„Everyone wants to change the world whenever they make the effort to do something. I don’t think I ever believed the world could be changed in the literal sense of the phrase. I thought the world could be described.”
(Krzysztof Kieślowski, from an interview with Stanisław Zawiśliński)

>>> one-on-one meetings of the author/authors of each project with each Creative Advisor.

>>> inaugural meeting -all participants and Creative Advisors will present their expectations towards the program.

>>> guest speaker’s lecture – speech given by a celebrity of the world cinema concerning the construction of a script understandable to audiences from many cultures.

>>> everyday morning closed conferences of Creative Advisors and Heads of Studies

>>> screenings of films by Creative Advisors with analysis and open discussion focused on scriptwriting solutions applied in presented film, and possibility of their application in participants’ projects.

>>> informal meetings and discussions between participants of the program and Creative Advisors.

>>> the lab will take place in a comfortable, beautiful spot in Poland, away from Warsaw. It is the perfect place not only to focus your mind, but also to relax and unwind, as it offers fresh air, gorgeous surroundings, great food, spa facilities and wi-fi internet access.

>>> final meeting – all participants and Creative Advisors will sum up their participation in the lab, and commit to the deadline and the range of project’s rewrite