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18% Grey

When his wife leaves him, struggling Bulgarian photographer Zack sets out on a wild trip from London to Berlin. It is a journey that reveals the truth about his lost love – and ultimately to uncomfortable discoveries about himself.

Title18% Grey
Original title
Year of production2020
Running Time
ScriptwriterHilary Norrish, Dolya Gavanski, Zachary Karabashliev
DirectorViktor Chouchkov
IMDB18% Grey
ScripTeast EditionVII
Creative Advisors
Head of Studies 
Krzysztof Kieślowski ScripTeast Award / Special Mention
Producers / co-producers / funding Ostlicht Filmproduktion, Chouchkov Brothers, Cinnamon Films, Pins & Needles Film (Service Production), Raised by Wolves, Sektor Film Skopje
Sales agent
Festivals / awards
Project archive18% Gray