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  • The story of TOWN OF OTOL tells about the opportunities of a person caught in a net of violence, about the heritage of violence of a totalitarian regime, how the entire society outside of official power structures is intertwined with violence and how it affects the most intimate human relationships. The protagonist of the story […]

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    Laura Siváková

    Laura Siváková is graduated in Screenwriting from the Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts.

    She debuted in 2002 with feature film QUARTÉTTO (screenwriter, director, architect) awarded with The Audience Award IFF Bratislava 2002, Bronze Grape at IFF Lagow 2002(Poland) and Igric 2002 – Slovak Film Union Award – for script, directing and music.

    Second feature “Heaven, Hell…Earth” written and directed by Laura Siváková got the National Hartley-Merrill Prize for Best Script in Slovakia and won Gold Remi Award at 43rd WorldFest-Houston 2010. The film was screen at many international festivals.

    She wrote several scripts for tv series i.a.: “A Clinic in the Rose Garden” and “Ghosts”.

    Biba Bohinska

    Biba Bohinska has a degree in Screenwriting from Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Bratislava. After a short time spent on copywriting for an advertising agency and acting as a Managing Director of PR Agency Orloff she is back to film working as a freelance screenwriter.

    She writes features, documentaries and tv series for a private Slovak tv Markiza.

    Childhood comes to an end and the thought of being an adult is terrifying beyond words. They don’t understand this new world and they fail to find their place in it. Modern social values such as money, career, work and family appear strange and unacceptable to them. They know that they don’t want to live […]

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    Réka Divinyi

    Réka Divinyi is an award winning Hungarian screenwriter. She graduated from the Hungarian University of Film and Drama in 1999. She wrote scripts for „A Kind of America 2”, “Cameleon”, “Children of Glory Young”, “Dumb and Full of Love” and “Just Sex and Nothing Else” (for that script got Best Original Script Award at the 37th Hungarian Film Week 2005).

    Gábor Herendir

    Gábor Herendi is an owner and director-producer of Skyfilm since 1993. He started his career as creative director at international advertising agencies. In the last 16 years he directed about 400 commercials, numerous music videos, television sitcoms.
    But his real love has always been filming. He debuted as a director in 2002 with his first feature „A Kind of America” which became a blockbuster, won numerous awards and was internationally distributed. This was followed by „Hungarian Vagabond” in 2004 which also has reached a rather vast audience. His next feature film „Lora” has also brought more than 100 000 moviegoers into Hungarian cinemas. His fourth feature „A Kind of America 2” released in December 2008 has attracted 440 000 viewers in Hungary.

    Gábor Herendi produced two other feature films, one directed by Daniel Young the other by Dénes Orosz.

    Title NIGHTLIFE Original title Nocno zivljenje Year of production 2016 Country Slovenia, Republic of Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina Scriptwriter Damjan Kozole, Ongjen Svilicic Director Damjan Kozole ScripTeast Edition V Creative Advisors K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Vertigo, Sister and Brother Mitevski, SCCA/, FS VIBA FILM with support of Slovenian and […]

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    Damjan Kozole

    Damjan Kozole is one of the most recognized Slovenian filmmakers. His last film “Slovenian Girl” premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival in 2009 started its journey to more than 50 international film festivals (Sarajevo, London, Pusan, Palm Springs, Cairo, São Paulo, Thessaloniki, Rotterdam, and many others). The film was released theatrically in around 15 countries including UK and USA.

    In 2004 Damjan Kozole together with Aki Kaurismaki, Sasa Gedeon, Theo Van Gogh, Christos Georgiou, Peter Greenaway, Miguel Hermosa, Béla Tarr, and others took part in the project “Vision of Europe”. The idea of the project was that directors of the European Union’s 25 member states showed their vision of Europe.

    “Spare Parts” directed by Kozole in 2003 were ranked by “Sight & Sound” among ten most important films of the New Europe. The film was in the competition programme at Berlinale 2003 and won many international awards travelling to more than fifty international film festivals. The film was also Slovenian entry for the Best European Film at 2003 European Film Awards.

    His two other films “Labour Equals Freedom” and ”Forever” were also internationally recognized and awarded. In 2005 American Film Institute (AFI) organized Damjan Kozole film retrospective in the United States and Canada.

    Ognjen Sviličić

    Ognjen Sviličić directed four feature films. Two of them “Sorry for Kung Fu” and “Armin” had premiere on 55 Berlinale Forum and went on tens of international film festivals. His latest film “Two sunny days” was premiered at Pula Film Festival (Croatian national film festival). He was also a script-writer or co-writer for some internationally recognized movies like “Melon Route” and “Methastasis” by Branko Schmidt, “What has Iva Recorded” by Tomislav Radić and “Slovenian girl” by Damjan Kozole.

    Andres owns a small business manufacturing windows. When it becomes apparent that his business partner won’t pay his share of the debt, Andres’s hopes for the future collapse. His business goes bankrupt and his employees are angry that they haven’t been paid for months and they beat him up. Even though he stubbornly refuses to […]

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    Andres Keil

    Andres Keil is freelance stage director and actor. He studied Stage Directing at Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre and Theatre Science at Tartu University. He has also worked as a professional theatre critic and has written several plays. He is a member of Estonian Theatre Union.

    Jaak Kilmi

    Jaak Kilmi is graduated from the Department of Culture of Tallinn University, majoring in Film Directing. He has co-directed and produced a string of successful short films; a number of documentary films and two feature films (“Revolution of Pigs”, “Touched by the Unknown”) that have been awarded internationally and have enjoyed successful theater runs in Estonia.
    He is a member of the Estonian Association of Film Journalists (the Estonian branch of FIPRESCI) since 1995. Since 2001 he teaches film directing at Estonian Art Academy and at the University of Tallinn.

    Title FATHER Original title Ojciec Year of production 2015 Country Poland Scriptwriter Artur Urbanski Director Artur Urbanski ScripTeast Edition V Creative Advisors Christoph Thoke Head of Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding /  (WFDiF) Warszawa, co produced by Lightcraft  with suport of Polish Film Institute Sales agent – Distributor Kino […]

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    Artur Urbański

    Film and theatre director, actor (born 1965)

    In 1990 he graduated from Lodz Film School in Acting. In 1995, in the same school, he earned a degree in Directing.

    During his studies he already directed short movies that were screened and awarded at European and American festivals and were shown during contemporary art exhibitions.

    His feature debut was „Bellissima” screened at many international festivals including IFF Toronto (Discoveries section) and Venice. The film received many awards i.a.: Young Marco Polo Premio Award for the Best Young Director at Venice International Tv Festival 2001, CANAL GRANDE AWARD for the Best Female Leading Role for Ewa Kasprzyk at Venice International Tv Festival 2002, Jantar Award for the Best Director at Youth and Film Festival in Koszalin 2001, Best Directing Debut Award at Gdynia Polish Film Festival 2001 and others.
    His second feature documentary film ” Sometimes, as I wake up at night I do not know where I am” (“Letter to Friends”) was realized in 2005.

    Urbanski debuted as a theatre director in 1993. He’s currently collaborating with TR Warszawa, where he directed e.g. “Howie and Rookie Lee” by Mark O’Rowe and “The Treatment” by Martin Crimp, for which he received many awards. His last play is “Faithless” by Ingmar Bergman. He received numerous theatre awards, for example: Award for the director for the shape of a stage performance on the 2nd Contemporary Drama Festival “The reality presented” in Zabrze, Main Prize during the 14th International Theatre Festival “On the Border” in Cieszyn.

    Don Juan de Valesco, once a famous seducer, is now living in a monastery and tending to lepers, in repentance for his past deeds. He abandons this occupation when Pope Julius II orders a search for a monk capable of taking on a mission of extreme delicacy. In Spain, Philip the Handsome, the ruler of […]

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    Andrzej Bart

    Andrzej Bart is a writer and screenwriter. He published: “The Man That the Dogs Didn’t Bark At” (1983), “Rien ne va plus” (1991),”Wanderlust” (1999), “Don Juan Revisited” (2006), “The Flytrap Factory” (2008), “The Reverse” (2009). Under a pseudonym he pub¬lished: “The Fifth Rider of Apocalypse” (1999). His “Rien ne va plus” won a prestigious Kościelski Foundation Award (1991). His books were translated into French, German, Czech, Russian, Hebrew and Hungarian.
    As a screenwriter Andrzej Bart authored several documentaries including “A Bad City?” which is a series of shorts ( “Eva R.” about Eva Rubinstein, daughter of the famous pianist, “Hiob”, “Maestro” and others), and “Radegast”, about Łódź ghetto where during the WWII many Jews from Europe were confined together with the Polish Jews.
    In 2009 film “The Reverse” with his screenplay was awarded the main prize – the Golden Lions Award – at the most prestigious Polish film festival in Gdynia. It was submitted as a Polish entry to the Academy Awards. Since then “The Reverse” has been receiving numerous awards at many international film festivals including Best New Director at the 36th Seattle International Film Festival and the Best Debut Feature at the 32nd International Film Festival in Moscow. Andrzej Bart received for that script Polish Film Award “Eagles 2010” – prize awarded by Polish Film Academy.

    May 1945. A small Czech town near the German border. Danny (18) is waiting for the uprising at the end of the German occupation, which he hopes will be an entertaining event. His father, disabled from the First World War, hopes that Danny will fight if it becomes necessary. However, Danny thinks more about his […]

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    Andrea Sedláčková

    Andrea Sedláčková studied Screenwriting at Prague Film Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU) before immigrating to France in 1989, where she studied Editing and Directing at FEMIS Film Academy in Paris. She made several documentaries and TV films for Czech TV. In 2000 she wrote and directed her feature debut “Victims and Murderers“. In France she has been working as an editor on a number of feature films, among others on the Oscar-nominated drama “Joyeux Noël“ by Christian Carion.

    A young couple live in a nice house at the outskirts of Warsaw. Their painfully boring and run-of-the-mill existence is identical with that of thousands around them. But while spending a weekend in the countryside they discover the dark side of their nature. And it demands a blood offering. Short vacation suddenly turns into a […]

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    Wojciech Kasperski

    Wojciech Kasperski studied Philosophy at University of Gdansk; Film Direction at the Film School in Lodz and attended workshops and courses at NFTS in Beaconsfield, La Femis in Paris and VGiK in Moscow.
    During the studies, he started working as a documentary film maker, producing his films mainly in Russia, in far Siberia, visiting small villages and secluded societies. Directly following his studies at the Polish National Film School in 2007, he co-funded independent film production company Vostok8.
    His short films have won over forty awards and were shown at international festivals in Los Angeles, New York, London, Beijing, Moscow and Cannes (2007 section Tous les cinemas du monde).
    Minister of Culture Scholarship holder, expert of Polish Film Institute. Wojciech Kasperski was chosen by the European Film Academy to take part in annual “Sunday in…” meetings. The winner of the Laur, Russian Film Academy award for 2006 best documentary.

    Three stories are connected and intertwined by a fairy tale and a letter long overdue. Present day, Romania: Adriana (18), a would-be architect, treasures a fairy-tale she knows from her now deceased father. This story about a little ballerina was brought into their family by “uncle Petrea”, a fore-bearer and also a hero in Adriana’s […]

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    Alexandra M. Păun

    Alexandra M. Păun graduated valedictorian in high school and holds a degree in English and Spanish from “Ovidius” University in Constantza. Currently she lives in Bucharest, Romania. In 2005 she produced the short documentary “Aliaj – A Rehearsal” then in 2006 she worked as PA for the Romanian feature “A Roof Overhead”. In 2007 she produced George Dorobanţu’s first feature, the low-budget indie “Elevator”. The film received several awards among which “Best Romanian Debut” at Transilvania International Film Festival in 2008, “Fresh Generation Award” at Fresh Film Festival, Karlovy Vary, 2008, “Best Editing Award” from the Romanian Filmmakers’ Association. It also won three “Audience Awards” on three continents: Australia, North America and Europe.

    As a scriptwriter, Alexandra has written several feature film scripts and frequently works with George Dorobanţu. The screenplay “Donna Morganna”, which they co-wrote, has won a national contest held by the Romanian National Television Network in 2006. Between 2006-2008 she worked as a staff writer for Media Pro Pictures writing sitcom, then TV dramas for ProTV.

    Alexandra has worked as a journalist for “Ziua de Constantza – Daily” and as co-editor-in-chief for “CineMagia” magazine and website. At times, Alexandra writes short stories and novels both in Romanian and English. She and director Dorobanţu have recently finished “Bucharestless” – a feature-length conceptual movie shot in Romania’s Capital City. Currently they are working on their third indie feature, “Omega Rose”.

    Title CAR PARK Original title Parkoló Year of production 2014 Country Hungary Scriptwriter Bence Miklauzic, Bálint Hegedûs, Ferenc Lengyel Director Bence Miklauzic ScripTeast Edition V Creative Advisors Christoph Thoke, Peter Zawrel Head od Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention SCRIPTEAST SPECIAL MENTION presented at Cannes Film Festival 2011 Producers/co-producers/ funding / Katapult Film […]

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    Bence Miklauzič

    Bence Miklauzič studied history and Hungarian language at the Lóránd Eötvös University of Science and Humanities, then later studied film directing at the University of Theater and Film in Budapest. He made his first feature film “Sleepwalkers” in 2002. It won inter alia: Hungarian Film Critics Award for best first film, three awards at Hungarian Film Festival, the International Critics’ FIPRESCI award. Afterwards he made several TV films: “Barbarians”, “My heroes’ square”, “The Third Son, “Perseverance”. His second feature film „Children of the Green Dragon” is invited to the 26th Warsaw Film Festival and the 15th Pusan International Film Festival.

    Ferenc Lengyel

    Ferenc Lengyel is a writer, director and actor. His credits as writer include tele play „Macska Jancsi” and adaptations: „Dance lessons for olders and intermediates”, „Svejk”, „DonCamillo”, „My father will be a fireman”.

    Title WARSAW BY NIGHT (WHAT’S BETWEEN US) Original title WARSAW BY NIGHT Year of production 2014 Scriptwriter Natalia Koryncka-Gruz, Marek Modzelewski Director Natalia Koryncka-Gruz ScripTeast Edition V Creative Advisors Licia Eminenti, Jan Miller Head of Studies Christian Routh K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Eureka Studio, ATM System,Studio Produkcyjne Orka, Mazowiecki Instytut […]

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    Natalia Koryncka-Gruz

    Director, producer, screenwriter

    Natalia Koryncka-Gruz has a degree in Polish Philology from Warsaw University and Film Directing from the Film School in Lodz.

    For her graduation short film “1 – 1” received 18 awards at international film festivals, including the Grand Prix-Bilbao, and Oberhausen Prize-Special Award-Turin and many others.

    She is an author of many documentaries, including “A Short Film About Krzysztof Kieslowski,” and “Zbig Rybczynski, Zbigniew”) and TV plays (i.a. “Inka 1946″, “The Little Prince”, “Game of lies”, “Thieves of Bread”). She also directs tv series.

    For her feature film “Amok,” she received Best Debut Award at the Film Festival in Gdynia. “Amok” was screened in competition film festival in Karlovy Vary.

    For the feature “Heaven-Hell” was awarded by Programming Council of TVP at Film Festival in Gdynia.

    Marek Modzelewski

    Marek Modzelewski is a radiologist and playwright. His play “Coronation” was presented with Special Award in the tenth edition of “Contest for Polish contemporary play production”. His work credits includes plays: “Touch”, “Kill me”, “Namesday”, “All inclusive”, “The Sisters of Holy Cuddle”.

    Title THE PROSECUTOR THE DEFENDER THE FATHER AND HIS SON (previous title FALSE WITNESS) Original title Year of production 2015 Country Bulgaria Scriptwriter Iglika Trifonova Director Iglika Trifonova ScripTeast Edition V Creative Advisors Peter Medak, Donato Rotunno Head of Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award, Cannes 2011 Producers/co-producers/ funding […]

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    Iglika Triffonova

    Iglika Triffonova holds a degreein Film & TV Directing from the National Academy of Theatre and Film Art in Sofia. In 1990 she wrote and directed the documentary “YEAR OF 1990” which won First Prize at “Prix Futura”, Berlin.

    She is the author of more than 10 documentaries i.a.: “Possible Distances”, “Murder Stories”.

    Her first feature film “Letter to America”, won 9 national prizes and it was the Bulgarian entry for Academy Award in 2001. “Letter to America” was selected by over 45 international festivals, among which: Montreal, Hoffer Filmtage, Tambov (Silver Vitiaz award) Thessaloniki, Kiev (FIPRESCI award and the Don Quijote prize of the FICC), Mannheim, Mar del Plata, Istanbul (Special Prize of the Jury), Karlovy Vary, Montpellier, Pussan, Noordelijk IFF (the MATAD’OR prize). Her 2nd feature “Investigation” won 11 national and many international prizes.