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  • A TRUE STORY OF LOVE (previously TELL ME THE TRUTH ABOUT LOVE) A certain Pole – Smokowski, dressed as a Gestapo officer blackmails another Pole (Freiberg) believing that he is a Jew. Freiberg being deeply insulted by taking him for a Jew reports the blackmailer to the police. The blackmailer later takes a cruel revenge… […]

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    Maciej Dutkiewicz

    Apart from working as a director and scriptwriter, he worked as a supervising producer of the tv series The Composers’ Specials, winner of 1996 CableACE Award Winner – Best Children’s Series, Gemini Award Winner (Canada’s Emmy) – Best Youth Program or Series and The Alliance for Children and Television Award of Excellence. He was also the production manager of 1993 Beethoven lives upstairs(American Emmy Award – Winner for Outstanding Children’s Program)

    1981-1986 – studies at FAMU – Czech National Film School – Department of Film and Television Directing.
    1986-1989 – Post-Graduate studies at York University, Toronto. Department of Film and Theatre; diploma: Master of Fine Arts.

    Night Graffiti 1997 (feature) – writer, director, second box office result in Poland in 1997 regarding Polish films, awards: Best Debut Award at the Film Debut Festival in Konin, “The Platinum Ticket” Distributors’ Award for the 2nd place in the Polish Box Office in 1997 – 650 thousand viewers, Golden Record – the soundtrack from the movie sold over 50 thousand copies.
    The Lucky Shot 1999 (feature) – writer, director, awards: Best Director Award – at 24th Polish National Feature Film Festival in Gdynia, “The Best Feature Comedy of the Year” Award – at the 1st Festival of Good Humour in Sopot, 2000, 6 nominations to the Polish National Film Award: “Polish Eagles”.
    Defect I (tv series) 2004 – writer, director.
    Defect II (tv series) 2006 – writer, director
    Requiem for a Nun 1990 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director
    The Clown 1991 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director
    Time and the Conways 1992 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director
    John and Mary 1993 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director
    Six Stories from Decameron 1993/94 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director
    A God Mather 1994 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director
    Devil’s Date 1995 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director
    Impulse 1998 (tv drama) – scriptwriter, director, based on the original script
    Through the desert and jungle 2001 (feature) – writer
    Samum 1999 (feature) – writer
    Srebrny deszcz 1999 (tv drama) – writer
    Myszki 1994 (tv drama)- writer, original script, co-written by Robert Brutter
    Wojny Przedmałżeńskie 1995 (tv drama) – writer

    Title TILT Original title Tilt Year of production 2011 Scriptwriter Viktor Chouchkov, Borislav Chouchkov, Dimitar Konstantinov Kotzev Director Viktor Chouchkov ScripTeast Edition I Creative Advisors Bill Forsyth, Bernd Lichtenberg Head of Studies Maciej Karpiński K Kieslowski ScripTeast Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Chouchkov Brothers, Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Bulgarian National Television Sales agent – Distributor A […]

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    Borislav Viktorov Chouchkov

    Born: 5th June 1975
    Owner and CEO of “SIF 309” Co. Ltd. and “Chouchkov Brothers” Ltd.
    Apart from several short, documentary and feature films writer and producer, for the pat two years he has been producing a tv show for stand-up comedians Laughter In the Hall broadcasted every Friday in the prime-time of bTV, winner of the Award for Best TV Show at Golden Umbrella 2006 – XII International Media Events. His television productions include a 2004 This Is Me, a concert-performance) and two opera shows: 1998 Maria Tudor and 1997 Fosca, both realized in collaboration with The National Opera House of Sofia and Sao Paulo “Imagem Data”, and included in the Official Selection of the Television Festival “The Golden Antenna” – Albena 1998. He also produced several music videos. As a Manager of SIF 309 for the Music Productions he was responsible for the realization of over 450 music productions mainly in the field of original music scores for films.


    2003 Media Business School, Ronda, Spain (Master degree in European Audio-Visual Management)
    Eurimage – internship
    1994-99 National Academy for Theatre and Film Arts “Krastio Sarafov” in the class of Prof. Stefan Danailov (Drama Theatre Acting BA)
    1990 National Music School “Liubomir Pipkov” (secondary education)


    2006 ATM (short) – writer, producer
    34 (short) –producer
    Second Floor (short) -writer, producer
    2005 D-2 & Deo (documentary) – producer
    2002 Fino a farti male (feature) – executive producer for Bulgaria (directed by Alessandro Colizzi; produced by Film Daedalus – Italy)
    Los Novios Bulgaros (feature) – executive producer for Bulgaria (directed by Eloy de la Iglesia; produced by Cartel Producciones Audiovisuales – Spain; included during the Berlinale ’03 panorama)
    1999 Kostadin, the Little Kaval Player (documentary) – executive producer
    1993 The Sixth (short) – scriptwriter
    Dimitar Konstantinov Kotzev

    Born: 3rd January 1971

    For the past three years he has been directing the television show The Other Bulgaria (on bTV). His previous work on television include Canaletto and Neon on Bulgarian National Television. Since 2002 he has been the Artistic Director of the music television MM TV, also writing and directing 4 consecutive editions of Annual Music Awards of MM TV. He worked as a free-lance director and advertisement consultant. In 1993 he was the editor of “Ah, Maria” Magazine, and during 1998-1999 the founder and editor-in-chief of “Kamikaze Gazet”, a cultural magazine. In 1990-1996 he published his works in literature newspapers and magazines such as “Literature Newspaper”, “Oh, Marry”, “Pulse”, etc. In 2004 his novel Lora from morning till evening was released, he is currently working on a script for a feature film based on that novel.
    During the years 1990-1996 he worked as a free-lance translator. He translatedStill Life with Woodpecker by Tom Robbins, The Sheltering Sky by Paul Bowles,Other Voices, Other Rooms by Truman Capote. In 1996 he received the Award of the Union of Translators for Best Translation from the English Language and the Award of the Foundation “Open Society” for Best Young Translator.


    1998 National Academy of Theatre and Film Arts “Krastio Sarafov” in the class of Prof. Vladislav Ikonomov (Master Degree in Cinema and TV Directing)
    1996 Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” (Master’s degree in English philology)


    2006 ATM (short) – scriptwriter
    1999 Reflection (short) – co-scriptwriter and co-director (The film wins First Award for Debut at the national Festival of the Cinema in Varna, 1995, and is invited to participate in the competitive program of several international film festivals, such as Montecatini, Tampere, etc.)

    Title RUN TO GROUND (RUNDOWN) Original title Utolér Year of production 2010 Country Hungary Scriptwriter Balázs Lovas Director Zsombor Dyga ScripTeast Edition I Creative Advisors Richard Kwietniowski Head od Studies Maciej Karpiński Kieslowski Award/Special mention – Producers/co-producers/ funding / Európa Film, Hungarian Filmlab, Sparks, Global Drama Production, Cold Water Cinema   Sales agent – Distributor […]

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    Balázs Lovas

    Born: Hajdúböszörmény, 1977.03.20.

    He is the founder of FadeIn Script Consulting with scriptwriters Gábor Krigler and Bálint Hegedüs. In 2005 he was guest teacher and lecturer at the Budapest Media Institute on the subject of screenplay writing.
    He is a co-founder and teacher of Filmhu Screenwriting School. Since 2001 he has worked as an editor of the Hungarian movie portal and

    2000 – 2005 Szeged University Budapest Media Institute, Communication-media management, postgraduate
    1995 – 2000 Eötvös Loránd University, MA in History

    Born to Lose 2006(series for HBO Central Europe) – screenwriter in the FadeIn team
    Dope 2006 (series developed by FadeIn) – co-writer, creator
    Konec 2005 (feature, dir.: Gábor Rohonyi) – screenwriter
    Kész cirkusz (Bedlam)2004 (feature, d.: Zsombor Dyga) – co-writer, first assistant director
    Utolér (Rundown) 2003 – FilmJus award-winning feature script
    Elveszett gyerekek (Billog) 2003 – feature script in production (d.: Márton Nyitrai)
    Tesó (Bro’) 2002 ( feature, dir.: Zsombor Dyga) – 34th Hungarian Film Week – Best Debut Screenplay
    Uno 2001 (dir.: Zsombor Dyga) (short) – screenwriter, assistant director, storyboard artist
    Gödörben (In a Hole) 2001 (feature script, 2nd Prize at the Hartley-Merrill International Screenwriting Contest)
    ‘öcsögök (‘ickheadz) 2000 (feature, dir.: Zsombor Dyga) – screenwriter, assistant director, art director
    Tempo 2000 (short, dir.: Zsombor Dyga) – co-writer
    Gyilkosok (Killers)1999 (feature, dir.: Zsombor Dyga) – co-writer, assistant director, art director (in competition at the 8th Festival des Films Action et Adventure Valenciennes 2001)
    Séta (Roaming the Streets)1998 (feature, dir.: Zsombor Dyga) – screenwriter, assistant director.

    We exist in times of fast life, fast food and fast and easy love. The fast love seems to be very attractive, in terms of seduction and sexual exchange, but it does not necessarily fulfill our psychological needs, at least not in the long run. On a Sunday morning Anka asks her boyfriend Janek to […]

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    Jacek Gąsiorowski

    Film scriptwriter and director. He also works as a theater director. His achievements in theatre include: 1999 “The love is so simple” by Lars Noren in “Na Woli” Theater in Warsaw, 1995 “The Caretaker” by H. Pinter in Stary Theater in Cracow, 1989 “The emigrants” by S. Mrozek in “Theatre de la Veillee” in Montreal and “A walk in the woods” by L. Blessing in Powszechny Theater in Warsaw. He also directed “Theater fragments I & II” by S. Beckett in the Lucernaire Theater in Paris in 1983 and “Krapp’s last tape” by S. Beckett in Nowy Theater in Poznan in 1980.
    In the years 1988-90 he was professor in the Film Editing Department in the CERIS Film & Tv School in Chantuilly (France). In 1981 he received the main priize in the Polish State Television Script Competition for “Wessendorf GMBH”, later published by “DIALOG” a prestigious polish script & drama revue.


    1978-81 Radio and Tv Department in Silesian State University (film direction)
    1975 Master of arts in Philosophy Department of Paris IV – Sorbonne
    1972 Master of arts in Polish Literature Department of Paris IV – Sorbonne
    1967-71 Studies in Polish Literature Department of Warsaw University.


    Surfer’s time 2004/2005 (cinema feature) – director
    Na wspólnej 2003 -2005 (tv series) – creative producer
    Na wspólnej 2002 -2003 (tv series) – director
    Coming back 2001 (short) – director
    Les septs vies du docteur Laux (“Dr Laux seven lives”) 1999 (TV feature) – director
    Gardener’s dog 1998 (teleplay) – director
    Ilex Beller – an emmigre’s memory 1997 (documentary)
    A town 1997 (documentary)
    Toy shop 1996 (children tv theater)
    A propos of the announcement 1995 (children tv theater)
    Wittgenstein’s Nephew 1994 (tv theater) – director
    Escape 1992 (tv feature) – director, scriptwriter
    True West 1992 (tv theater) – director
    Tak Tak 1991 (cinema feature) – writer, director
    An Island 1991 (tv theater) – director
    A Removal 1990 (tv theater) – director
    Oh my God! 1989 (short) – director, scriptwriter
    E. Pinda, a karate champion 1988 (documentary)
    Observatory 1987 (documentary for the Videotheque of the City of Paris)
    Periph 1986 (documentary for the Videotheque of the City of Paris)
    Dog’s face 1984/85 (cinema feature) – director, scriptwriter; winner of the “French Cinema Perspectives” Competition at Cannes Film Festival 1985, Prize of the public for in the “Cinema & Music” film Festival in Aix en Provence.
    Danton 1982 – co-scriptwriter and Wajda’s assistant during the shooting.
    A false coin 1981 (tv theater) – director
    Help 1980 (short) – director, scriptwriter
    Krapp’s last tape 1979 (tv theater) – director

    I’ll sleep when I’m dead. Meet BALINT, icon of his age, smart, hip, successful. And… leading a double life. During the day, he is a golden boy at an up and coming advertising agency, everyone’s favourite. At night, he roams the eerie clubland of Budapest, a fascinating landscape of decaying downtown basements with strange music […]

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    Gábor Krigler

    Born: April 16, 1976, Ajka, Hungary

    Since 2006 a screenwriter and story editor at FadeIn Script Consulting, currently working on assignment on several feature screenplays, organizes the first Central European Pitch Forum to be held in 2007. He is a co-founder and teacher at Screenwriting School, organising and holding complex courses on writing for the screen. He writes essays, analyses and reviews for the homepage (the official portal for the Hungarian film industry). Since he has been guest teacher, lecturer at various schools (incl. The Hungarian Academy of Drama and Film and the Budapest Media Institute) on the subject of screenplay writing.
    In the years 2003-2004 he worked as a writer, editor, creative consultant, and script analyst at Schilling-Moharos Literary and Talent Agency in Hungary. He held special courses on writing for television, read and analysed incoming script submissions, participated in the development of a situation comedy, whose pilot episode was shot in 2003. Between 2002 and 2003 he was a story editor in Magyar Grundy UFA Kft in Hungary, the company which is the subsidiary of multi-national media company Grundy-UFA, producing the most popular daily television drama series in Hungary, “Barátok Közt” (Between Friends). He supervised the daily creative work of the story department. In 1999-2002 he worked as a storyliner for Magyar Grundy UFA Kft, Hungary, participated in writing of more than a thousand episodes for the show.

    2002 – 2004 Diplomacy (postgraduate), Nyíregyháza College
    2001 – 2002 BA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Miskolc University
    1996 – 1999 Major in English language and literature, Janus Pannonius University, Pécs

    Screenwriting education:

    2006 Mediterranean Film Institute, Greece, participant as screenwriter with the project One of These Days
    2006 CineLink Workshops, Sarajevo, participant as screenwriter with the project Like There’s No Tomorrow
    2006 Making a Good Script Great by Linda Seger, London, participant
    2005 Script&Pitch Workshops, Italy, Finland and France, participant as story editor and screenwriter with the project Like There’s No Tomorrow
    2003 The Story Seminar, Robert McKee, London, participant
    2001 Drama 2001, St. Tropez, participant as story editor

    Born to Die – co-writer, story editor (dark comedy series, pre-production -HBO Central Europe- planned broadcast date of first episode: November 2006)
    Like There is No Tomorrow – writer (drama feature, in development – Cemedia, producers: Csanád Darvas, Miklós Havas, Viktória Petrányi)
    Insect City (working title) – co-writer (3D animation adventure feature, in development/pre-production stage for pilot film)
    Hommes Fatale (working title) – story editor (comedy feature, in development)
    Swamp Prince (working title) – writer (comedy/adventure feature, in development)
    Dig Your Own Hole – co-writer, story editor (thriller feature, in development)
    After:Life – writer (thriller feature, in development)
    Pairless – co-writer, story editor (sitcom series, pilot stage)
    Karma – writer (short, in production)
    Dope – co-writer, story editor (drama/thriller series, optioned by Renegade Films UK)
    One of These Days – writer (drama feature, optioned by Duna Műhely, producer: György Durst)
    Between Friends – storyliner (1999-2002), head of story department (2002-2003) (daily drama serial, Grundy-UFA, RTL Klub Hungary, broadcast from 1998 to present)

    How to Write a Screenplay (working title) – co-author. Budapest: Academy Publishing House, expected publication date: winter 2006.
    The audiobook on Series Addiction – author, Budapest: Sonore, 2005.
    (to be continued) – How to Write Screenplays for Television – author. Budapest: Academy Publishing House, 2004.
    Several on-line publications (essays, analyses) on various film and television related topics;

    INEVITABLE RELAPSE OF ILLNESS (previously ARTICHOKE) is a portmanteau comedy, telling a story of one family. It’s a tale of people whose unwavering lives change in a swift when their lovers bring them deepest of their fears. Anna (29) is a career concentrated woman with an anti-family attitude. She freaks out when falls in love […]

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    Łukasz Michał Maciejewski

    Born: 14 November 1980

    1999-2004 Jewish Studies at the History Department and American Studies at the Cultural Studies Department of Jagiellonian University in Krakow

    Professional experience:

    2001 Polish Script Agency commission for a first feature film screenplay Nasze dzieci (Our Children)
    2002 Polish Script Agency commission for a second feature film screenplay Życie w wielkim mieście (Big City Life)
    2004 special award of Akson Studio and Film Forum Nowa Generacja First Screenplay Contest for a feature film screenplay Max
    2004 Polish Script Agency commission for a feature film screenplay Pięć tysięcy dni (Five Thousand Days)
    2004 script-doctoring of a TV series produced by Akson Studio and TVN Channel under original title Magda M.
    2005 Akson Studio commissions Max script and plans it for production, producer Michal Kwiecinski is attached to the project
    2005/2006- regular assignment script writer of Rodzina zastepcza (Foster Family) TV series, four script produced and aired so far, fifth is scheduled for production in September

    It is the year 2001. Warsaw. Piotr Manolik, called Menelik, is a very promising young architect. He has just won quite a serious competition for the architectural studio he works for. In a circle of close friends he organizes a party on this occasion, which – as usual – turns to a very intense one. […]

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    Darek Błaszczyk

    Born in Warsaw (Poland)

    Historian of art (Warsaw University), scriptwriter and film director, multimedia artist, VJ.
    In the years 1994-2001 member of fabrika cókierków art. group from Warsaw, 1990-2001 vocalist and musician in several alternative Warsaw projects (falemarengo, peacedancejass, SZCZYPEK, session3, szum’n’szelest). Since 1998 he has been a VJ (cooperation with musicians Smolik, 15minutprojekt, Masala Sound System, Astigmaticfestival). Since he ahs been making “s-forma” program (about video art & VJ’s) for TVP Kultura.
    His short film Tylko jedna noc received several awards: Silver Castle Award on OFFCINEMA2004 international festival in Poznań; 3rd Prize of OSKARIADA2005 in Warsaw; Honorable Mention on the festival 11th Films’ Summer in Torun 2005; Honorable Mention on the Festival of Independent Cinema In Zamość 2005.

    fajans (experimental short) -director & photography, 1999
    Zmruź oczy (dir. A.Jakimowski) – 2nd film director, 2001-3
    Tylko jedna noc (short)- direction & screenplay, 2004
    Dom wesołej starości – screenplay of theatrical feature film, 2002-3
    (preparing for production process)
    Niech żyje pogrzeb!!! – screenplay of short movie; in cooperation with Paweł Składanek, 2006 (preparing for production)

    Important multimedia works:
    ‘VIDEOMEDYTACJEcókierek’ – interactive video installation; collective exhibition in Teatr Academia, Warsaw, 1999;
    ‘CZERWONY KRZYŻ/PÓŁKSIĘŻYC’ light installation on Warsaw Business Center,1999.
    ‘PUTANASANTAcókierek’ – photo installation; Akademia Theater, Warsaw, 2000.
    ‘MAŁYJANEKcókierek’ stamp-painting four day performance; Café Galeria między nami, Warsaw, 2002
    ‘Kabała na murach/cókierek’ projection performance in Warsaw Prague; Academia TheaterFest ‘SĄSIEDZI dla SĄSIADÓW’ (cooperation with Sylwek Łuczak), 2002.
    ‘KiCiKiCiINSTRUMENTcókierek’ video installation, Prague Fest ‘SĄSIEDZI dla SĄSIADÓW’, 2003.
    to come/cinemagica slide performance fashion show for Anna Kuczyńska, Tokio Fashion Week, Japan, 2004.

    A drama/ romance. The protagonist’s loss of sight becomes his powerful psychological and emotional adventure. Peter is a renown neurosurgeon, a lone wolf focused solely on his professional life. The last operation he performs is that on Maria, a beautiful ballet dancer, who has had an accident in the theatre. The operation turns out to […]

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    Eliza Borkowska

    Born in Olsztyn, Poland, in 1972.

    Screenwriter. She also works as a translator into English (e.g. 2004-2005 a project for the Jewish Historical Institute Holocaust Survivor Testimonies, ŻIH, IN-B, Warsaw 2005).
    A graduate of the English Institute, Warsaw University, also studied in Centre for British and Comparative Cultural Studies and Theatre Studies Centre, University of Warwick, Great Britain. Scholarships in Misano Adriatico Translation School, Italy, Glasgow University and Edinburgh University, Great Britain. PhD in literary studies from Warsaw University in 2002 (a dissertation on pre-Romantic British poetry and the philosophy of language). 1996-2002 lecturer in the English Institute, Warsaw University (academic courses on the history of British literature). Since 2002 lecturer at the High School of Social Psychology in Warsaw (lectures on British literature, academic courses on narratology, British poetry, drama, and prose, BA and MA seminars on British literature).

    Fade Out (Ściemnienie) (co-writer Piotr Borkowski) – a feature film, 2005; optioned by Henryk Romanowski, FILMCONTRACT/ 2006
    Na wspólnej (a TV serial) – co-writer Piotr Borkowski, 8 episodes in 2002-2003, produced for TVN television channel
    Other current script projects:
    Unicorn Union (feature, co-writer Piotr Borkowski)
    Marta (feature, co-writer Piotr Borkowski)

    Piotr Borkowski

    Born in Olsztyn, Poland, in 1972.

    Screenwriter. In 1991 graduated from the English Institute, Warsaw University; also studied in American Studies Centre in Warsaw, Centre for British and Comparative Cultural Studies, Film Studies Centre and Philosophy Department, Warwick University, Great Britain, and Journalism School in Warsaw. Scholarships in Misano Adriatico Translation School, Italy, and Glasgow University, Great Britain. PhD in literary and cultural studies from Warsaw University in 2002 (a dissertation on the cinema of David Lynch, Quentin Tarantino and Peter Greenaway). 1996-2004 lecturer at the English Institute, Warsaw University (academic courses e.g. on British culture, American genre cinema, the cinema of Charlie Chaplin). Since 2003 lecturer at the High School of Social Psychology in Warsaw (academic courses on British culture, the cinema of Charlie Chaplin, historical conventions of film narration, licencjat and MA seminars on British and American film).
    2004-2005 assistant to Robert Draba, Deputy Mayor of Warsaw. 2005-2006 co-ordinator of the international promotional campaign “Warsaw City Properties. Aim High” for the City of Warsaw, in co-operation with Jones Lang LaSalle and TBWA.
    He received grants from Polish Script Agency (1996, 2000, 2004) and Andrzej Munk Foundation (2004). He was a participant in Script Factory Workshop in Warsaw (2005), 2004-2006 associated with the Pracownia and Pracownia 2005 projects in the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing.

    Gra na dwoje (The Game For Two) (feature) – co-writer Maciej Górski, Polish Script Agency grant – 1996
    Spojrzenia (The Gazes) (feature) – Polish Script Agency grant, an early draft later transformed into Fade Out/ Ściemnienie – 2000
    Przejście (Border) (feature) – co-author Maciej Górski, Polish Script Agency grant – 2004
    Na dystans (From A Distance) (feature) – co-writer Maciej Górski, the Andrzej Munk Foundation grant – 2004, development in the Pracownia project in the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing – 2004-2005, scheduled director Maciej Górski
    Trójka do wzięcia (Three Ones To Take) (feature) – co-writer Bartek Konopka, development in the Pracownia 2005 project in the Andrzej Wajda Master School of Film Directing – 2005-2006, directed by Bartek Konopka
    Fade Out (Ściemnienie) (feature) – co-writer Eliza Borkowska, development during Script Factory Workshop, Warsaw-2005, optioned by Henryk Romanowski, Filmcontract/ 2006
    Na wspólnej (a TV serial) – co-writer Eliza Borkowska, 8 episodes in 2002-2003, produced for TVN television channel
    Miejsce ponad pustką (A Place Beyond Emptiness) – a documentary for Michał Bogusławski’s “Małe ojczyzny” (“Little Homelands”) series, Channel 2 of Polish TV – 1997
    Other current script projects:
    Unicorn Union (feature, co-writer Eliza Borkowska)
    Marta (feature, co-writer Eliza Borkowska)
    Dół (The Ditch) (feature, scheduled director Leszek Molski, scheduled production company: Filmotwórnia)
    Utopia (feature, co-writer and scheduled director Jacek Nagłowski, scheduled production company: Centrala)

    Spring 1945 – the majority of Estonians is everything but happy about the end of the WW II. For them, it means that the Russians, who already occupied the country in the autumn 1944, will never leave. Most of the people still hope that the world will not tolerate that, they want to believe that […]

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    Katrin Laur

    Born: 1955
    An Estonian-German Director and Scriptwriter, graduated from Moscow State Film Academy (VGIK), the department of feature film and TV directing, the master class of Prof. Sergei A. Gerassimow in 1982 with M.A. diploma summa cum laude. The same year she emigrated to Germany.
    While working as free lance editor of features and magazines in Bavaria TV, Katrin studied in Ludvig-Maximilians University (Munich) German language and literature. 1987 – 1994 she worked at Radio Free Europe as a journalist and senior editor. During the years 1994 – 2002 she attended EAVE Intensive Training for European Producers and several follow-up studies in dramaturgy, scriptwriting and script consulting: Frank Daniel Seminar in the group of Frank Daniel, Julian Friedman, Ken Dancyger, Keith Cunningham, Tom Schlesinger, John Vorhaus and Linda Seger Seminars, working at the same time as a free-lance author, director and script consultant.

    2006 Ruudi (family film) – director, writer
    2003 Geschlecht: Weiblich (fiction) – writer
    2002 Die Lange Reise Des Reto Bantli (documentary) – writer, director
    1988 Revolution From The Salon (documentary) – writer, director
    1982 Three Hours Before The Train (short) – writer, director
    1981 Love Letter (short) – writer, director
    1979 Well Off People (short) – writer, director
    Projects in production:
    Quod vivis… (docudrama) – writer, director
    Projects in development:
    Kid And The Killer – writer
    Schau Mir In Die Augen! – writer, director
    Bellamora! – writer, director

    The night of the full moon in the eve of a job-quest workshop triggers the unusual behaviour of three participants. Jan, a jobless looser with a new identity, runs over an old lady, but instead of running away takes her home and unwillingly becomes involved in taking care of her. Middle-aged Ana, an enemployed divorcee […]

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    Vedrana Grisogono Nemeš

    A free-lance screenwriter and journalist living in Ljubljana, Slovenia.

    Graduated in English, German and comparative literature at the Philosophical faculty in Zagreb, Croatia and finished postgraduate studies at the Philosophical faculty in Ljubljana whith a master thesis on film adaptation of English novels.
    For a number of years she worked as a journalist for Croatian and Slovenian magazines, mostly covering the media and culture. She also wrote film and television reviews and was a correspondent from the Cannes film festival.

    A Woman’s Tale (Ženska priča, TV Sarajevo, directed by Vojislav Milašević, 1987)
    An Infernal plot (Peklenski načrt, directed by Anton Tomašič, TV Slovenija, 1991, screened at children’s film festivals in Bratislava and Chicago)
    Burning Blue (Nebo gori modro, directed by Jure Pervanje, TV Slovenija, 1997, a prize at the script contest of the Slovenian ministry of culture in 1994)
    Flash (Blisk, 1.season of a satirical sitcom about the tabloid press, 15 episodes directed by Jure Pervanje, TV Slovenija, 2005).
    The Seekers (Iskalci, TV Slovenija holds the rights, one of the four scripts chosen at the yearly script competition of the Slovenian national television)

    Erik is a fireman in Estonia. As a prelude to its war with Germany, the Soviet Union annexes Estonia and arrests Estonia’s President. In these troubled times, Erik finds his friend and colleague Johannes murdered for being involved with the Estonian underground resistance movement. Swept along by events, Erik finds himself recruited to step in […]

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    Peeter Tammisto

    Born: July 24th, 1963 in Toronto, Canada

    Founding partner of Rühm Pluss Null Studio, a film and video production studio. He works at Rühm Pluss Null Studio as a director and producer since 1996. He is an assistant to the producer and managing director of Eesti Joonisfilm Studio, a cell animation film production studio, since 1997. He participated in a feature film idea competition held in the spring of 1998 by Allfilm Studio in Estonia with an idea outline with the working title Reconciliation, which earned an honorable mention from the competition jury.
    He developed the initial treatment for The Ballet Master and the Seven Enemies of the People at the screenplay and production development course for feature films European Development Network organised by Draft Zero in September – December 2003.


    1986 Bachelor’s degree from the Department of Civil Engineering of the University of Toronto
    1990-1992 Studied various aspects of filmmaking (scriptwriting, directing, cinematography, film sound) in evening courses at New York University
    1993-1995 Continued studies in film directing at the Chair of Film and Video of the Tallinn Pedagogical University in Estonia.

    Camp For President (documentary) – writer, director
    Aruanne (English title: The Reckoning), 1997 (short) – writer, director; awards: Best Film in the Young Directors Category, Blue Sea Film Festival, Rauma, Finland, 1997. Special Jury Prize, East Village Film and Video Festival, New York, USA, 1997
    Mission Impossible, 1995 (documentary) – writer, director
    Kaevaja (English title: The Digger), 1994 (short) – writer, director
    Hullud Päevad (English title: Crazy Days), 2006 (documentary, in development)- producer
    Udmurditar Ja Mulk (English title: The Udmurt Girl and the Guy from Viljandi) 2006 (documentary, in development) – producer
    Kahe Näoga Saar (English title: The Island With Two Faces), 2005 (documentary) – producer
    Avasta Rikas Nurgatagune Kosmos (English title: Discover the Rich Cosmos Around the Corner), 2005 (documentary) – producer
    Teistmoodi Tihane (English title: A Different Titmouse), 2004 (documentary) – producer
    As line producer/production manager:
    Erki Kasemets, 2002 (short documentary)
    Ballada, 2001, (short)
    Inimeste LemmIK (English title: The Philosopher), 2001 (documentary)
    Kalamaja: Puitlinna Võimalus (English title: Kalamaja – Possibility of a Wooden Town), 2000 (documentary)
    Öine Navigatsioon (English title: Night Navigation), 1998 (short)

    Hardi Volmer

    Born on 8 November 1957 in Pärnu, Estonia.

    Lecturer at Estonian Academy of Arts, Faculty of Media Studies, Department of Scenography.
    After graduating form the State Art Institute he started to work in the film studio “Tallinnfilm” as a puppet film director and production designer. At the same time he was active as a freelance scenographer in almost all Estonian and some foreign theatres. H.V. has directed and designed ten 3D animated films, one short and two full-length feature films, a documentary, two TV-serials, and a couple of TV-shows. He has made over 70 sets for theatrical productions and directed two plays. He has staged and designed about 20 TV-commercials of different kind and technique and about 10 music videos. He has designed books and theatre posters. He has worked as a copyrighter in an ad agency.
    Awards he received include: Young theatrical designer award, 1986; about 20 prizes in international film festivals (Minsk, Kiev, Shanghai, Espinho, Alexandria, Seoul etc); Best feature film director in Estonia, 1997; Sinebrychoff OY Estonia culture prize, 1999; Best theatrical designer – Pärnu Endla, Viljandi Ugala, Rakvere Theatre, 1987-2000.

    1985 State Art Institute of ESSR (now Estonian Academy of Arts), production designer
    1978 Technical School No. 4., tailor
    1976 Pärnu Secondary School no 2
    Studies and workshops:
    3D animation workshop in Stuttgart Film School, 1989
    3D animation workshop in Volda Film School (Norway), 1990
    Film directors’ workshop in Luxembourg (lecturer), 1995
    Lectures & workshop for Estonian amateur theatre directors, 1999

    Imeline nääriöö (Miraculous Christmas Night, A) – 1984
    Nõiutud saar (Enchanted Island) – 1985
    Kevadine kärbes (Spring Fly) – 1986
    Sõda (War, The) – 1987
    Tööd ja tegemised (Works & Doings) – 1988
    Animeeritud autoportreed (Animated Self-Portraits) – 1989
    Jackpot – 1990
    Incipit vita nova – 1992
    Hilinenud romanss (Twilight Romane) – 1994
    Keegi veel (Somebodu Else) – 1998
    Primavera – 1999
    Barbarid (Barbarians) – 2003
    Man from Animazone (Pärnograafia/Pärnography) – 2005
    Feature films and series:
    Igaühele oma (For Everyone Its Own) – 1992, (short)
    Tulivesi (Firewater) – 1994 (feature)
    Minu Leninid (All My Lenins) – 1997 (feature)
    Armastuse kahur (Cannon of Love) – 1998 (TV series)
    For All the Money – 1999 (fake-documentary)
    Paralüüs (Paralysis) – 2000 (TV series)
    Pehmed ja karvased (Soft & the Furry) – 2001 (political TV-show)

    Title THE HOUSE Original title Dom/Dum Year of production 2011 Country Slovakia Scriptwriter Zuzana Liová Director Zuzana Liová ScripTeast Edition I Creative Advisors James Ragan Bernd Lichtenberg Head of Studies Maciej Karpiński K Kieslowski  ScripTeast Award/Special mention Krzysztof Kieslowski ScripTeast Award, Cannes 2007 Producers/co-producers/ funding / Fog’n’Desire Films (Czech rep) , Sokol Kollar LLL (Slovakia) […]

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    Zuzana Liová

    Born: 7th of October 1977

    For the past two years she has been a member of scriptwriters’ team of TV series: Between us (production company Maya s.r.o). In 2003 – 2004 she worked in the Slovak Television as the regional broadcasting Bratislava dramaturgist, reporter, preparing weekly live broadcasting from regions and daily regional news. In the years 2001 – 2003 she worked as and editor, dramaturgist, and copywriter, and was involved in promotion of broadcasting in Slovak television.


    from 2004 postgraduate student of scriptwriting and dramaturgy at Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava
    1996 – 2001 Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts in Bratislava – Film and Television Faculty: Department of Scriptwriting and dramaturgy


    The Silence 2005 (tv feature) – director and scriptwriter (Awards: Annual Awards of Literary Fund, Slovak Film Union and Union of Slovak Television Workers – IGRIC 2005: Premium for the director of debut /Zuzana Liová/; 46. International Film Festival for Children and Youth Zlín 2006: The Award of Minister of Culture of Czech Republic for the Best feature film of the Visegrad countries – film: The Silence; 36. Lubuskie Film Summer – Lagów 2006: Silver Grape ex aequo for Zuzana Liová for The Silence)
    Paľko 2003 (documentary movie in the weekly cycle: In the shadow)- writer, director (award: First Prize in the Slovak Press competition called “To be with mother and father is the best” in the category: Television)
    Miss Maria 2000 (student documentary) – writer, director (award: Prize of Literature Fund – Festival Áčko, Student film festival of Academy of Music and Dramatic Art in Bratislava)


    2003 script for feature film: The House / Dom/ (award: Artscript – The Prize of Tibor Vichta (Slovaka national scriptwriting competition) – First Prize in the category: Fiction feature script, participation on long-term Media training Nipkow Programm Berlin and workshop Pilots in Sitges – Spain, 2005 – Hartley Merrill Prize – National Winner 2005)
    2001 script for feature film: The Silence / Ticho / – it is graduate’s script at Film and TV faculty, in 2OO5 it was shot in Slovak Television