Ben Hopkins

Ben Hopkins

As a student, Ben directed plays and short films, culminating in his Royal College of Art graduation film “National Achievement Day”, (1995), which won 14 awards internationally. After degrees in Modern Languages at Oxford, and Film Direction at the Royal College of Art, Ben began his professional career with the feature films “Simon Magus” (1998) and “The Nine Lives of Tomas Katz” (2000). Later Ben moved into documentary – the 40 minute film “Footprints”, [2002], was followed by “37 Uses for a Dead Sheep”, [2005] – winner of the Caligari Prize at the Berlin Film Festival, and Best Film at Toronto Hot Docs.


On the feature-film-director side, Ben left the UK for Germany, where his Turkish-language film “The Market” was produced. “The Market” won Best Actor Award in Locarno 2008, Best Film, Screenplay and Actor at Antalya Film Festival, and Best Film at Ghent Film Festival.


As a writer, Ben writes commisions for British, American and European companies. He has written in most genres and for directors as diverse as Kazakhstan’s Ermek Shinarbaev, Holland’s Elbert van Strien, and for Oscar award-winner Pawel Pawlikowski.Their collaboration has led to three feature scripts; ”Welcome to Karastan” (directed by Ben in 2013), ”The Revolution According to Kamo” and ”Limonov”.


Ben’s latest film ”Hasret” (”Sehnsucht”) was completed in 2015. His comic-fantastical play ”The Magic Carpet” was on the main stage of the London Lyric Hammersmith in 2005/2006, and his first novel ”Gwupygrubynudnyland”, a political satire, was published in 2011. His second novel, ”Cathedral”, will be published in 2020.


Ben now lives in Berlin and  travels often to Turkey, and develops projects in both countries.