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  • Klara (23), art student, single child brought up in a traditional family, leads an easy and comfortable life. Her father is a writer and her mother owns a prosperous art gallery; Klara considers them a perfect couple. Her life changes dramatically one day when she happens to find the dead body of her father in […]

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    Izabela Szylko

    I graduated from the Journalist Faculty at the Warsaw University and also took one year course on television direction and production techniques at Media Production Services (London).
    In the years 1991 – 2001 I was working for the Polish Television, Channel 2 an then Channel 3 (TVP) making documentaries. My documentary “Nothing Wrong Can Happen to Me” (“Nic mi się złego nie może stać”) was awarded the Grand Prix at the International Festival of Catholic Films in Niepokalanów (1993).
    As an independent producer I made several films for American Agency for International Development (USAID) describing their activities in Poland. In 2006 my debut novel “Madonna with Hyacinth” (“Madonna z hiacyntem”) was one of the winners in the competition for best criminal story organized by Rzeczpospolita Publishing House (the book was published in 2007).
    In 2008 I directed my feature debut “The Reliable System” (“Niezawodny system”) based on my own screenplay.

    Security takes place in a dark and dangerous East-European city, Budapest. All of the main characters are strange, outlaw figures, who either live their lives on the border of crime or in gangland itself. The protagonist of the story is Soma, a guy in his mid twenties who works as a security guard in a […]

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    Daniel Erdelyi

    Film director and scriptwriter.
    He was born in Budapest, Hungary in 1973. After secondary school he had several jobs, he worked like piano tuner and collection keeper in the Ethnographical Museum. In 1995 he entered the Academy of Theater and Film, in the class of Sándor Simo. His graduation film Forward! was realized on 2002. The 80 minutes long feature film was nominated and awarded in festivals. He works on different genres, he directs short films, documentaries and commercials. He is one of the founders and managing director of Katapult Film Kft. His latest short film 411-Z was selected in competition in Festival de Cannes 2008.

    Title NIGHT BOATS Original title Nocni Brodovi Year of production 2012 Country Croatia, Slovenia Scriptwriter Elvis Bosnjak, Igor Mirkovic Director Igor Mirkovic ScripTeast Edition III Creative Advisors Phil Hughes Christian Routh K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Studio dim (Croatia) in  co-production with Bela Film (Slovenia) and Delirium (Serbia). Sales agent – […]

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    Elvis Bosnjak

    Born in Split, 1971, where he was studying acting at the Academy of Dramatic Arts. After the Academy, 1993 he becomes a member of Croatian national Theater in Rijeka. With a group of actors he founds a new theater in Rijeka- HKD which becomes one of the most influential independent theaters in Croatia. In 1995 he returns to live and work in Split and joins Croatian National Theater- Split where he works as an actor up to the present day. As an actor he works on movies and television too. By the end of the nineties he starts to write for the theater. His first play- Father, was produced by CNT-Split by the end of 2000, and was followed by The River Takes Us in 2002, and Let’s Go Jumping on Those Clouds in 2004. All his texts were directed by Nenni Delmestre and these productions received fifteen awards. For his text The River Takes us, he received the most important annual award “Vladimir Nazor” which was given to him by Ministry of Culture of Croatia, and the award for best drama in festival of national drama 13th. Days of Marulic. A year before, at the same festival, he also won the best drama award for his text Father. According to this drama Elvis Bosnjak wrote a screenplay for Stanislav Tomic movie. His play Let’s Go Jumping on Those Clouds has been received with acclamation by the critics as well as the audience. Elvis Bošnjak has been regarded by Croatian critics and theoreticians, as one of the most important contemporary writers who fascinates with his volcanic writing and universal story telling which puts no boundaries for interpretational possibilities. This year he received “Marin Držić” award for his newest play “Wires and Razors”.

    Igor Mirkovic

    Tv-journalist and film-maker, lives in Zagreb, Croatia.

    He has been directing documentary films since 1998. Two of them were theatrically released and were significant box-office successes:
    “Novo, novo vrijeme/Who Wants to Be a President?” (in cooperation with Rajko Grlić) – a documentary movie about the elections after the death of president Tuđman “Sretno dijete/Lucky Kid” musical documentary about punk-rock movement in communist Yugoslavia. “Waste” is his first short feature.
    In last fifteen years he has been produced numerous tv-magazines, he worked in newspapers and radio as well.

    „Lenin’s Curse” is a combination of a road movie and a comedy. The main characters are two young men – Vlodek, a Pole born in Kazakhstan and Shevket, a Tatar living in Crimea. Vlodek wants to see the world and Shevket – to provide a better life for his family. Vlodek comes to Jalta and […]

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    Maria Graczyk

    Maria Graczyk is a journalist. She graduated in international trade from the University of Economics in Poznań and in journalism from the Warsaw University. For many years she worked as a foreign editor with the weekly magazine “Wprost” – striving to spend more time abroad than in the office. She made two documentary films for TV. Now she is editor-in-chief of an European portal (
    Her dream of traveling around the world came true, now she tries to fulfil her second one – traveling in the world of imagination. “Lenin’s curse” is her first script. It was consulted by the Polish-Swiss director Greg Zglinski and supported by The Polish Film Institute (PISF).

    During the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina over 7000 Muslim soldiers from international brigades came to help Bosnian Muslims to fight against Serbs and Croats. Some of them were Mudjahedeens, who were trained in terrorist camps in Afghanistan and connected to Osama bin Laden. Many of these soldiers stayed in Bosnia and they have married […]

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    Andrej Kosak

    ANDREJ KOŠAK is one of the most recognized Slovenian film directors. His debut film OUTSIDER was in the year1997 the biggest box office hit for past 20 years and starts what critics established as ” New wave of Slovenian cinema”. OUTSIDER was the only film which was distributed in cinemas all over Balkans. His second film HEADNOISE was an adaptation of the book from the most prominent Slovenian writer Drago Jančar. HEADNOISE and OUTSIDER both won several international awards and were Slovenian entries for foreign Oscars.

    His last script of Slovenian subject DON’T CRY FOR ME EUROPE was selected on Exuinoxe workshop in Essen, Germany in the year 2004. In the year 2005 the script was also selected in Berlin Coproduction Market and Cannes Screenplay Market. He speaks Slovenian, English, German, Serbian, Croatian, Macedonian and Bolgarian.

    Series of mysterious murders sweep through Poland. A special investigation team led by Chief Inspector Smuga, a Polish ace cop, finds out that all the victims committed grievous crimes. However, due to their high social and financial status, they escaped punishment. Their deaths bear the mark of cold blooded executions, hence the codename of the […]

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    Andrzej Gołda

    Graduated from the scriptwriting department at the Film School in Łódź in 1996. The first film script entitled “Biedroneczko, biedroneczko…” (Ladybird, ladybird…)- written during the studying period – won a national edition of an international Ted Hartley and Dina Merrill contest of the RKO Pictures in 1997 and represented Poland in the finals in Hollywood. The same script allowed me to take part in the First Workshops of Eastern Europe scriptwriters organized by the Sundance Institute of Robert Redford in Hungary.
    Recently realized features are “Piekło, niebo” (Heaven and Earth) and “Hania” – directed by double Academy Award winner Janusz Kamiński.
    In the recent years, I have written several dozen of scripts for the episodes in such serials as “Na dobre i na złe” (For better and for worse) (broadcasted by TVP) and “Kryminalni” (Crime detectives) (broadcasted by TVN) and “Policjanci” (Polsat).
    In autumn 2007, my screenplay about the life of Leopold Tyrmand won a competition organized by the Polish Film Institute.
    I have also received the prize of Polish Journalist Association, so-called Polish Pulitzer for the best local affairs publication. A year earlier, I received an honorable award in the same category. I am an active journalist.

    LAURA (25) lives like there’s no tomorrow. Her life is easy and pleasant. Her chosen way of life – a freeloader of rich men – not too tiring as well. Especially when fed up with one admirer she can easily replace him. Feeling aren’t tough to act, just like an orgasm and Laura successfully controls […]

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    Saulius Drunga

    Born in 1972. Self-taught cinema dramaturge and former punk rocker. Worked with lots of Lithuanian underground filmmakers (as co-writer and consultant). In 2005 one of his screenplays made a good impression on well-known European script editor David Wingate, who recommended author to SOURCES 2 Script Development Workshop which takes place in Potsdam/Germany. There was developed “Anarchy in Žirmûnai” screenplay – winner of New Talent Award at Cannes Film Festival in 2007. The same year Saulius Drunga became gainer of Debut of the Year Prize founded by Lithuanian Cultural Department. Currently he is working – as film director – on two debut feature films: low budget ironic drama “Anarchy in Žirmûnai” and zero budget drama “35 MM”.

    Ileana Stanculescu was born in 1976 in Bucharest, Romania, where she grew up. After graduating from the University of Paris X in France, Ileana Stanculescu studied in the script and film-dramaturgy department of the film academy “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg. During her studies she directed short films and wrote several scenarios. From 2002 to 2004 […]

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    Artchil Khetagouri

    Artchil Khetagouri grew up in Tbilisi, close to the film studio, where his father worked. Since an early age he could observe famous Georgian directors shooting movies and he got passionate about their profession. After the collapse of the Soviet Union, the studio which used to be full of people, got suddenly empty. In Georgia started a civil war and Artchil left his country.

    He studied in Amsterdam at the Film and Television Academy, where he directed several short films and a documentary, “Shining Shoes”, broadcast on YLE (Finland).
    His graduation short fiction, “Heritage”, premiered at the Rotterdam Film Festival and was awarded at several international festivals. It was released in the cinema in the Netherlands and broadcast on the Dutch public channels IKON TV and Kunstkanaal.

    Afterwards Artchil gave a film directing workshop at the Aarhus University (Denmark).
    In 2006 he went back to Tbilisi and made a feature documentary about his former neighbors. The film “Akhmeteli 4” was awarded the “Prix Regards Neufs” at the Visions du Réel 2007 Film festival in Nyon and the First Prize at the Rhodes Film Festival. Artchil works since 2007 on two new projects in Romania.

    Ileana Stanculescu

    Ileana Stanculescu was born in 1976 in Bucharest, Romania, where she grew up. After graduating from the University of Paris X in France, Ileana Stanculescu studied in the script and film-dramaturgy department of the film academy “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam-Babelsberg.
    During her studies she directed short films and wrote several scenarios. From 2002 to 2004 Ileana Stanculescu worked as a script consultant in the script department of the film academy and in 2003 also in the Berlin based production company “Silbersee Film”.
    In 2004 she graduated with the documentary: “Podul peste Tisa”, which won, among other prizes, the “First Appearance Award” at the International Documentary Festival in Amsterdam. It was selected by several major festivals (Moscow Film Festival, Thessaloniki, Sarajevo Film Festival, Silverdocs, etc.) and broadcast on YLE (Finland) and on FOX International.

    Later on she directed the documentary “Satul sosetelor” and produced “Akhmeteli 4” (by Artchil Khetagouri).
    “Satul sosetelor” received the Promotional Prize for Joint Film Productions of the Robert-Bosch-Stiftung. In 2006 it was nominated for the “Joris Ivens Award” in Amsterdam and won the British Council Award for the Best Romanian Documentary. In 2007 Ileana participated in the Nipkow Program (Berlin) with one of her latest projects, “Noosfera”.

    Title RETRACE Original title Visszateres Year of production 2011 Country Hungary Scriptwriter Judit Elek, László Berger Director Judit Elek ScripTeast Edition III Creative Advisors George Sluizer Head od Studies Christian Routh K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Danielfilm Studio (Hungary) in co-production with Artis Film (Romania) and Sweden’s Illusion Film with support […]

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    Judit Elek

    Graduated from the Academy of Theatre and Film Art – Budapest in 1961. At the beginning worked as an assistant director, made several adaptations and newsreels in Mafilm. Founding member of Studio Béla Balázs. Founding member of the European Film Academy (1988).
    Her awards include:
    Béla Balázs Award /1986/
    Chevalier de l’Ordre des Arts et Lettres61986/
    Officer of the order of merit of the Hungarian Republic /2006/
    Prix Kossuth (2008)

    Full-Length Feature Films include i.e.: The Lady from Constantinople , Maria’s Day, Memories of a River, The 8th Day of the week and many others, both feature and documentaries.
    Judit Elek’s is one of the best known and most active filmmakers in Hungarian industry. Her films were selected and awarded at many international film festivals, including Cannes, Berlin, Locarno and Montreal.

    Laszlo Berger

    Laszlo was born and raised in Budapest, Hungary to filmmaker parents in 1970. He went to film school in Vancouver Canada and worked his way through the ranks working as Camera Assistant, Camera Operator and Gaffer to become Cinematographer. He has photographed several feature films, documentaries, commercials and music videos internationally for theatrical, DVD and broadcast distribution. His first commissioned writing contribution came with “Whose Forest Is It?” a screenplay co-written with his mother, Judit Elek for Alliance Pictures in 1999. Laszlo resides between Hungary and Israel today. His feature film writing credits include, as co-writer: WHOSE FOREST IS IT?, A HÉT NYOLCADIK NAPJA (The Eighth Day Of The Week); as a playwright: LATE NIGHT SESSIONS, 508 NELSON.

    Title A FRIEND OF MINE Original title Üks mu sõber Country Estonia Year of production 2011 Scriptwriter Mart Kivastik Director Mart Kivastik ScripTeast Edition III Creative Advisors George Sluizer, Phil Hughes Head of Studies Tom Abrams K. Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Exitfilm Sales agent – Distributor Exitfilm Trailer Poster […]

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    Mart Kivastik

    Scriptwriter and story editor.
    His first short story was published in the literary magazine Vikerkaar in July 1987. Since then Mart Kivastik has published stories and articles on literature, theatre and films in the magazines and in the newspapers.
    Books published include : Tomorrow, Sparrow, Love stories, President’s children, The Portrait of a Freezing Artist to name a few.
    Film credits as a scriptwriter unclude full-lenght Firewate, Taarka and a number of short films. Mart Kivastik is also a playwright, whose plays have been stages all over Estonia and abroad.

    Member of the Estonian Writers Society and FIPRESCI.

    Prize for the best play from Estonian Culture Foundation (2000 and 2005)
    Friedebert Tuglas prize for short story (1999), Ed. Vilde literature prize (2005), Lääne-Virumaa literature prize (2007), Baltic Theatre Festival prize for the play Hellish Stuff (2006).

    Title THE JAPANESE DOG Original title “Cainele japonez” Year of production 2013 Country Romania Scriptwriter Ioan Antoci, Tudor Cristian Jurgiu Director Tudor Cristian Jurgiu ScripTeast Edition III Creative Advisors Michael Tylor Head of Studies Christian Routh Kieslowski Award/Special mention Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award, Cannes  2009 Producers/co-producers/ funding / Libra Film Production, with the support of […]

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    Ioan Antoci

    At the age of four years old, the music was my life and I played the piano.
    Later I discovered that the entire world has a dimension, a spiritual dimension, a very important thing to us. So, I have chosen priesthood for helping the lost souls.
    For many years I studied theology and now I am at Ph.D..
    Recently, my passion (the movies) drove me into a world where I realized that a good story, no matter if it’s real or imaginary, can change one life. 6 months ago I have received a prize for my first screenplay for feature film. The competition was organized by HBO Romania. I realized then that for my fulfillment, my story must say something meaningful to the other people.
    The participation at ScripTeast is for me an opportunity to test the universality of my story.