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  • No matter how hard they form, how fragile they are: human relations are the only things that make a life meaningful. The feature film How To Make Friends observes these relations, the possibilities, and impossibilities of friendship. Based on seven short stories the film is a poetic ensemble drama in 90 minutes. The stories take […]

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    Gabor Ferenczi

    Gábor Ferenczi, born in1950, lives in Budapest. Graduate of Academy of Drama, Television and Film and the Budapest Technical University, Department of Civil Engineering. Professor at several Universities (Department of Film History and Film Theory at ELTE; Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design Budapest; University of Drama, Television and Film. Independent film director. Directs numerous fictions, documentaries, television programs and magazins, reference films and commercials. Winner of numerous awards for both feature films and documentaries, e.g. : Best TV film – Hungarian Film Week 2009 (“POSSIBILITIES OF MAKING FRIENDS TV”, 2007), Best Direction – Independent Film Festival Hungary, Pál Schiffer Commemorative Prize – Hungarian Film Week, Tolerance Prize (“HUNGARIAN ID”, 2002), Best Direction – Independent Film Festival (“THAT’S ALL ABOUT ME”, 2002), Best Documentary – Kamera Hungária (“…THEN THERE IS THE PRISON, HONEY”, 2000).

    Can Togay

    Hungarian film director, screenwriter, actor, poet. Born to Turkish parents. He spent his childhood in Germany. In 1969, he joined the Péter Halász troupe. Between 1973 and 1978, he studied on the German and English faculty of Eötvös Loránd University, followed by two years of post-graduate work on German-French comparative linguistics under Jean Marie Zemb of the Sorbonne Nouvelle in Paris. He finished in 1980. In 1984, he graduated from the faculty of direction of the Színház- és Filmművészeti Főiskola (Highschool of Theatrical and Video Arts) in Budapest as the student of Zoltán Fábri. In 1991 he moved to Finland for four years.His 1992 film A nyaraló was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival. He has played important roles in several films alongside well known actors such as Isabelle Huppert, Hanna Schygulla, Zuhal Olcay, Tom Berenger and others. In 1978, he had poems published in the Mozgó Világ (Moving World). In 2004, his first collection of poems was released by the publisher Aranykor Kiadó (Golden Age Publisher). He conceived the idea of the Holocaust Memorial Cipők a Duna-parton (Shoes on the Danube Promenade) in Budapest, and was also a co-maker of it with Gyula Pauer.

    Since January 1 2008, he is the head of the Collegium Hungaricum Berlin, the Hungarian Institute for Science and Culture in the German capital.

    Eastern Europe, present day. The unnamed HERO and his friend and sidekick CHRIS, a pair of leather-clad post-punk bikers, are planning to steal an armored bank car from a biker gang led by JANIS. But money isn’t the only issue between Hero and Janis. Janis has stolen Hero’s girl, EVELYN and Hero wants her back. […]

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    Janis Vingris

    Film director and producer

    Started his career in film industry with entering European Film College in Denmark in 1996. After graduating the college worked in National Film Center of Latvia. Two years later established film studio “Eho Filma”.

    Director and producer of several documentaries and short films.

    Co-producer of “Honey Baby” a German-Finnish-Latvian co-production feature film directed by Mika Kaurismäki.

    In 1999/2000 worked as an assistant director to Werner Herzog with his feature film “Invincible”.

    Director of awarded theatre play “Pillowman” written by Martin McDonagh.

    Co-producer of WWII drama “Three to Dance” (to be released in November 2009) where Janis played also one of the leading roles.

    Director and producer of a grotesque short film “The Last Bearslayer” – a film which due to its theme got censored in Latvia and received criticism from prime minister and other government officials. The film has raised a huge interest from media. Film will be released at the end of 2009 but preview trailer is available here –

    The town is not grey and sad as it used to be, it is now full of colour. The shabby walls are hidden under a layer of polystyrene and the colourful layers will fade away in several years. The story of three children unfolds in this town. Gabo (13) He grows fatter and fatter. He […]

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    Zuzana Belková

    Scriptwriter, working for film and TV, winner of Tibor Vichta, the biggest scriptwriting contest in Slovakia.

    Thirty-year-old ROBERT returns to a picturesque town by the lake in the Beskidy Mountains after an absence of six years. He visits his cousin DAMIAN, who still lives with his parents, ANTONI and TERESA KOSAK, together with his recently married wife JULIA. Well respected by the community, the Kosaks own a thriving sawmill. Julia quickly […]

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    Maciej Pieprzyca

    Maciej Pieprzyca. Born 1964 in Katowice (Poland). Graduated from Journalism Department of Silesian University and Scriptwriting of the Film School in Lodz and Directing of the Film School in Katowice.

    Has won numerous awards at international film festivals for his documentary films like SHE IS DIFFERENT, BY KNOCK-OUT, and I AM A KILLER, as well as TV films INFERNO and FEAST OF ST BARBARA. Got the Best Debut Award at the Polish Film Festival, Gdynia 2008 for the feature film SPLINTERS (2008).

    “White Elephant” is a psychological thriller set against the backdrop of the illegal trade of Coltan – a little known and extremely rare mineral, which is crucial to the manufacture of all cell phones, laptops and other high-end electronics. Henry Kohl steps away from his successful advertising career to reconcile with his son Patrick, an […]

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    Maciej Wszelaki

    Maciek Wszelaki was born in Poland. After studying engineering in Gdansk for four years he left and traveled to Australia where he attended the prestigious Film School at Victorian College of The Arts in Melbourne.

    His directing work ranges from award winning TV commercials and documentaries, to drama. Maciek’s shorts were screened at over 40 international film festivals including: Oberhausen, Hamburg, Clermont-Ferrand, Toronto, Chicago, Aspen and Sydney film festivals.

    Maciek’s documentary “Original Schtick”, which premiered at Sundance Film Festival, received 4 AFI nominations (Australian Oscars). Maciek was nominated for Best Direction and Cinematography, winning Best Director award. His TV Drama “Sparky D” won Best Short Prize at Sydney Film Festival.

    Maciek’s documentary “Poker Kings” was financed, shot and screened internationally.

    “Coltan” is Maciek’s first feature film screenplay and would be his feature film debut.

    NINA lives for her career. On the verge of success she has been working towards for decades, her busy life is interrupted by the suicide attempt of her twelve-year-old son LARS. Nina decides to leave her job in order to spend time with Lars and get to know him again. Lars is traumatized by an […]

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    Hanna Slak

    Born 1975, since 1997 active as writer and director. Among her works are several short and documentary films, as well as two feature length films, Blind Spot (2002) and Teah (2007). Currently finishing post-production on an episode feature film Some Other Stories/ Part 5: Heaven.

    For more information please visit

    While doing a news coverage on a factory explosion, Alex Mazilu, a 35 year old famous breaking news reporter, arrogant and workaholic, insists on shooting from inside the factory. He and his reluctant cameraman cheat the firemen and open the news with live images from inside the burning factory. But the ceiling collapses. Andrei, the […]

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    Ana Agopian

    Ana Agopian graduated The National University of Film and Theater “I.L.Caragiale”, Audio-Visual Communication Department (screenwriting and film critics). During university she was granted one year scholarship at the European College of Liberal Arts (ECLA), Berlin.

    During University she worked as a scriptwriter for the short films Hi Cristina! Bye Cristina and Friday around eleven which were shown at national and international film festivals (such as Cleremont Ferrand, Cottbus, Oberhausen, Munchen, Ludwigsburg, TIFF etc.). After she graduated she co-written (with Oana Rasuceanu and Iulia Rugina) two other short films (Stuck on Christmas and Tabasco) and a feature film (Breaking News). With the script for the feature film she participated in the script development workshop Sources 2, in Graz; and won, with the same project, a script development scholarship at the Nipkow Programme in Berlin. In August 2009 she was part of Sarajevo Talent Campus, workshop organized by Sarajevo Film Festival.

    At the moment she collaborates with Media Pro Pictures as a script writer for which she signed the screenplay for three film series and two TV movies.

    Iulia Rugina

    Iulia was born in Bucharest, Romania in 1982. She studied film directing for four years at the National University of Theatre and Film “i.L. Caragiale” in Bucharest. During school she has directed 4 short films and worked on over 20 others. Her films (Friday around eleven and Hi Cristina! Bye Cristina!!) have been screened in Cleremont Ferrand, Cottbus, Oberhausen, Munchen, Ludwigsburg, Tribeca, Singapore. She been activelly involved in scriptwriting, in the same team of three that kept going until now. She co-wrote the script of all her films, including the first feature script Breaking News.

    In 2009 Iulia wrote and directed, with the support of the Sarajevo Film Festival, the short film Museum of Broken Relationships.

    She is now pursuing a master in film directing at the the same univeristy, where, together with her co-writers, she is also teaching basic screenwriting and directing to first year students.

    Title VANISHING WAVES Original title AURORA Year of production 2012 Scriptwriter Kristina Buozyte, Bruno Samper Director Kristina Buozyte ScripTeast Edition IV Creative Advisors Marc Caro, Jason Resnick Head of Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Tremora, Acajou Films, Les Films 2 Cinema, Lietuvos Respublikos kulturos ministerija (produced with: financial […]

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    Kristina Buozyte

    Born in Lithuania in 1982, ristina Buožytė graduated with a Master degree in Film and TV Directing from Lithuanian Music and Theatre Academy (2008).

    Kristina is a young directress who got cinematic practice in doing short movies, music videos, participating in different workshops and seminars (“INYOP” – interactive film and game workshop in Prague, Check Republick; “Tranzit Zero” – scriptwriting workshop in Karosta, Latvia; permanent participant in international student film workshop “SMS” – Summer Media Studio, Lithuania) and working as a script supervisor on different film productions (“Diringas” dir. I. Miškinis; “The lake of Crows” dir. I. Kurklietytė; “Ice kiss” Knut Eric Jensen, etc).

    Was gaining film experience in Sweden (exchange studies where both with Swedish students made an independent gay theme movie “Red Cottage”) and Spain (internship in a production company “Eleven dreams” where worked in development of “Eurosexuality” project – television documentary that investigates culture, society and sexuality issues in European countries).
    Kristina was noticed for her short movie “Change The Record”, 2005.

    Her first feature “The Collectress” participated in more than 30 film festivals – Karlovy Vary, Pusan, San Paulo, Valencia, Meinheim, Cottbuss, Cairo among the others and won The Best Movie Award in Lithuanian Silver Crane Awards (2008); The Best Director Award in Russian film festival “Kinoshock” (2008).

    Currently Kristina is working on her second feature “Aurora”.

    Bruno Samper

    Scriptwriter, journalist, also interested in audiovisual art, involved in inventing and developing video-games. Graduated from Arts and Semiology at Aix en Provence’s University. He’s also a founding writer of daily online paper , where he serves as artistic director and editor. Over the years has been involved in number of workshops and given many lectures on audiovisual arts; his works have been exhibited and awarded both in France and abroad.

    One man’s stand for freedom becomes a family’s fight against oppression. The Rodopi Mountains, 1971 – Bulgaria. Ali Ali is a noble man. Just out of prison and pained by the loss of his wealth to the communist regime he needs to rebel, to fight for his freedom, but that entails putting his family through […]

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    Rouzie Hassanova

    Rouzie Hassanova is a Bulgarian born writer/director. She became interested in directing at High School and soon after she graduated, she moved to London in ‘98. Rouzie has been working in the film industry for almost a decade – from production, post production to film sales. Besides being a writer/director, she is also the Sales Manager for East Europe at Hanway Films, an international film sales agent. Selling films like Creation, Nowhere Boy and Harry Brown gives her a broad insight into the independent film finance, international market, distribution, marketing and most acutely the importance of having a great script.

    To this date, Rouzie has completed three short films, ‘Glashedy’, her graduation project at London College of Printing (now called LCC) which was awarded with Distinction. Her short, The Portrait, was officially selected at six international film festivals and won an Accolade Award for Excellence in Film.

    With Gramophone, Rouzie was recently nominated for the Robert Bosch Shiftung Prize and won Best Pitch at the Live! Ammo organized by Raindance and Women in Film and TV. She is also developing her next feature Nusha, which won her a free Screenwriting Course at the Met Film School and a development mentorship by the Script Factory, UK.

    Participating Projects >>> All of This Belongs to Me (Czech Republic) ‘Memories of My Heart’ is an exotic tale of wild Mongolia. It tells of the search for love and of how life without it is as barren as the Mongolian steppe and as empty as the blue sky the stretches out above it. It […]

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    Irena Hejdová

    Irena Hejdová was born in 1977 in Prague, Czech Republic where she grew up. In 1998, after graduating Faculty of Humanities at Prague Charles University she started studying scriptwriting and dramaturgy at Prague Academy of Performing Arts (FAMU). Irena graduated with masters degree in 2005. During her studies she won several prizes for her school scripts.

    After the studies she won the Sazka award, the main Czech prize for non-realized scripts, with her final school script Deti noci (Night Owls). Deti noci was shoot by Negativ film production and Michaela Pavlatová as a director. The film premiered in 2008. On world premiere in the main competition of IFF Karlovy Vary it won two best acting awards. In autumn 2008 the film came to Czech distribution, was screened on several festivals, in Pusan, Cottbus or in Zittau where it won the main prize. Bachelor degree school script Nohama nahoru (Upside Down) won the prize RWE and Barrandov Studio award, but wasn´t realized yet.

    After graduating Irena started to work as a film journalist and film critic – from 2005 to 2008 she worked in online news, in 2009 she worked in newspaper Hospodářské noviny, in october 2009 she is starting to work in Týden magazine. She is still working on either her own scripts or as a dramaturgist on others, for example the Czech film debut Zoufalci (Dreamers) by director Jitka Rudolfova, which will be premiered on autumn 2009.

    Title THE JUGEMENT Original title Sadilishteto Year of production 2014 Country Bulgaria Scriptwriter Marin Damyanov, Stephan Komandarev Director Stephan Komandarev ScripTeast Edition IV Creative Advisors Jason ResnickChris Collins Head of Studies Tom Abrams K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Argo Film, Neue Mediopolis Filmproduktion [de], Propeler Film [hr],Sektor Film Skopje [mk], Supported […]

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    Stephan Komandarev

    Bulgarian director, producer and scriptwriter, born in 1966 in Sofia. Member of the Bulgarian Film Directors’ Association. He graduated from the Medical Academy in Sofia (1993) and completed a degree in Film & TV directing at the New Bulgarian University (1998).

    In 1999 Stephan Komandarev founded the company Argo Film. In the beginning the company produced short films, TV spots and music videos. Its first documentary was the award-winning “Alphabet of Hope” (2003).

    Stephan Komandarev’s works include documentary and feature films. He is a lecturer at the Film Department of the New Bulgarian University (since 2008). With his documentary project “The Town of Badante Women”, Stephan Komandarev participated in the MEDIA-supported training program “Ex Oriente” (2008).

    Marin Damyanov

    A writer and screenwriters, a winner of many literary awards.
    First prize winner at the national round of the international screenwriting contest “Hartley-Meril” with the script “The Corpse Collector”. Co-author of the script of the feature film and the TV series “The Devil Mirror” (2001), directed by Nikolay Volev Co-author of the script of the television film “Follow me” (2003), directed by Docho Bodjakov. Co-author of the script of the feature film “Lady Z” (2005), directed by Georgi Diulgerov.

    Zuzia used to say, “If I weren’t a girl, I would be a cat…” Seven-year-old Dawid, one of the main characters in the film, names a stray cat after his sister. Zuzia, his little sister died about a year ago. Dawid’s dad moves out of the house soon after the tragedy. He keeps in touch […]

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    Jacek P. Bławut

    Born in 1978, lives in Lodz, Poland. Graduate of Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing and Academy of Fine Arts in Wroclaw, Faculty of Ceramics and Glass. Co- author of the following feature films screenplays: “Jeszcze nie wieczór”, “Sen motyla”, “Dzień czekolady”, “Hotel potworny”. Cinematographer of many documentary films.