous documentaries, including: „Don’t be scared“ („Nie boj, nie boj“), „A piece for a Boy and a Lamp“ („Utwor na chlopca I lampe“), „Franciszek a Musician“ (Franciszek muzykant“), „Anatol likes traveling“ („Anatol lubi podroze“), „Old music“ (Stara muzyka“), „Everything is there“ („Tu jest wszystko“), „The Convoy“ („Konwoj“).
    He has staged „A Leather Mask“ by Helmut Krausser for Dramatyczny Theatre in Warsaw (1999).
    Winner of Great Jantar Award at the Koszalin Film Festival in 2002 for „Alarm“.
    In 2003 his first feature film debut „Warszawa“ was awarded the Grand Prix, Best Director Award, Best Screenplay Award, and many other prizes at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia, as well as the Platiunium Award at the WorldFest Independent Film Festival in Houston 2005 and Special Jury Award in Svietlogorsk 2005. „Warszawa“ was also screened on 27 film festivals around the world.
    In 2008 he has made polish-austrian cooproduction „Mr. Kuka’s Advice“.
    In 2008 he was also elected President of Munk‘s Studio Program Council.

    At a certain point in X’s life, which might be deemed to be a successful one, everything that so far has guided his thoughts and actions, everything that made his daily rounds and holidays bearable – moreover made him happy -, has become questioned. He returns from the first fascinating, yet exhausting hill-climbing experience of […]

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    Gabriel Dettre

    Gábor Dettre is director, writer and and producer and acting teacher.
    Graduated from Law School, Pécs, Hungary and New York University, Tisch School of the Arts, New York, Usa.

    1982-84 he was Head of the Sight and Sound Department at New York University, Tisch School of the Arts and Editing teacher. In years 1994-2005 he was leading Hunnia Theatre and Café, a movie-house which is more like a cultural meeting place for the youth Budapest. Gábor organized several cultural events and national film weeks (Iranian, Chinese, Estonian, Sarajevo Film Week, etc.) He is a Member of the Executive Committee of the Hungarian Association of Filmmakers and a Representative of the Hungarian Association of Directors in the European Association of Directors

    He filmed in Usa, France, Switzerland, Estonia, Russia, Israel, Algeria, Mali, Poland, UK, Holland, Thailand, Germany, Albania, Chile, Italy, Croatia, India, Syria, Jemen among others.

    Directed features i.e. “White Shadows”, “The Diary of the Hurdy-Gurdy Man” and numerous documentaries (i.e. “Araouane”, “Tomorrow is Cancelled for the Lack of Interest”, “The Almighty Always Spreads Our Table”) Among films produced by Gabor is “Chico” directed by Ibolya Feke. The film has won The Best Director Award and The Award of the Ecumenical Jury in Karlovy Vary, and has been invited to festivals all over the world, including Mar del Plata, Seoul, London and Istanbul.

    Gábor won approximately twenty international awards, among them the Cine Eagle of the Motion Picture Association of the United States of America, the Tolerance Award, and many Hungarian ones, like Best Hungarian Film Awards and three Critics’ Awards for Best Film in Hungary as well as the Béla Balázs Award of the Ministry of Culture of Hungary.

    Presently residing in Brussels, Belgium.

    The police officer FERENC (30) is informed about an accident at the water tower, where he finds the body of a 9-year-old girl. Her sister EWA (14) flees the scene. EWA’s father reports to the police that EWA killed her sister. FERENC refutes the accusation. He begins to take interest in EWA, a promising gymnast. […]

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    Marcin Wrona

    „The Christening” (2010), second feature directed and co-produced by Marcin Wrona, premiered in 2010 at San Sebastian IFF (Europe) and Toronto (North America). The film received The Silver Lion Award for the best film, the Best Actor Award and award for the Best Editing at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia in 2010.>
    “The Christening” won awards in: Rejkyavik IFF (Special Mention), Mons – Love IFF (Grand Prix & Best Scenario), Prague – Febio FF (Grand Prix), Cracow – Off Plus Camera (Grand Prix in Polish films competition). The film has been shown at many international festivals, and received distribution in USA, UK, Romania, Hungary and Spain.

    Wrona’s first feature „My Flesh My Blood” (2009) had its premiere in Roma FF 2009. The picture received: the Jounalist’s Award , The Best Screenplay at the Polish Debuts Film Festival 2009, the Grand Prix of the Polish Edition Hartley-Merrill Award in 2007 and the Third Prize of Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Award in Cannes 2007 (working title: „Tamagotchi”, which he co-wrote), and other awards at film festivals, including Avanca IFF.

    During the European Film Awards ceremony in Barcelona 2004, he presented his short film „Telefono” which was later included in Pedro Almodovar’s DVD collection. His short diploma film „Magnet Man” (2001) gained recognition at many film festivals winning among others The Best Student Film Award at the Tribeca Film Festival organised by Robert De Niro and Martin Scorsese in NYC 2002.

    Marcin was nominated for prestigious “Polityka Passports” 2011. He is a Member of European Film Academy since 2011.

    Katarzyna Bonda

    Katarzyna Bonda is graduated in Screenwriting from Leon Schiller National Higher School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź, and Master of Arts in Journalism and Political Studies – the University of Warsaw, 2003

    Author of novels published in Poland: “Nina Frank’s Case”, “Nina Frank’s Case”, “Ninth Rune”, “An Imperfect Crime” and “Only the Dead Don’t Lie”.

    Katarzyna is developing tv crime series “Nina and the Ghost” based on her novel “An Imperfect Crime”, feature thriller “Red Spider” and feature “Ahosi”

    Her experience as a journalist include work for Polish Television and press: among others Wprost, weekly national news magazine, Newsweek Poland, weekly national news magazine

    Finalist contest for the best film story Nina Frank’s Case, 2010 organised by of Studio Munk Nominee for Nagroda Wielkiego Kalibru for Nina Frank’s Case, 2007 The Outstanding Debut Award presented by Media Express Publishing House for news court reports, 1999

    Stefan Makowski (36), a Polish immigrant in London, lives a life of complete bliss and freedom. Once a successful businessman and a never-do-well writer, his business went bust as foreign competition moved in. Now he has left the rat race and he is happy with it. But he tells his estranged wife Emily and parents […]

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    Rafał Kapeliński

    Rafal Kapelinski worked as Director of the Festival Office of the Camerimage Film festival in Torun, Poland. After studies in American and English literature at the Nicholas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland, and at the London Film School he founded Aurora Film Production. His first short film after school, Emily Cries won numerous awards, including the Best Mid-Length European film at the Brest Short Film Festival in France. His documentary credits include Calling BH-Q and The Spitfire from Occoches. He has written extensively about the European cinema and television industry for trade magazines, including Screen International.
    In 2009, Rafael’s feature project Up on the Roof was selected for the 2009 Cannes Film Festival’s Residency Programme. His short feature To Bury the Horse was a finalist in the 2010 Bosch Stiftungs Co-Production Prize competition in Stuttgart, Germany. Most recently he finished a short feature title The Informer, which was co-produced with the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing in Warsaw and the Andrzej Munk Film Studio. At present he works as an AD on Jan Kidawa-Blonski’s feature The Guard of the Vineyards.

    Logline: “How influential can a TV show be to a gipsy girl, how easily can a misfit boy be manipulated by an extremist old man, and how do the two young people become the fatal destiny to each other.” Synopsis KATINKA, a gipsy girl, lives with her FATHER and TWO SISTERS in a village. Her […]

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    Simon Szabo

    Simon Szabo is a writer director of awarded shorts: Afterjka”,”Pocket love”, “Draft” and “Let’s roll”. His feature debut film (written and directed) „Paper Planes” was presented at many international festivals and won numerous awards: Best Debut, Best Producer, Best Soundtrack and Special Award at 40. Hungarian Film Week.
    He also directed many comercial for companies like: McDonalds, Djuice, Westend CC, Ohkult, Diageo, Durex, Orsi Kozma, Folkfree, Help and otheres. Simon is also film and theatre actor.

    Title HOME GUARDS Original title Veszettek Year of production 2015 Scriptwriter Krisztina Goda, Réka Divinyi Director Krisztina Goda ScripTeast Edition VI Creative Advisors Gabriele Brunnemeyer Tobias Pausinger Head of Studies Christian Routh K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Megafilm, FocusFox Studio, Hungarian Filmlab / Magyar Filmlabor Sales agent – Distributor HungariCom Trailer […]

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    Kristina Goda

    Krisztina Goda studied screenwriting at UCLA, and graduated in fiction direction at the National Film and Television School, UK.

    Her directorial debut “Just Sex and Nothing Else” a low budget independent comedy became a commercial success in Hungary and participated in a number of A-level festivals. Film was awarded a.o: Special Jury Golden Remi 2007 at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival and Best Screenplay Award 2006 at the Hungarian Film Week.

    After that she went onto direct “Children of Glory”, a period war drama about the 1956 revolution, produced by Andrew G. Vajna. Film was awarded a.o. Best Feature Audience Award 2008 at Stony Brook Film Festival and Audience Award, Best International Feature Film Award 2007 at St. Louis International Film Festival.

    Her latest feature “Chameleon” is a contemporary drama about a compulsive liar. The film was Hungary’s Official Entry Best Foreign Language Film Academy Awards® 2010 and it was awarded a.o. with Best Feature Film Award at the International Film Festival “ZOOM – ZBLIŻENIA, Best Drama Silver Remi Award 2010 at WorldFest-Houston International Film Festival, The Hungarians In Hollywood Award at The Hungarian Film Festival in Los Angeles and Audience Award 2009 at the Hungarian Film Week.

    Since her daughter was born in 2009, Krisztina has concentrated on writing screenplays one of which is Home Guards.

    Réka Divinyi

    Réka Divinyi is an award winning Hungarian screenwriter. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Film and Drama in 1999. She wrote scripts for „A Kind of America 2”, “Cameleon”, “Children of Glory Young”, “Dumb and Full of Love” and “Just Sex and Nothing Else” (for that script got Best Original Script Award at the 37th Hungarian Film Week 2005).

    Tibor (Slovene, 37) meets the father of his girlfriend Marion on a desolate site in Berlin just after she mysteriously disappeared. He explains that she suddenly vanished while he was standing next to her. They are desperately searching for her the whole day, but find nothing. Tibor spends the next days alone in the flat […]

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    Blaz Kutin

    Blaz Kutin graduated in Ethnology and Sociology of Culture from the University of Ljubljana. In 1995 he published “The Land of White Doves”, a book from the journals of his travels to Bosnia during the war. He has worked as journalist and translator. For his feature film script “Lara” he won the Media New Talent of the European Union Award 2006, presented at Cannes Film Festival, as well as the Sarajevo Film Festival CineLink Award 2006. In 2007/2008 he directed, co-wrote and co-produced his feature debut film, “We’ve Never Been to Venice”. It had its world premiere in the lineup of the Sarajevo Film Festival 2008 and then screened at numerous film festivals, among others in Torino, Goteborg, Premiers plans, Cape Winelands (special mention), Estoril, and others. He recently finished another short film, “Warm for This Time of Year” which premiered in competition at Sarajevo Film Festival 2011. He is currently developing his next feature film, “Echo”. He is living in Berlin.

    Rolanda Rebrek

    Rolanda Rebrek studied English Language and Literature at the University of Ljubljana. Translator and screenwriter. Co-writer and co-producer of the feature “We’ve Never Been to Venice”, co-writer of short “Warm for This Time of Year ”.
    Living and working in Berlin.

    Thomas is a man of success. He’s young (around 30), good-looking, accomplished in the world of media, intelligent, and happy, or at least that’s what he claims. What brings him complete happiness is the fact that he is able to control it. As a television journalist, he really knows people. He knows what they need […]

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    Paweł Sala

    Paweł Sala graduated from three faculties: Cultural Studies at the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań University of Łódź, Radio Directing and Film Directing at the University of Silesia in Katowice (student of Krzysztof Kieślowski) Regularly working for the Polish TVP and Canal+. Used to work for the Polish Radio’s Theatre.

    His feature film (written and directed) produced in 2010 by “Rozwój Film” had a world premiere in main competition on International Film Festival in Karlovy Vary in Czech Republic – prized ex quo for the Best Actor – Mateusz Kościukiewicz and Filip Garbacz. The film was also awarded with “Best Director Award” and Joung Jury Prize at Polish Young Cinema Festival in Koszalin 2010, The Parajanov Prize for the developing of film language at International Film Festival in Tbilisi Georgia – December 2010,“Passport” of “Polityka” in January 2011 for film achievement of 2010, The Main Prize in Polish Festival Of Directing in Swidnica by Wrocław, and Prize of Polish Television Culture Channel for the Best Film of 2010 year

    He is author of numerous radio shows, tv plays (i.e. „We’ll Be Good Now” awarded at the Festival of Daring Art. In Radom and the National Contest organised by “The Dialogue” magazine and the Polish Theatre in Wrocław; theatre plays and documentaries. .

    His scripts: „Son of Snow Queen”, „More than one life”, “Hijacked” were in finals of polish edition Hartley-Merrill Competition.


    “0\1” is a sentimental techno-thriller journey through the spectrum of love. The main story engulfs the evolving relationship between Daniel, a 25-year-old smart hacker, and Victor, a home-made AI. Daniel’s parents created Victor, and after their death he acted as a step-father. Daniel lives in a two-room apartment. Victor’s display/keyboard interface is in one room, […]

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    George Dorobantu

    George Dorobantu is an indie filmmaker without the traditional film school training. His first feature is “Elevator”, a micro-budget production based on an award-winning stage play written by Gabriel Pintilei won numerous awards: “Best Romanian Debut” at Transilvania International Film Festival (Romania), “Best Romanian Debut” from Romanian Film Critics Association (Romania), “Fresh Generation Award” at Fresh Film Fest (Czech Republic), “Audience Feature Choice Award” at Auburn Int’l Film Festival for Children & Youth (Australia), “Best Editing” from Romanian Filmmakers Association – UCIN (Romania), “Young Hope” at GOPO Awards (Romania), “Audience Choice Award” and “Best First Film” at South-East European Film Festival (U.S.A.)

    His sophomore cinematic effort is “Bucharestless”, a city-vérité conceptual movie shot in Bucharest, Romania. He is currently in production with “Omega Rose”, a low-budget post-apocalyptic road-movie.

    Somewhere on the cross-roads between the East and the West after World War I, among the historical ruble of empires a new, fancy apartment building raises several stories high. It is only a stage – two apartments for two families, upstairs and downstairs – waiting for our heroes to arrive. And they do arrive – […]

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    Martins Slisans

    Martins Slisans, writer and producer has been closely connected with film business since 1995. His point of entry was film critics. He’s been involved with creative script development and international co-production process since 2002. He successfully entered field of fiction writing with his adventure novel TERRACOTTA ARMY (Terakotas armija, publisher: Latvijas Avize, 239 p.) in 2006, being a debut novel it surprised its national publisher with successful sales. THE APPARTMENTS is Martins Slisans’ premiere project as writer and producer.

    His background includes extensive work in film critics with some of the finest writing appearing in many different national publications. He was on the panel of seven jurors to judge National Film Awards 2007 in Latvia. He’s been involved with programming of the bi-annual Riga International Film Festival “Arsenals” 2000 – work with international sales agents and festival circuit, responsible for regions of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand; Germany, Poland, Moscow; South America and U.S. independents.

    Lately he’s been instrumental in development and distribution process of one of the most commercially and artistically successful Latvian films ever on international scene, family adventure LITTLE ROBBERS (Mazie laupītāji, Latvia – Austria, 2009, dir. Armands Zvirbulis). It’s the only Latvian feature film since state independence that has been theatrically distributed outside Latvia (Austria, Germany, Russia), in a rare feat for Latvian fiction feature film it has been sold to major territories for TV (incl. France, Germany, Italy, Sweden, Japan, South Korea, Latin America etc.). The film has gathered 20 different greater and lesser awards, diplomas and nominations and during a two year run has participated in 60 film festivals around the world.

    His current work in production development and assistance in general production implementation includes the up-coming drama LONELY ISLAND (2012, in post-production) by Berlinale Prize-winning Estonian film director Peeter Simm, a co-production between Estonia, Belarus and Latvia.

    His film credits also include two feature documentaries My Husband Andrei Sakharov (2006, Latvia – France) and Vijaya (2005).