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    VIII edition

    Call me Shakespeare

    Three teenagers are making an amateur video. They are having fun, filming people on the street and joking with them. Suddenly the teenagers enter a bank where they brutally eliminate the security guard and take his gun. They force the clerk to set off the alarm. While they wait for the police and the media the teenagers film their cruel treatment of the bank’s staff and its present clients.

    This is the story of a young man of 17 who has two exceptional talents: theater and boxing. He likes to read, he loves Shakespeare, and he has ‘tamed’ the street in every possible way. His name is Danko, but everyone calls him Shaky or The Shakespeare. He has been adopted by an ex-convict, and on paper he is brother to his best friend and the girl he loves. He is having a sex affair with one of his teachers and does not get along with his schoolmates. He looks after his half-sane grandmother, his stepfather and his friends, and makes sure everyone knows who’s the boss on his street.

    Will Danko manage to find the money to save his stepfather’s life using his two talents: fists and theater?
    Will he win the grand prize of the TV reality show ‘Actor of the World’ and change his life?

    Will he be able to perform Romeo and Juliet in duo with his best friend?
    ‘Who is Shakespeare?’ and ‘What makes Mercutio desire death?’ – according to a seventeen-year-old.

    All these questions will be answered at the end of the story when we return one last time to the lobby of the bank where three ‘angry young people’ are administering justice.


    Valeri Yordanov

    A graduate of the National Academy for Theater and Film Arts. Valeri Yordanov has been recognized as one of the most popular Bulgarian actors in theater, film and TV.

    Since 2009 he has also added a film writer and director credit to his successful career. He wrote and co-directed the feature film “Sneakers”, which premiered at the Moscow International Film Festival in 2011, and won Special Jury mention as well as the Award for Best Feature of the Federation of “Russian Cinema Clubs”. The film was also in Competition at Karlovy Vary Film Festival and Mannheim International Film Festival in 2011. It won special jury award at the Golden Rose Film Festival in Bulgaria in 2011. It was an audience success in the country and was one of the 45 films selected for the European Academy Awards of 2012. The film was elected as the Bulgarian Oscar entry for 2012. Valeri is also the author of the carrier of three- nomination for Askeer theater play “The Wild Ones”.

    As an actor he has won three times “Best young actor” and three times “Best main role” awards. In 2005 he received the Special Award by the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture as recognition for “popularizing and development of Bulgarian culture”. In 2013 he starred in the feature film “Love, Faith, and Whiskey.” “Call me Shakespeare” is his second feature film as a writer and director.

    Udayan Prasad

    “ScripTeast is the programme all the advisors wish they could have attended at the start of their careers. It would have saved all that stumbling around in the dark looking for the key that stimulates the imagination so much more effectively.”

    BAFTA nominated, director of “My Son the Fanatic”, “The Yellow Hankerchief” and ”Opa!”, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, UK

    Tom Abrams

    “ScripTeast’s top-notch team of professional advisors, each year’s talented group of participants, and venues in Poland, Germany and France continue to make it the very best development workshop in the world today.”

    ScripTeast Head of Studies, Associate Professor – Screenwriting and Production at School of Cinematic Arts, USC, screenwriter and director, author of the script for the Oscar-nominated film “Shoeshine”, USA

    Scott Alexander

    “ScripTeast is a fascinating mix of cultures, political ideas, and voices. I learned a lot, and I think the participants learned a lot more. If only they served vodka!”

    Golden Globe awarded author of “The People vs. Larry Flynt” and “Ed Wood” with two Oscars, 5th edition ScripTeast creative advisor, USA